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  1. twofoxes


    I opened the bottle and was hit with a Dimetapp flashback from childhood. Grape-bubblegum medicine, woof. First application: Surprisingly this was mostly spicy with only a hint of bubblegum. It faded into a subtle floral pretty quickly, and an hour later I can barely smell it.
  2. twofoxes

    Miss Lupescu

    80% Almond Cookies 10% Amber 10% Musk The amber and musk fade quickly, leaving a nice little "homemade cookies from grandma's kitchen" feel. Who knew Miss Lupescu was so nurturing...
  3. twofoxes

    Lady Luck Blues

    This blend is absolutely gorgeous. Mostly rose, with a bit of vanilla, tonka, and a touch of honey. I can definitely smell the plum and iris in here. Over time it softens and gets a bit more powdery, but its totally lovely. Unfortunately it fades rather quickly. I'm not typically one for really feminine florals, but this is just stunning. Its got a very melancholy air to it; these roses are dripping with sorrow. If the essence of the blues could be captured in a bottle, this is it right here. Bessie Smith would be proud!!! :love!:
  4. twofoxes

    Strangler Fig

    Starts off really earthy - wood notes, really green, maybe a little patchouli in there? As it dries down it gets alot softer - still pretty earthy, but the sweetness really comes out. Not so sweet you wanna hurl, just a very pretty, sweet-earth scent. It makes me think of drinking spiced cocoa around a campfire in the woods. Really great scent!
  5. Les Bijoux: Skin musk and honey, blood-red rose, orange blossom, white peach, red apple, frankincense and myrrh (Ars Amatoria) I'm fairly new to the world of BPAL myself, but this is such a beautiful scent I just couldn't resist posting it for you. (I'm also a huge Gone With the Wind fan ) The scent is almost glowing, its all honey and floral with a touch of musk. Very sweet and lovely, but not overpowering. I can't imagine Scarlett wearing this, its not powerful enough, but its still very alluring! hahaha Good luck!