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  1. lohengrin


    In the imp: It's light and fresh and not overpowering, but it does smell like a department store perfume. On skin, wet: Same as in the imp. It's not headachey, at least, but still... I'm not a fan so far. On skin, dry: There's a slightly spicy or smoky background here now, but it's also going a bit wonky. I can't but my finger on what kind of wonky yet, but it's a very weird combination. After an hour: It's gone kind of powdery on top of the smoky background, and it just... does not work for me. At all. Perfumey but tolerable at the start, and just odd at the end.
  2. lohengrin

    Aristocratic Couple

    In the bottle: Pretty much just apricot. Maybe a little hint of vanilla, but no cardamom at all. This does not bode well. On skin, wet: Same as first sniff, and now without even the hint of vanilla. The apricot isn't juicy or sweet, either, but rather powdery. On skin, dry: Now it's getting more powdery, and still no trace of vanilla or cardamom. After an hour: Not a morpher, this one. From start to finish, it's all powdery apricot. Reminds me very strongly of Aglaea--which I like! But I already have Aglaea. ^^;
  3. lohengrin

    Lovers and a Fan

    In the bottle: I have no idea what to make of this. I smell none of the listed notes, at all. It's sharp and perfumey. On skin, wet: No change from the bottle scent. On skin, dry: It's settled down a little, but not much. Still very sharp, and smells nothing like any of the listed notes. After an hour: Alas, this one never does smell at all of coconut or honey. And saffron worked very well on me in Love's Philosophy, so I'm reluctant to say what I'm smelling here is saffron, either. I have no idea what happened with this scent, but I am not pleased. I'll let it age another couple months just in case that mellows whatever went wrong, but dang.
  4. lohengrin

    Ivory Vulva

    In the bottle: Mostly I get that distinctive scent of BPAL's cream note. A little coconut in the background, and not much else. On skin, wet: Pretty much the same as in the bottle. On skin, dry: Still not really morphing at all. I knew BPAL's cream note tended to dominate on me, but most of the scents I've tried with it have ended up balanced better than this, at least. After an hour: Never really any change. No marshmallow, no macademia. Boo. It's nice enough, mind, but there's nothing to make it stand out. I'll give it another couple months of aging, to see if that lures out any of the other notes, but at this point I'm disappointed.
  5. lohengrin


    In the imp: Green and fresh and herbal. On skin, wet: Much the same as the first sniff, but with just a hint of lavender. Hopefully it won't take over. On skin, dry: The lavender has vanished and it's once again just green and fresh and light. After an hour: Still pretty much the same. Never got any mint or lime--this is a grassy and herbal green scent pretty much from start to finish. Nice enough, but not what I was hoping for.
  6. lohengrin


    In the imp: Tea, with an almost anise-like feeling to it. On skin, wet: Same as in the imp. On skin, dry: No change. Despite it being supposedly "weak" tea, that's all I can smell. x.x After an hour: Exactly the same. Not a morpher, at all. I was really hoping for more of the cream or sugar notes.
  7. lohengrin

    The Great Sword of War

    In the imp: Red musk and a tiny bit of cocoa, maybe. Or tonka? Something foody, anyway. On skin, wet: Red musk and baked goods. On skin, dry: Now it's mainly red musk and sharp, smoky tobacco. There's still a hint of baked-goods-sweetness, but not as much as before. After an hour: This reminds me a lot of Perversion, actually. The tobacco takes over a bit too much, sadly. I'll let the imp age to see if that mellows out the tobacco and lets the sweetness come back out, but sometimes it goes the other way and becomes more incensey.
  8. lohengrin


    In the imp: I apparently got the "old" version of Gnome, direct from the lab in my February 25, 2014 order. It's definitely a light coloured oil, and smells of ginger ale and... err. Dish soap? Yeah, ginger ale and dish soap. On skin, wet: Ginger ale and dish soap. On skin, dry: ... Ginger ale and dish soap. It's unpleasantly sharp in the same way the champagne note tends to be on me. After an hour: This really never morphs at all. No smoke, no peppercorn or nutmeg. Just soapy ginger ale.
  9. lohengrin


