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  1. Mahogany, rosewood, and red apple. I was super excited for this blend! Apple + wood?! YES PLEASE! Wet on wrist: I get the faintest hint of apple, and a sort of floral-y sweet overtone. On the drydown: The wood is slowly coming out to play, but the apple and floral hints still are predominant. The apple is coming to the front, but it's a very light sweet apple, not crunchy, not mulled/mushy, just....a plain little apple. With a little hint of a floral and wood. Throw: low I think I might need to let this sit some more, and maybe age. Right now, it's just very faint on my skin, but I want this to work and become a little heftier so badly, so I'm going to give it another try in a few days (it's been sitting for a day now, but maybe that wasn't enough). Edit on 2/7/11: I tried this blend again today, and it's still basically just a light sweet apple blend on me. Very Valentine-y and light and sweet.
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    STINKY A cure for sweaty bits and sticky wilting. Stinky is a summer refresher 'foom for people that don't dig run-of-the-mill "clean" scents: newly-washed skin with a dusting of milk, white honey, and baby powder. In the bottle: this is very reminiscent of what a nursery might smell like, to me. Clean and powdery fresh, with a hint of something sweet (milk and honey) added to the mix. The description definitely captures the scent so far. Wet on wrist: I'm getting a lot of powder here. It's not the usual powder scent that happens when a note goes wrong on my skin, though. This is pure powder, a scent that's meant to smell like baby power -- it's powder that's supposed to be powder, is what I'm saying here. I get a tiny bit of that white honey sweetness that lingers for a second after I sniff, but it's definitely predominantly baby powder. On the drydown: Yep, baby powder with a hint of honey, and maaaaaybe a tiny bit of milk showing through too. It's a very nice and clean scent, very different from Dirty and Wensleydale, so it's a very unique clean scent (who knew there were so many ways to smell clean!). I don't get any laundry from this at all, and I don't get any soap. Just sweet fresh baby powder.
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    Darjeeling tea, lemon verbena, star anise, and honeycomb. Wet on wrist: This is so true to the description, it's uncanny. Lemon verbena, tea, and the honeycomb are all mingling so perfectly, it really is like sniffing a steaming cup of tea with some lemon verbena fresh from the garden. On the drydown: It stays true! So far, I'm not morphing into anything else. It really is straight up tea-lemon-honey on me. I get the ever so slight whiff of the star anise as well, which is a really nice compliment to the tea-lemon verbena-honey. I'm going to need, like, 2 more bottles STAT. My husband says it's sort of chemical-y, but I attribute that to the lemon scent, which *could* smell sort of like lemon dusting spray...but my husband has a notoriously bad sense of scent as far as BPAL is concerned, so I still give this an A++ in my book.
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    Just a photo of Lilith and Pickle that I took one morning. I love this little human so, so much. Last night’s lavender drops and a whiff of Pickle’s vanilla coconut pupper shampoo. Wet: Almost toohpaste-y pupper shampoo scent. On the drydown: Getting a little more of the lavender and vanilla. Still no coconut. Still predominantly toothpaste dog shampoo (which isn't *bad* but very sinus-clearing -- it's got the same effect on me as a peppermint/menthol scent might. This reminds me of Oof.) After a little time: This evens out a bit -- I get the lavender, and the more I think about it, I think this is sort of a combination of Oof + TKO on me. It's quite nice, although I'm not sure if it's one I need to keep, as I was really hoping that coconut would come through and on my skin at least, it does not.
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    Linden is one of my favorite scents, and I get the smallest whiff of it here, but it's mostly overpowered by the clean laundry scent. This reminds me of Wensleydale, but softer, not as crisp, with that hint of linden underneath. It's a very quiet scent. ETA I didn't see other people had literally said the same "Wensleydale but softer" thing until after I added my review.
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    Like falling asleep on a lavender marshmallow.
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    Raspberry Sufganiyot

    Y'all, this is a dead ringer for Monsterbait: Bloody Mary on me.
  8. AnArtfuldodger

    A Little More Tea

    This is allllll butter cookies on me from wet to drydown! Crumbly butter cookies all the way down.
  9. AnArtfuldodger

    Heavenly Spark

    Wet in the decant: woody incense Wet on skin: Oh, this is lovely -- it's a very serious scent. It's not playful or fun, it's quiet and hushed, very...respectful, if that makes sense. Drydown: Stays several hours on me, medium throw, but it's a more subtle oil overall. I really, really like this, and incense usually isn't my jam, so I'm surprised and delighted.
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    Self-Portrait With Puffy Stickers

    In the bottle: Strawberry moon! OMNOMNOMNOM. Wet on wrist: This is a more complex Strawberry Moon to me, sweeter, with more sunshine. Sublime. On the drydown: beautiful strawberry sunshiney day. I get just the faintest of grassy florals (the clover/rose I think), but mostly it's sweet strawberries and summer air. A+++++
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    In the bottle: The perfect blend of exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak). Strawberry sugar and rose, with a hint of marshmallow. Wet on wrist: Rose powder. On the drydown: Rose powder, leaning towards baby powder. I think this is just a skin thing -- in the bottle it smells DIVINE so I'm willing to bet it's me that's turning it to powder!
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    Mr. Prenderghast

