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  1. LBJ

    The Little Wooden Doll

    I layered it with Haunted and was greatly pleased.
  2. LBJ

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    I smell honeysuckle in this, along with an essential oil I had ages ago called "Cherokee Fruit". No bubblegum or rock candy scent for me - it's definitely floral & fruit, with an herby thing going on underneath. Nice!
  3. LBJ

    The Little Wooden Doll

    I'm having a better time with this one than Anna D. did, but I too am getting a heavy varnish smell. It's varnish over really great woody sawdust, almost like cedar. There is a sweetness underneath, but unfortunately the varnish smell overpowers it. Wonder what that is? And I wonder if it will burn off with aging? I want to like Little Wooden Doll, and I'm still glad I bought the imp... but hopefully time will soften and sweeten it up.
  4. LBJ


    I get clover hay from this - no fur and no flowers, but I don't even care b/c the hay smell is so delicious.
  5. LBJ


    Someone sent me an imp along with a purchase - thanks! All I get off it is a strong & long-lasting honeysuckle, but that is fine by me. Might have to do a 5ml when I get paid. Question: I don't know how old this imp is, so does anyone have anything to say about aged Chuparosa vs. new Chuparosa?