    In the imp: Almond with just a hint of florals. If only it would smell like this on me, but I know it won't. On skin, wet: Hello, rose. I see you are still determined to take over 99% of scents you're in. Also, clove. Rose and clove. There's a faint hint of almond left, but I do not expect it to survive the drydown. On skin, dry: Sure enough, this is now straight-up rose and clove. After an hour: Even the clove has faded into the background, leaving the rose to run rampant. Curses!
  10. lohengrin


    In the imp: Musky honey, with maybe a hint of resin/labdanum. On skin, wet: The musks and maybe-resin vanish and this is all honey and slightly-funky ylang ylang. On skin, dry: The ylang ylang has settled down into a faintly soapy floral undertone to the honey, which is very much dominant. After an hour: Still a very slightly soapy edge to this, but mostly it's a mellow/warm floral honey. I'm going to let it age to see if that brings out the musks and labdanum enough to survive on my skin, but if not this is definitely not a keeper.
  11. lohengrin


    In the imp: Sweet apple and something a little wonky, I can't quite put my finger on it. On skin, wet: On my skin it goes almost all sweet floral/apple blossom, with just a hint of apple. On skin, dry: Same as wet, but now it's going a bit soapy, which is not surprising with the apple blossom taking over. Sigh. After an hour: Slightly soapy apple blossom with a background of apples. Nothing at all like The Hesperides on me, alas. But I learned that in the hierarchy of Notes I Amp Like Crazy, apple blossom is higher than apple.
  12. lohengrin

    Dragon's Milk

    In the imp: Soap and honey, and somehow a little musty. On skin, wet: Pretty much the same. On skin, dry: Soap and O, basically. Which is pretty much what I expected from my past experiences with dragon's blood. ^^; After an hour: Still soap and O. But... Several hours later: The soap went away! Now it's kind of slightly spicy O. I am shocked! That said... is it worth the hours of SOAP? Probably not. I will let it age for a few months, though, and see if that mitigates the soap stage.
  13. lohengrin

    Treasure Ship Coming In

    In the bottle: Mint, with only very slight hints of mandarin or tea. On skin, wet: Pretty much all mint, all the time. On skin, dry: Mint and tea. I can't really smell any mandarin at all. After an hour: The tea gets stronger and the mint weaker, but the mandarin never does really make an appearance. I like this scent a lot, but with it being so heavy on the tea and so light on the citrus, it turns out I'm going to have to deathmatch it against F5.
  14. lohengrin

    Sweets to the Sweet

    In the bottle: Not sure how to describe this scent, actually. I want to say it's almost... boozy, somehow? Kind of like what I get with Sugar Skull, only not so strong. On skin, wet: Candied lemon! Weird! This is not what I expected at all either from the description OR what it smelled like in the bottle. On skin, dry: Still pretty lemony, but there's an undertone now that I suspect is honey. It's still a bit faint, but it's there. After an hour: Yes, definitely honey now. The lemon is almost entirely gone at this point, leaving basically a pure honey note. Which is pretty much exactly what I hoped for! I may still try this up again Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat, just to see how they compare head-to-head, but so far I'm quite glad I sprang for a bottle unsniffed.
  15. lohengrin


    In the decant: Nectarine and something else I can't quite identify, but it's wet and fresh and kind of green. It doesn't quite smell like my usual experience with oakmoss, but it could be a mix of that and the green musk. On skin, wet: Pretty much the same as in the decant. On skin, dry: Something a little bit powdery is lurking in the background now--from the lack of amber in the notes I have to assume it's the sandalwood--but on the whole it's still very much a fruity/green/wet kind of scent. After an hour: The powdery note does get a littlw stronger, but not enough to really detract from the main scent. I've never smelled anything quite like this! Definitely going to give it another test, it's been a very pleasant surprise.