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    Besides spending my money on bpal, I also like MAC, Lush, mls, Blythes, gothic lolita clothing,and shoes.<br />I have twins due 8/14/05 (but expecting them in July) I also just bought a house for the new family. Besides the new bundles I also have 2 cats (Pixie, Nina) and a chihuahua (Pandora aka Panda)<br /><br />What I own:<br />Banshee 10ml,Wanda 10ml, Ice queen 5ml, snow white 5ml, midwinter's eve 2x 5ml, hearth 2x5ml, yuletide 5ml, egg nog 5ml, mabon 5ml, graveyard dirt 2x5ml, ides of march 2x5ml, skadi 2x5ml, deadman's hand 5ml, oisin 5ml, mi-go 5ml, d'anjou pear 5ml, thunderbird 2x5ml, blood rose(old) 5ml, cerberus 5 ml, juke joint 5ml, old amsterdam 5ml, chaste moon 5ml, frost moon 5ml, storm moon 2x5ml 2ml, june gloom 5ml,
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    Swank, Roadhouse, Snow white, Banshee, cold moon, old amsterdam, hearth, ice queen, June Gloom, nothing with sandlewood in it. I really like pine, lemony citrus, fresh clean scents, light floral,anything that doesn't go to powdery or musky. I really trying to train my nose with the notes.


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    I am not really sure of all my astrological info I would like to know about it more but I don't know how to figure it out.
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  1. ladytaga

    Purple Phoenix

    I smell the grape scent right away. The violet seems to come out more after I wear it. Makes it a little sharp and mature for my taste I only got one bottle thank goodness so I think I will do what I have read other people plan to do and age it. I like alot of the notes it is just turned a little powdery on me.
  2. ladytaga


    I smell the tea and lime..very cool and refreshing. I love it It lasts for a really long time (the next day I can sometimes smell a hint of it) I sniff my wrist and my bf loves it too. Perhaps I just like soap/dryer sheet scents I just like the clean smell.
  3. ladytaga


    I got an imp of this on ebay... I wish I could get a 5ml. It is clean fresh floral with melons.. Like a melon lemony fresh salad?? I can't figure out what floral scent it is but it isn't to perfumie or commercial. I don't think apple blossum is in it because that always turns powdery and grandma on me.
  4. ladytaga

    The Death Of Sardanapal

    I actually really liked this one..I smelled honey and a really warm comforting scent almost reminded me of tea.. but after about 10 mins my arm started to turn red and itched SOOOO I am guessing this isn't for me and it is going in the to be sold pile.. I don't really know how it would smell after a few min. it usually changes because I had to wash it off.
  5. ladytaga

    Dragon Moon 2006

    I was really worried about this because of the sandalwood.. But I can smell the tea w/ a floral fruity scent. I can see how someone could say it is soapy I get a little bit of soap scent in there but the bamboo seems to balance it out nice. The cherry blossom seems to be the soapy scent (that is what sn of apple blossom does on me) but I got 2 of these I will keep one it is worth to have at least an imp of. I give it a 3 1/2 out of 5.
  6. ladytaga


    I must say I have neglected this scent for a while..I was digging through my box to sell off some of the le's I have hung on to just to because I want to have them. ANYWAYS....YUM.. It is very chocalatie but it has a buttery boozy (but not in a bad way most boozy smells make me sick due to living w/ someone w/ a drinking problem) smell to it as well. I have had my nose to the crook of my arm since I have applied it. It does start off as a cherry cough syrup and the cherry does sneak back. like others have said it morphs ALOT
  7. ladytaga


    This is a very faint scent. But it is very fresh and just very nice and I love it. I could bathe in it. It has an undertone of mint...the rest is just a linen clean scent. I ended up putting it over phantom queen (which I don't like very much) and it really turned to a nice fresh floral and the mint sort of vanished.
  8. ladytaga

    Strangler Fig

    In the bottle really sweat but green. First sniff on my skin it reminds me of something from Springtime in Arkham ..I just can't remember what. It is really grassy and woody..it was better wet on my skin it sort of turned really pencil shaving on me. It isn't a scent that I would buy again but I also don't know if I will sell the bottle.
  9. ladytaga

    Destroying Angel

    In the bottle I loved the dirty smell (I am a big fan of graveyard dirt) but once it dryed down on my skin it turned to a perfume smell..I didn't enjoy it and it wasn't anything special. It was just a sort of cheap perfume. I wish it didn't turn on me but I have 2 graveyard dirts sooo I guess I am dirty enough.
  10. ladytaga

    Monster Bait: Underbed

    In the bottle very carmel chocalate smell.. on my wrist it fades to just a hint of foody smell. It isn't my favorite foody scent. It isn't strong enough it doesn't turn powdery but it has an odd maybe cardboard scent on me. Not as yummy as I hoped. It is still a keeper for the label alone.
  11. ladytaga


    In the bottle foody floral.. On my wrist I can smell the honey...I smell a little floral coming through it is very light and girlie. I can see this in a defuser to make the house smell all fresh and like summer. It is a keeper I give it a 3 1/2 out of 5.. I deducted 2 1/2 points because it does turns a little powdery on me. *Now it has changed to a sunflower scent (sort of like a candle from yankee but better) so it say it is now a 4 out of 5...
  12. ladytaga


    I love this oil...it relaxed me and I love the scent..I wish I could get a larger bottle instead of just an imp...I can see me using this up within the week.. If you can get a bottle I highly recommend it. This will also be great during allergy season.
  13. ladytaga

    Helping Hand

    I liked the way it smelled (would wok better for me in a scent locket)..but I am not sure if it helped me at all... The night I tried it...My 6 month old fell and bumped her head I was in the hospital most of the night also alot of other not so great things happened. But he cat scan came back clear so I don't know...maybe it could have been worse?? I think I am just jinx...I am a little scared to try it again.
  14. ladytaga


    When I sniffed from the bottle I thought how true to the name it was.. I smelled a farmish hay grassie smell... After about an hour of wearing it turned to Polo green (or classic whatever that green bottle is that was to popular in the late 80's and early 90's...the smell of this makes me vomit) When I got home from work I tried to scrub this of and then my bf said um was some man holding Mia (our infant) and I was like no why....she smells like Polo.. sooo yeah not for me...going to sell, trade or throw out this scent.
  15. ladytaga

    Holiday Moon

    I just got an imp of this..I need to buy it.. It reminds me of June Gloom with less vanilla..(if that makes sense june gloom would dry down to a vanilla scent on me) In the bottle it is more melon but once it is on for a bit it gets a little lemony. I love it now I must get a 5ml edited to say.... It turns powdery after a an hour or so...I am going to try to blend this with either june gloom or banshee and hope it stays a little while..