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  1. alissss


    I don't think I am a good judge of what I like when it comes to notes as evidenced by recently getting some BPALs that didn't sound all that "me" but ended up in the LOVE category like Opuhi and Brown Jenkins... and then Lyonesse. I do love vanilla intensely when it's just right for me, absolutely hate it otherwise... This is perfect. The vanilla is not easy to detect as a single note on my skin, rather well-balanced by amber and musk. Yes it is amber, vanilla, musk with a bit of sea... But words just do not do justice to Lyonesse. Cozy but elegant. Mysterious but powerful. I feel very feminine and warm but also confident and energetic wearing this. Brilliant!
  2. alissss


    ... Her perfume is starry and crystalline, a jewel-clad and glittering paean to night: dazzling white musks, white rose and night-blooming jasmine with the soft moss of moonlit meadows, a waft of Egyptian incense, and a gentle breath of moonflower. I had hopes that I would like this. Night blooming jasmine has that sligh dewy note that makes it very appealing to me at the same time, it can get watery and smell synthetic. This smelled a lovely floral in the imp. Wet, it became a single note jasmine for a few minutes. After about half an hour, I was sniffing my wrist obsessively - beautiful, balanced and with that perfect amount of night dew in it... Unfortunately, on me Nuit's beauty is fleeting. In one hour, all I have left is something floral, a bit soapy. Still pleasant enough but not brilliant any more...
  3. alissss

    Brown Jenkin

    I bought a bottle of this on impulse... Destiny? Because I do not consider myself the sandalwood type (I avoid any scent that has "head shop" or "hippy" in descriptions as it's usually migraine territory for me). And coconut usually is slightly too sweet for me, in many cases reminding me of suntan oil from the 80's... And yet, I love this so much. Neither incense, nor coconut dominates... The whole combination settles on the skin and turns into what I can only call warm intoxication... This is a furry friend, one that pulls me in. I feel I fall into its spell. I want to nuzzle with it. Forever and ever... My husband cannot stop sniffing me when I wear this. Brown Jenkins, I adore you...
  4. alissss

    The Caterpillar

    On the occasional day I feel like smelling something floral, I love me some unashamed, deep jasmine. So I should be glad that my skin amps up the jasmine in this one... On the other hand, those days are rare... And on me this was too jasmine, almost a single note. In the imp, I smell something more complex. Carnation coming through, and something musty as well which is almost unpleasant but not... I will keep this for those jasmine days and in case it reacts better with my skin on different occasions.
  5. alissss


    Bottle: Bright. Less floral and more green than I expected and don't smell any of the sweet elements yet. Wet: This takes on an unexpectedly strong burst or a punch on my skin. Zinggggg!!! All I am getting is a strong, sneezy soap. Don't get individual flowers and certainly not anything sweet. Believe it or not my nostrils are itchy as if I got actual soap in there... About 30 minutes: Husband spontaneously says I smell of soap. Next few hours: None of the honey or incense develops on my skin. Continues on as soap, getting less zingy over time. Verdict: Sadly, my skin turns this into a sneezy soap. I shall be looking for another spring scent...