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  1. baytle


    In the Imp: fresh, lettucey goodness! Wet: still very lettucey, but the florals come out on my skin... possibly the angel's trumpet? not sure. Dry: not the best staying power on me-- but i actually enjoy that in this scent, because the crisp lettuce smell lingers. Definitely a daytime scent, it's so light and fresh, very pretty. I ended up giving this one to my sister, it stays longer and has more throw on her skin! I do love it though...
  2. baytle

    The Ghost

    In the imp: quite floral, but delicately- not obnoxious... Wet: It smells cold and blue, like water. I think I'm smelling the lilly and ivy. Very soft and sweet. Drying: I love this, it is quite ghostly! The scent doesn't change too much once on my skin- still lightly floral, but wet and cold. Like others have mentioned, this scent doesn't have much staying power for me, but it's gorgeous while it's there! Makes me think of a flower covered tomb with a lonely ghost People who smelled it one me thought it was Lightning though, which I found interesting! I am considering a 5ml bottle- the only thing stopping me is the short staying power.
  3. baytle


    In the imp: Sweet, and almost a little citrussy... yum! Wet on skin: The same- but it has an after-smell (like an after-taste!) of rain. Dry: I was driving with my windows down, and (i am vague) forgetting i was wearing this, thought "smells like a storm's coming!" haha. I am quite amazed at how accurate this scent is. For me, every time I get a whiff of it I get that anticipatory excitement I feel before storms. Any citrus smell is gone by now, it's all humidity and rain. I applied to my neck, wrists and inside of my elbows, and the scent stayed strong for hours. I adore this, definitely grabbing a bottle soon.
  4. baytle

    Mr. Jacquel

    When I opened the bottle for the first time (note: this was the first BPAL scent I'd ever smelled!) I was actually a little overwhelmed by the strength. It was very patchouli... I came back later and had a better experience: In the bottle- Patchouli and spices, dark and almost sharp. Wet- I adore it already! The Patchouli dies down instantly, and it's got a papery or dusty feel, but very warm. Heavy, but not suffocating. Drying- A sweetness comes out on me over the first hour or so, perhaps the hyssop or amber? Not sure (I'm still training my nose). Mr Jacquel has great staying power on me, I apply once in the morning and I can still smell it faintly by night. I like the way it carries throughout the day- it's not overpowering, but definitely noticeable. There's something that I find very comforting about this scent... Perhaps some memory association. Would work well as a masculine scent too, I think- but very feminine on a woman. My favourite so far!