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    The Ragged Wood
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    Sin, Paris, Shattered, Dublin, Antique Lace. I love mint, almond, lotus, amber, vanilla, and honey.

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  1. vitawash24


    This is the first BPAL lavender scent I've tried where the lavender scent hasn't disappeared almost instantly for me. It's gorgeous, the lavender blending into a fresh, green scent. It's an energizing scent for me - cool, calm clarity. Gorgeous.
  2. vitawash24

    The Ragged Wood

    When I first apply this, the juniper and pine scents dominate, but they quickly fade into the background. The remaining scent is a perfect melange of florals and warm vanilla. I was a little concerned about the star jasmine, as jasmine often fails miserably on me, but this is gorgeous, both refreshing and comforting. I will definitely be on the hunt for a big bottle!
  3. vitawash24

    Et Lux Fuit

    Wow. This is an amazing blend. Just the light-hearted, summery thing I was looking for in my perfume box a few days ago! I was worried about the florals and the lemon, but it's ended up working beautifully with my skin. Warm and sexy and I just want to slather in it. *happy sigh*
  4. vitawash24

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Hmmm. I don't get any grapefruit at all. It's been sweet, then an incense-y vanilla since I put it on. I was hoping for grapefruit, actually. Alas, I smell like a candle shop. (Or a head shop, according to Mom. But she thinks all BPAL smells like a head shop.)
  5. vitawash24

    Come to Me

    I have an odd relationship with florals, and this one was no exception. It started out sort of normally, light and kinda sharp, like most florals tend to start out on my skin...and then took an unfortunate spin into smelling like Nair. Followed by a stint as a urinal cake. Dear God. I wasn't in a circumstance where I could test it out, but that's fine by me. I don't want to know what that might have attracted. About an hour and a half into the drydown, it had turned soft and powdery and almost quite pleasant. But that's way too long a time to have something like that on my arm.
  6. vitawash24

    Has No Hanna

    My first encounter with Has No Hanna was not good. I thought it smelled like maple syrup and old grass clippings. But I was curious about its effects, so I kept the imp. Anyway, I gave it a proper try today, and WOW! First off, the weird maple syrup smell has vanished, leaving something green and herbal behind. Plus there's a floral element that's very pleasant. (I don't know if it's jasmine, as jasmine is usually hideous on me.) But I feel relaxed and pretty and ready to handle this horrid paper that I've been trying to pretend isn't due on Saturday. Yay!
  7. vitawash24

    Leanan Sidhe

    Mmmmm. This actually turns into a lighter, ethereal version of Dublin on my skin. There's definitely a floral element present, but unlike most florals, it doesn't overpower everything else. I definitely get the nighttime dew feeling...it's like a visit to County Clare all over again. Beautiful. I only wish I'd brought the imp with me, because unlike Dublin, it doesn't have a ton of staying power on me. All in all, though, this is really lovely on me -- if further wearings work out it could move up to the Big Bottle list.
  8. vitawash24

    Springtime scents

    Hmmmm. I think my springiest scents are... White Rabbit Psyche Sea of Glass Shattered Paris Empyreal Mist
  9. vitawash24

    Dragon's Milk

    I love Dragon's Milk! Dragon's blood resin tends to turn flowery on me, so I wasn't sure how this would work out. But with DM, the milk and honey scents brought out the spiciness of the resin, and smoothed everything to a silky finish. I'm not sure if it will make it to the big bottle list, but it's definitely a keeper imp.
  10. vitawash24


    Okay. Clearly, I cannot wear rose. Because honestly, this smelled horrid on me. I wish I understood the whole "pretty rose" concept because currently, it's totally lost on me. This does have some serious staying power, because I took a shower and the scent was still there afterwards.
  11. vitawash24


    At first, all I got from this scent was almond, and I wondered if I'd put Dana O'Shee on by mistake! But then it mellowed and the musk and amber and spices came out, and it was gorgeous. It makes me think of sun-warmed skin and while it doesn't have a lot of throw, I really like the subtlety. Gorgeous and exotic. This is headed for my big bottle list.
  12. vitawash24

    Belle Époque

    This was very odd on me - I got no vanilla, and possibly some sandalwood. Maybe it's the opium that has such an acrid reaction to my skin? Whatever it is, it's quite unfortunate. It remained an icky floral for about half an hour before the lily of the valley I know and love emerged victorious. Nice finish, but I'm not sure that it's worth waiting through the drydown. Oh, well!
  13. vitawash24

    Machu Picchu

    At first dab, this was Holy Mango, Batman! I had one for breakfast that morning and I was primed for the scent. Delicious! On the drydown, the fruitiness mellowed and blended into the florals and amber. Rich and glamorous as a scent. It's driving me mad because it reminds me of someone I know and I can't figure out why! My money's on the amber.
  14. vitawash24


    Being part Mexican, I was hoping my skin would like this one. Alas, it didn't. When I first applied it, I had high hopes, as I got a lovely fruity, musky scent. The mango was delicious and the amber was rockin'. Quite nice. Unfortunately, on the drydown, it turned into black pepper and pencil shavings. Wah. Then on the really dry, it turned to chili peppers. Argh. Up for swaps it shall go.
  15. vitawash24

    White Rabbit

    Love this - neither tea nor ginger scents work particularly well on me, so I was nervous about trying it. But it's gorgeous. Sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, and sharp, but not in an unpleasant way. I definitely get a lemon-gingery thing, but it's mellow and relaxing. My only complaint in fact, is that my skin eats it. The scent disappears completely within about two hours. It's just weird.