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  1. cortneyofeden

    Scent for Halloween?

    I'm an inspector (the person "in charge" at a polling location) for two precincts or the election. I'm trying to figure out what scent I should wear in the morning. I want something that won't overwhelm the tons of people coming in, be friendly to the tons of noses that'll be in my proximity, and be somewhat "soothing". I'm thinking one of my favorites that's sweet and friendly, like Tokyo Stomp, or Snake Oil would be good. Other ideas? I'd love suggestions to here waiting for me when I wake up in just a few (too few!) short hours. 4.5 hours from now, alarm goes off! I'm also interested in hearing what others are wearing on Election Day, whether related to voting or not. What scent inspires you for change? I'm also interested in whether any other BPALers are involved in the elections as a poll worker. I think I've calmed enough to go to bed now. Sleep time!
  2. cortneyofeden

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Oooh! Many thanks to Hackess for that spreadsheet. Will come in muoy handy.
  3. cortneyofeden

    Blood Kiss

    I really really wanted to like this one. It's almost all notes that usually either work on me, or that I expect to like. And for a bit, I liked the way it smelled on me. But then for some reason, it just became overwhelmingly, sickeningly sweet (vanilla and cherries? I'm not good at picking out notes specifically at times). It got to the point where I was developing a headache from it, and had to wash it off. It smells wonderful, and yes, sweet, in the bottle, but loses the complexity on my skin. My love agreed. Said that he liked the scent, but that it wasn't one which worked on me. Sad. Onto the start of my swap pile it goes.