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    this so sweet, floral vanilla-y i couldn't stand it the first half hour. but after that it mellows down, and it's still vanilla but soft and pleasanter. not sure if i'll keep the half bottle i have though, it's the first half hour that's killer, but we'll see. i get leather sometimes, but no smoke.
  2. whateverish


    it's weird, but i get a little bit of musk in this. i sniffed it and immediately thought "sleepy moon but with kick!" more like something to wake you up than put you to sleep.then i get a little bit of the sourness that everyone has mentioned, but it fades into my skin really quick. not hating the scent, but not sure i'll reach for it on any occasion. too bad, it's kind of spunky!
  3. whateverish

    Copper v1

    i put some on my wrists today and the general reaction of my body was "omg get it off me now or i will die". i don't know if it's the patchouli i amp or what. but it just smells damp and gross to me. fortunately it doesn't have much throw nor does it last very long. alas, copper v1. you sadden me. i had such high hopes for you!
  4. whateverish

    The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island

    i smell entirely sour milk - i have to say i almost got a bottle of this, but then i thought. do i REALLY want to smell like curdled milk and herbs all day? and the answer was, predictably enough (for me at least), no. still a rather uh. interesting scent though.
  5. whateverish

    Temperature and BPAL

    i've been wondering about that. in singapore it is always hot. my oils are mostly in my dressing room drawer and my house doesn't get direct sun. still, heat is heat. 24/7 except at night when we switch on the fan. i worry, will it kill my oils?
  6. whateverish

    Gossamer v3

    i am so surprised with how much i love this scent! need moar bottles, plz. i think it's just the lightness of it, i know it's there but it doesn't overwhelm and doesn't dry down to mush.
  7. whateverish

    Empyreal Mist v3

    i really didn't like this in the bottle - it smelt sharp, almost astringent, and i actually put it aside in my "to trade" pile. but then on a whim i decided to try it, and boy is it pretty. it reminds me of something - i'm not sure what exactly, but it's lovely and light. not quite my beloved gossamer, but close.
  8. whateverish

    Blue Phoenix v2

    bluuueberry! it's a blueberry cream scent that for once doesn't turn gross on my skin. score! i am pleased...if only it weren't an unreleased scent.
  9. whateverish

    Champagne and Cigars

    this is a really weird scent for me - it smells like fizzy lemon soda pop in the bottle, and the same on my skin from the moment it hits until the time it goes away - there's not a single change in the smell i can discern. it's the first scent i've had that doesn't morph at all. i love it, and i'm so glad i managed to get a bottle!
  10. whateverish

    White Chocolate and Sugared Violets

    so far all the chocolate scents seem to end up as sugared sweetness on my wrists, and this is no exception. kind of sad, really. someday i might find a chocolate scent from the lab that works for me.
  11. whateverish


    maaango. i didn't really like this in the bottle - but then i put it on and went to bed and i started dreaming of juicy fresh mangoes - although the yellow ones, not the green ones. or perhaps only green on the outside. pakistan mangoes, mostly. yum, actually! i'm glad i bought a bottle.
  12. whateverish

    White Chocolate and Strawberry

    whoever said "pocky" is spot on - that's exactly how it smells on my skin. gross - i'm sorry i bought a bottle.
  13. whateverish

    Eight Views of Actors in Their Dressing Rooms

    this is lovely, but a little too sweet for my liking. i keep waiting for it to get less sweet, but instead it just gets sweeter and sweeter. i kind of feel like i'm in a perfume factory. o.O okay, now it's turning vaguely to powder. aieee.
  14. yeah, i placed my order exactly a month ago, and i've not even gotten a shipping invoice yet. i guess it's probably due to the snake charmer bottle i ordered? i won't lie and say i'm not anxious, but i'll deal.
  15. If you emailed the Lab at Answers they should respond to you quite soon, their customer service has always been excellent for me. I imagine they will send you your order even if the scents come down before you pay - they always have some left over, and you have asked for a shipping quote before the scents came down. hee! you know i read that in the other thread and i was like "okay should i go over HERE and delete this" and then i pressed reply to thank you and found you'd changed your post too. hi hi hi, and thank you so, i'm relieved now. i can't believe i waited this long to make my lab order, but god i'm so good at procrastination it's not even funny.
  16. stupid question perhaps, but i've never made an order before. i emailed the lab at answers, inquiring about ordering (counted and there were 13 bottles and i'm international), so i wanted a shipping quote or a paypal invoice, and i think a couple of the scents i ordered are coming down today or tomorrow. if i don't get a response from the lab before then will i still get the bottles i want or do they close if you've not made payment yet? i don't want to mess with my order since i've already emailed them, but i might have messed it up so i'm really not sure. i mean, should i estimate shipping and pay first? that seems like it would be a bother to sort out, but i would like my snake charmer: resurrected, plz!
  17. whateverish

    How to make a paypal order.

    uh...wrong thread i guess, whups.