    In the bottle: YIKES, bitter and pungent pickled-things sort of scent. Wet on wrist: Blast of...vinegar? On the drydown: It softens to a coffee-and-tobacco type scent with a little woodiness to it. So the wet impression definitely didn't stick around, thank goodness! You'll like this if you like: Herr Drosselmeyer
  13. AnArtfuldodger

    Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte

    In the bottle: Very heavy foodie, similar to the orange cake with anise seeds (WHAT WAS THAT ONE -- OH, Huesos de Santo) Halloweenie from two years ago or so. Wet on arm: I'm getting cardamom and something with a hint of kick to it (I don't think it's the ginger....what does gunpower tea taste/smell like?). This is quickly becoming very complex in a good way. I was a little hesitant on this one because while nothing screamed NO in the list, complicated scents tend to end up meh to bad on me. But this is complex and working. This reminds me of "Maharajah" donuts a local donut shop made to celebrate a big Maharajah art show at the local Museum of Fine Arts; foodie, topped with cardamom, ginger and coconut sugar. So this is really quite on the mark. The heavy foodiness from the whole bottle isn't as prominent on the skin. On the drydown: I'm getting more of the spiky allspice and clove, but the cardamom still makes an appearance, along with -- a little foamed milk, yep, there it is. Aaaaaaaaaaand ten minutes in, I'm getting a note of pumpkin. All in all: Bullseye on the scent. Complex, not too bold. The different notes appear over time. A less-heady pumpkin drink scent in comparison to Pumpkin Latte. You'll like this if you liked: Huesos de Santo (but maybe wanted something with a softer drydown and a little less FOODFOODFOOD); Pumpkin Latte (but you wanted something less COFFEEEEEEEEEEE). Throw: low. Lasting power: low.
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    Alas, I'm not getting any ink or science out of this, just fresh Herbal Essence-like clean shampoo, with a hint of fruit. It's a nice addition to the clean family, like Dirty, though it reminds me most of Wensleydale. Basically it's Wensleydale's shampooed sister. Nice! Just not quiiiite what I was expecting.
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    I'd agree with an above person: this is not a grassy field scent, rather a sunny citrus-like bright scent, mixed with a fuzzy sort of hay note? Not really what I was expecting -- I honestly can't place this scent!
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    Blackbear Moon

    In the bottle: fur, berries, something softly foodie Wet on wrist: fur, berries, a hint of...acorns? Must be the acorns On the drydown: Hazlenuts take over about a minute after drydown, and it remains sweetly nutty with that under-note of fur and those berries. I get zero honey/pine, which is since those were the scary notes to me!
  17. AnArtfuldodger

    BPAL and pregnancy

    I swear to god if having a kid makes my skin dislike Dorian, I think I might have to return the kid or something.
  18. AnArtfuldodger

    BPAL and pregnancy

    I just have to whine a little here...I had a miscarriage back in October, and I'm doing okay, and I *think* I just got pregnant again, hooray. But it WOULD happen as soon as I get a CnS for my lusted-after Blackbear Moon, wouldn't it??!! Gonna have to tuck that sucker away for the first trimester, just to be safe. *sob* Time to hunt out a scent locket I suppose...
  19. AnArtfuldodger

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    On me, Dorian is a sweet lemon tea type of scent, for what it's worth. Sticky Bats is my go-to for sweeeeet sweet lemon though!
  20. AnArtfuldodger

    Vampire Tarot: The Lovers

    Huh. Dirt is usually a winning note on me, but here, it's not really coming out to play. In the bottle: baby powder -- sweet and soft. Wet on wrist: ditto. I'm thinking that's the baby's breath floral, it's really amping as sweet baby powder on me. Surprisingly no dirt, which is sort of sad for me since I love dirt. (Think Futurama: "DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY!!!") On the drydown: Yup, floral baby powder. Maybe the loam/soil will reveal itself later-later-later? Throw: heavy.
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    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat

    Oh my god, it's a sweet lemon lollipop that's been dunked in Dorian, but is still mostly all lemon lollipop. I need another bottle. No. Two bottles. No. A MILLION. If your "signature" scent is Dorian, you are going to die of scent-joy when you try this. It's like Dorian's hot, sassy sister. ohgod.
  22. AnArtfuldodger

    Worm Moon 2011

    In the bottle: dirt and florals Wet on wrist: Dirt....good slightly damn mulch, actually. This is the smell of mixing mulch with the earth while gardening. Dry: I get a hint of florals wafting over the dirt. As it continues to dry, I get more and more florals, less dirt. Low throw, which is good...I think this is a good understated dirt-y (not dirty, dirt-y) scent. Because of the florals overriding the dirt with my skin chemistry, I don't know how often I'll wear this...I'll see if it ages to where the dirt is a little stronger. I think this is a relative of Planting Moon...
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    Young Pine Saplings

    This definitely reminds me of some sort of spiced cookie....but it's not *sweet* sweet or cookie-ish the way Gingerbread poppet is. It's more of a biscotti scent, gingery, like something I'd like to dunk in my tea.
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    Wet on wrist: roses, dried flowers in general On the drydown: rose soap, very clean, very rose-y
  25. AnArtfuldodger

    Shortbread Snowflakes

    Wet on wrist: buttery flakes On the drydown: pepperminty butter...sort of shortbready, mostly pepperminty, but in a sweet way Tasty! Low throw.