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  1. amanderinorange

    'Pink' scents

    I agree with MLAST and Love and would recommend Aeval and Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono
  2. amanderinorange

    Beaver Moon II 2013

    In the bottle: sweet and lightly aquatic On: Quite a morpher. This becomes a bit cologne like. I think it's the woods, but it smells more like leaves and slightly like pine or fir. It's still sweet, but not as much and also less aquatic. Sort of like a lighter Falling Leaf Moon, to my nose anyway, with the rains being colder and the forest taking the place of the patchouli. This fades rather quickly and the throw isn't very strong either. However, I do still enjoy the drydown and the scent fits perfectly with the weather we've been having, so I'm very glad to have this. Maybe with a little aging it'll stick around longer on wearing.
  3. amanderinorange

    Moroccan Pumpkin Patch

    In the bottle: This is super buttery! Was not expecting that. On my skin: The buttery note is gone and now it's Morocco with pumpkins. Very light Morocco and fresh feeling. Normally I like Morocco aged a bit, so I'm looking forward to smelling this in a few months to see if it develops a deeper, warmer feel. This is a nice scent, but it's definitely Morocco with a bit of pumpkin right now. I think I'll like it more with age.
  4. amanderinorange

    Theme in Yellow

    In the bottle: This smells buttery and lightly spiced. On the skin: this is a slightly green pumpkin, with the buttery note burning off quickly. The green note burns off next, rather quickly, and I am left with a spiced, slightly sweet vanillic scent. This is not an overly strong scent and my skin seems to eat it up. Overall I think that it is a nice scent and definitely different from the other pumpkin scents I have.
  5. amanderinorange


    I agree with thatbrownelf in that this is very much the cream from BOO, which is what I was hoping for. Most other creams turn to plastic on my skin, but this is sweet marshmallow and sugared cream with just a hint of rose and strawberry. Very much a summer version of BOO. The throw isn't very strong as I have to put my nose a few inches from my wrist to smell it, but it's very lovely.
  6. amanderinorange

    Uncle Brian

    OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS ONE!!! In the bottle it's not too impressive, smelling a little weak and sour, with just a hint of something sweet. Once on the skin, it really takes off. It's just sweet enough with the lime being at the forefront. Oddly enough it doesn't seem to go sour, which happens often with citrus and my skin, so yay! The cotton candy gives this a soft, sweet boost and the raspberry is just barely there along with the merlot. I'm not smelling much of the orange though. The waft on this is amazing and surprising as my skin eats scents typically. This reminds me of the sweet and sour area of candy stores, which happens to be my favorite. Very happy that I decided to take a risk and get a bottle of this. I'll probably be wearing this one most of the summer.
  7. amanderinorange

    Passion Flower

    In the bottle this is a slightly lemony, slightly floral sort of scent. There is also something underneath that I can't quite place that reminds me a bit of the tropical blends, like Obatala. On the skin, it becomes a bit more lemony, which goes a little sour. There is still that Obatala like scent underneath it all, but the lemon dominates. The throw on this is rather strong and I keep getting whiffs of it, which is nice in a way as I normally have to slather because my skin eats scents. Overall, it's not something that I would wear often, but it's a good scent for the summer.
  8. amanderinorange

    Wild Dandelion

    Just received this in the mail! In bottle and initially on skin: smells just like green stems and dandelion flowers. Not too green where it's sharp and bitter, but definitely reminiscent of the outdoors. After just a half hour this turns into an incense-like scent. Weird, but not unpleasant. I'll have to try this again and see if it happens a second time.
  9. amanderinorange

