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    First Impression: I've smelled this before. Lavender and lilac. First Application: Lavender (of course), but with a country club feel. Very warm scent. The lavender takes the leading edge of the scent. Once one is desensitized to the lavender, the liliac slowly peeks through. There is a slightly sharp dimension to this scent if over used. A drop is more than enough for a day. After a few hours later: A classic gentleman's cologne. The lavender is still there, but there's a spiciness to the scent (like cinnamon; could be my body chemistry). The lilac has almost broken down and its presence is (very much) an afterthought. After a month, I realized where I smelled this fragrance. There's this soap that my grandparents bought in India called Yardley's English Lavendar soap. The orignial company's been around for 235 years and some of the older generations (esp. those who remember colonial India) used it to smell like the Brits. I know that there are many reasonable facimilies and the Yardley company has either reformed or rebranded themselves (new recipes, etc.; commercialized, chemically synthesized junk). However, Villian smells exactly like the old bars from the 50s-60s. I'm glad my grandparents have bulk buying habits and a small penchant for storing things like pack rats.