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    Snow White, Ice Queen, Venom, Shattered, Numb, The Carpathian Mountains, Snow Moon Yep, I love the chilly scents!


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  1. Celogrl


    Snow-Flakes! Aaahhh...this is breathy; ethereal. Yes, it is a relation to my beloved Snow White, similar yet different. Snow-Flakes is gossamer, light and dries down to a powdery almond/cucumber/mint smell. It's lovely. I find myself applying it a lot on these sultry days we've been having. That's become my habit- using chilly scents like Tulszcha, Snow White, Ice Queen, Numb, Lick It and now Snow-Flakes gets me through the heat. Beautiful job on this one.
  2. Celogrl

    The Saddest, most Melancholy & Wistful BPALs

    I love Shattered, but every time I wear it, I get an instant Deja Vu feeling of a scent from when I was a young woman, and at a time in my life when I was a little lost. I feel like that girl again every time I apply Shattered. It's so beautiful that I still apply it every time, though!
  3. Celogrl


    Well, I guess this is an obvious- but I have searched BPAL for the perfect winey, purpley scent and the lab has definitely captured in Purple Phoenix. It's just gorgeous, it's purple magnified!
  4. Alice is so light and fresh- I think it would be very inoffensive and light enough for a little person.
  5. I think Blood Countess is very much in the same category. Not exactly like Poison, but very evocative of the same.
  6. Celogrl

    Metallic scents

    I thought Ultraviolet was very metallic- to my nose, anyway!
  7. Celogrl

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    If you can get a decant, I'd suggest The City by the Sea (hope I got that name right from memory!) It's very oceany to me!
  8. Celogrl

    Purple Phoenix

    Oh so purple! I instantly regretted not acquiring and ordering several bottles when I had the chance (I was going through a short lived "must not spend $" phase...), and I recently received my first bottle in a swap, and I love it so much I have another bottle coming. Wet, this is pure, unadulterated grape popsicles! It's quite strong at first, but then it becomes soft & round, a very ripe 'female-y' fragrance. As it starts to dry, the orris, wisteria and winey accents become more prominent. The fig softens it a bit, and although to me, fig is a sweet scent, it tempers the overly sweet grape while wet. This is truly an exquisite mix. Purple; why yes, it really is! I just wish it lasted longer on me. I don't mind reapplying, but it does leave me fairly quickly. It's beautiful- it's all I've worn for the last week!
  9. Celogrl

    The Carpathian Mountains

    No wintergreen on me (am I the only one?! ), but this is beautiful, snowy and wintry. I get a lot of mixed evergreens from this, and although birch was not mentioned, strangely, that's what my nose picks up the most! And the berry...oh, the berry. This stuff is awesome and I am glad I swapped for a bottle. It's drying now to a powdery, foresty goodness.
  10. Celogrl

    Baobhan Sith

    Ooooohhh- sharp, sharp grapefruit. So sharp and biting you could almost cut yourself on the bottle. This is a very clear, bright fragrance that is stunning. The ginger and citrus is not a pairing I'd think of, but it's genius. This is big bottle worthy, most certainly.
  11. Celogrl


    I'm not familiar enough with the individual notes to pick them all out in Hades. Shame, because this is a very interesting mix. It's very DRY and almost acrid and burnt to my nose. It's a perfume you'd wear to be noticed and to kick a little rear in. There is nothing dainty about it! I am still trying to decide if I like it, but I think it will have it's uses!
  12. Celogrl

    Cheshire Cat

    Ah...this one has notes in it that I can't pick out, no matter how I try. It's beautiful, though! I notice the lavender and currant, and when this dries a bit the grapefruit comes out. It is a melange that is lovely to wear, but leaves my nose confused. It's pretty though, and will have a place in my repertoire.
  13. Celogrl


    Lemon wonder in a bottle! I received an imp of this in a swap and am SO glad I did. The verbena, grapefruit and lemon are sharp, not overly sweet, and the musk is just barely discernable. It's a terrific balance of all its components and very refreshing today, now that it's 103 degrees!
  14. Celogrl


    Sweet! What a clean fragrance. It's light, pure and sweet, but not so sweet it's cloying. It smells like scattered flowers from someone's bridal bouquet. I can't pick out any individual notes, but I think maybe lily's in there. In any case, it's very light and pretty and perfect for summer.
  15. Celogrl


    Instant love. I could stop right here, but I really need to do a semi proper review! This is sweet florals, amplified by berries, & cold breezes and it reminds me of standing in a hilly area, surrounded by trees in the late fall or early winter with a wind whipping up. It has a chill to it, but it's not cold. It's very comforting and nostalgic in my opinion. I love, love, looove this!