    Cheshire Moon 2013

    A lunatic's blend of lunar herbs and blossoms, with lemongrass, lemon balm, guava, pink grapefruit, papaya pulp, banyan fruit, hibiscus, and cherry blossom. This is a rather difficult scent for me to describe, but here it goes. In the bottle: whoa, lemon! My sister said this smelled like fresh ginger and I can see that. It's different than an actual ginger note, which tends to smell fizzy to my nose. This is not fizzy. On my skin: Definitely still get lemon and continue to get lemon for the first five minutes or so. Slowly, I get some of the cherry blossom floral-ness that I was hoping for, but I really have to take a slow and deep breath to really catch it. Eventually the lemon fades a bit and it becomes a lemon and soft pink floral combo. I was hoping for more of the guava or papaya, but I can very much see myself wearing this in the spring, which is something as I am not a lemon person.
  10. Okay, to start out with I love BPAL's white chocolate note as it tends to be the one that goes least wonky on my skin and stays true to form. That said, I cannot smell much of the white chocolate at all! This is sharp green in the bottle and citrusy mate on the skin with just a hint of hazelnut and banana cream. After it dries down a bit, the mate lessens and I can start to smell a somewhat creamy chocolate, but it's not prevelant. At least fresh, this is not a very foody scent, so if you're worried about smelling like chocolate or bananas, I think you're safe here. There is also not a lot of throw, but I should mention that my skin tends to eat scents. All in all I'm curious to see how it ages and if it'll get more foody and less mate-y.
  11. amanderinorange

    Delight and Consternation

    Just got this! For starters, I don't have much of the sludge that Aldercy has. There's a slight ribbon that I can see after I roll it, but it's not much. In the bottle, I smell the bourbon vanilla and lemon blossom and to a lesser extent what I think is the white rose. It's a very soft floral that tones down the bourbon vanilla and seems to smooth out the lemon blossom. On the skin I definitely begin to pick up more of the rose as well as the custard, but it's not foody by any means. It's all very soft and fairly well blended, with not much throw, though my skin does tend to eat scents mind you. Overall it's a pleasant enough scent and I'm glad I was able to try it.
  12. amanderinorange

    Little Flora

    I've had this for a month and set it aside to see how it would mellow because the first time I sniffed it all I got was turpentine. I was hoping for the peony from Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono, but all I get is green and dirt. On the skin it smells less green, but I still get no cream or flowers.
  13. amanderinorange

    Butterfly Garden Atmosphere Spray

    Argh, I wish that I had ordered this sooner! This is a perfect summery floral in that it's not too cloying or fresh (like Okiya can be) and there is a bit of sweetness to it. For some reason it's reminding me of Under the Harvest Moon, but I have no idea why.
  14. amanderinorange

    Shub-Niggurath Candle

    The lust incense of a corrupted Astarte. A blend of ritual herbs and dark resins, shot through with three gingers and aphrodisiacal spices. Okay, so this candle is AWESOME! I wasn't sure what to expect because this is my first Trading Post candle, but I am very happy that I ordered one and would love to order more. The scent is very true to my imp of Shub and when burning the candle it fills the air with a lovely warm spice that isn't purely foodie. However, my favorite part of this candle is blowing it out. That seems strange I know, but even when the wick is smoking this candle smells good. None of the gross kind of black smoke that I get when blowing out other candles, this smellls like french toast cooking. Weird, right? This is overall a fantastic candle and I am very glad I was able to snag at least one.
  15. amanderinorange

    Lady in Speckled Pink Kimono

    I was very excited to see that there was a peony scent with only one other note as the last peony scent I tried was overwhelmed by anise. I love peonies and they are the flower I most look forward to when visiting the flower garden at Manito in the springtime. In the bottle this is a lovely, floral and sweet scent with a slightly creamy undertone. It's not very heavy but it does have some throw. When applied to the skin it remains almost exactly the same (sometimes scents don't really morph much on my skin). The throw is still really good, but not overwhelming. Normally only really heavy scents have any sort of throw, so this is impressive. It also remains noticable for quite a few hours, which is really nice! Overall this is the nicest floral scent I have smelled and am definitely getting a second bottle. It's perfect for and reminiscent of spring and I am totally ready for spring.