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  1. Aninael

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    This is absolutely wonderful!! I got it as a frimp in my first order, and it is the only one so far that I instantly know I will get a bigger bottle of. When I opened the imp to smell it, it had a wonderful spicy but sweet smell. Applying it to my skin, it was faint at first, but seemed to retain that same smell. When it dried though, it seemed to really open up, and remained a mostly spicy smell with sweet plum, and just a little bit of floral in the background. I loved it!! I could not stop smelling my wrist.
  2. Aninael


    In both smelling it out of the imp, and putting it on my skin, I got almost nothing but lemon. And not a very good one, a strong lemony smell almost to the point of cleaning solution. While it was drying though, the lemon scent started to fade away, only to be replaced with an extremely strong, overpowering floral. Not my thing, washed it off right away.
  3. Aninael


    When I first opened this one and smelled it, I smelled absolutely nothing but strong rose, and was dissapointed. Smelling it again though, I suddenly got nothing but cinnamon! And the third time, I smelled both together. It was crazy! I ran around the house having everyone smell it, haha. First putting it on my skin, the cinnamon REALLY jumped out, and the rose was in the background, which I absolutely loved. But as it dried, the cinnamon really died down a lot, and was sort of overpowered by the rose. I still really liked it, but maybe I'll try to figure out some way to use it that keeps that cinnamon-y smell.
  4. Aninael


    I've not reviewed scents before, so... here goes nothing I was very excited about this one, but a little worried that the berry might be too strong, and sort of overwhelmingly sweet. When I opened up the imp however, I smelled almost nothing but the sage, with berries slightly in the background. After putting it on my skin, the berries really came out more, but not in a bad way. It was a very nice, soft sort of berry scent with a slight herbal edge to it. When it dried, though, the sweetness seemed to die down quite a bit, and take more of a back seat to the sage and green tea smells. I really loved it, this was my second favorite out of all the ones I got in my first order.