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  1. brettashley

    Inside the Golden Amber of Her Eyeballs

    This is a glorious scent - I'm so glad I blind-bought a bottle! It's golden, luminous soft amber, musky and sweet. This is something cozy you can live in. So happy to bathe in this scent this fall.
  2. brettashley

    The Book

    This is leather, not creamy, but sharpened with a bit of bourbon. The rose lends elegance to the blend. I'm not getting much by way of vanilla, but I think that's what keeps the whole scent from going too sharp. It's an elegant, beautiful scent that makes me reach for my red lipstick.
  3. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Ah, I get the Snake Oil comparison, but this is somehow less cuddly, a little more lemony, but still definitely that rounded, velvety musk that is reminiscent of Snake Oil. I'm not sure I'd take Czernobog over Snake Oil, but perhaps if you'd like SO but less powdery, a little fresher, Czernobog might be your thing.
  4. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Pine nut Vicks. I have no idea what my nose reads the lab's "pine" as "pine nut" but it always makes my mouth water. As it dries down, the Vicks goes away but then I get a sharp, almost sour green herb. It smells like I'm trying to cook myself.
  5. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Lemony woods. The incense comes through as it dries down. I'm not getting any ozone, but that might be good for me, as ozone tends to read as "soap" in my nose. This smells like Lemonheads to me, actually.
  6. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Rose and red hots, which is not an awful combination. Cute enough to wear again and proclaim, "I'm a harlot!" but probably not a bottle buy for me.
  7. brettashley


    The essence of faith, love and devotion: lilac, lemon, green tea, wisteria, osmanthus, white cedar, and Chinese musk. Lab frimp. Awww yiss, gimme that cedar. I smell like I'm in a wooded grove somewhere, overhung with a drooping flower canopy. I'm mostly getting woods and flower though, there's nothing really green about this scent. I think the lemon and the green tea really lend an airiness. This is something I might want as the weather warms up.
  8. brettashley


    Lab frimp. I think I tried this one before. I love the inspiration, but all I'm getting is aquatic aftershave. One day, I'll have the deep, fathomless depths of the ocean bottled up for me - today is not the day. (No but seriously, all the BPAL ocean notes turn into soap on me, sadly.)
  9. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Ocean water in that bathroom soap/floral kind of way. It's fresh and airy around the nose. But I can't shake the memory of fancy bathrooms with shell-shaped soaps whenever I get a whiff of this.
  10. brettashley


    Lab frimp. This isn't dirty, dirty civet - it's there, but it's subtle and clean and sweetened with opium. As it dries down though, it gets less interesting, and more smooth, more perfumey. Don't be afraid of the civet in this. It's almost tame.
  11. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Myrrh and roses. Powdery floral over a deeper musk. This one's not a stand out to me.
  12. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Not my thing. Laundry musk florals.
  13. brettashley


    Lab frimp. Weirdly, I'm getting pine NUTS and eucalyptus. And then something like honeyed anise. As it dries down, the weird, almost visceral nuttiness goes away and the scent gets cooler and more honeyed, almost creamy. I think I'll come back to this. It smells beautiful, but I never quite get away from that eucalyptus sharpness.
  14. brettashley

    Squirting Cucumber

    Lab frimp. I actually wanted to love this because I love, love, love grassy scents. I don't need my grass to be sweet though - I prefer the earthiness of fresh, green grass. The sweet cucumber here reminds me of something from bath & body (everyone used to be obsessed with cucumber melon), which makes this a little less interesting for me. Alas, the hunt for the perfect grass scent continues!
  15. brettashley


    Lab frimp. I get that chilled rose, almost no jasmine at all. This is beautiful - I can almost smell the fleshy crush of the petals. It can get a little bit soapy though. Definitely a rose scent worth revisiting for me - it's all the gorgeousness of a rose, none of the headache.