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    Santa Eularia Des Riu

    Piquant citrus tempered by jasmine, soft Mediterranean herbs, lavender and orange blossom. In the imp, strong, spicy jasmine. Same on skin with a hint of fresh citrus. For the few seconds the citrus was present, this one reminded me a bit of Origins Ginger Essence. But as with all jasmine blends, the jasmine overwhelmed everything else, unfortunately. Also brought on a major bout of sneezing. Never got any of the Mediterranean herbs However, if jasmine works for you, you should definitely give this one a try.
  2. Eros

    Loving the frankincense!

    Valentine of Rome is really, really good!
  3. Eros

    What is Chaos Theory?

    Yes, please!
  4. Eros


    What Duskinhereyes said for the most part. On me, though, it started out strong leather(which is never good). It did quiet down after about an hour and turned into a lovely, creamy-musky-smoky honeyed vanilla incense with just a touch of clove. The other notes are so well-blended it's hard to distinguish them individually. Very reminiscent of Snake Oil and Snake Charmer(minus coconut), and like those two, I think is going to be one that ages beautifully. I've only had it a few days and already it's only getting better and better. Very glad I took a risk on this one and thrilled I've found not only a leather blend I can wear but one that I absolutely LOVE. DH's reaction? "Mmmmmm"
  5. Eros


    As others have said, very Black Lace-ish. Just as beautiful, too. Sometimes dry and a tad sharp, other times it's a touch sweet, but always, rich and oh so elegant. Definitely has a very dark edge to it, almost sinister at times. "Swirl of plum" is perfectly descriptive, as that's exactly what it does...rising quietly, teasing before it sinks back among the other notes. Very evocative of luxurious, black and blood red velvets. An intoxicating perfume. To me, more vampire than goth. Simply exquisite.
  6. Eros

    Raven Moon

    Yes, exactly. I'm also reminded of Schwarzer Mond & Lucifer. This is dark, rich and oh so beautiful. Touches of deep black licorice & subtle clove, which remind me a bit of Spawn of the She-Demon(another love). Every single note in this makes itself known, the red chili remaining quietly in the background. There's the soft sweetness of smoky vanilla(that brings Antique Lace to mind). Patchouli has been amping itself like mad lately but in this, just the perfect touch. Breath-taking, seductive. Absolutely stunning. Now if I can just pry it away from my husband...
  7. Eros


    As Aerinha mentions above, everything listed in the book seems to be in this. So many lovely things going on at once. Subtle cinnamon and clove, sandalwood...lavender, rosemary. A hint of smoke without being smoky. A perfect touch of sweetness. It's spicy, resiny. Stays close to the skin and lasts for hours. Imagine Sin, Lucifer and French Creole rolling around together over smoldering embers and you'll have a pretty good idea of what this blend smells like. Beautiful!! The artwork for the book, also beautiful
  8. Eros

    The Phantom Cow of Yerba Buena Island

    Wet/just applied, very much a combination of both Milk Moons, leaning a bit towards '07. As it warms to the skin it goes in the other direction, Milk Moon '05, one of my all-time favorites =) A hint of minty herbs peeks through(yerba buena, my grandma used to grow it), very soft, with a touch of herbal tea. The milky note is very rich, warm and comforting. Like the sweet, honeyed-cream breath of a puppy before it's been weaned *LOVE*
  9. Eros


    Same here :] Definitely floral, stronger at first then lightens considerably after a few hours. Starts out very much like Canels Violet gum to my nose. Similar to what Crow Moon did on me, sharp, sweet floral. I also get fleeting hints of tobacco, somewhat like that in Midnight Kiss. There's also a *very* soft touch of vanilla that peeks through. Lovely blend! (Thanks again, mm! )
  10. Eros

    Midnight Kiss

    Huh, thought I'd reviewed this. If it was lovely when I first got it(when it made its debut), it's even moreso now. Aging has made it richer and given it more depth. Most assuredly a red scent. Juicy & musky with a touch of (again) rich resin. The wine note in this is perfection and smells, to my nose, like the pomegranate in Misfortune Teller. The nicotiana is gorgeous(a favorite note of mine), similar to that in Kali. Like walking into a humidor full of the most expensive and exclusive cigars in existence. I tend to amp patchouli but here it stays in the background helping ground the scent. I don't really detect the cocoa absolute, aside from what I've mentioned, notes that peek out just long enough to distinguish themselves, this is a very well blended oil. Hints of Gluhwein every now and again and very definitely reminescent of Misfortune Teller. I'm surprised there isn't more hoarding and coveting of this one, it's right up there with, as mentioned Mme. Moriarty, as well as Snake Charmer, Sin... I also, btw, wore this one for my wedding(which also happened to be on Halloween). Very fitting, methinks. This is a real beauty. If you haven't tried it, look for a decant at least. If you have it and haven't worn it in a while, go get it and put it on. Now. You'll be glad you did.
  11. Eros


    This starts out as something very similar to Midnight Kiss on me. Within 2-3 minutes the cinnamon emerges, sweet but dry, with a touch of thick honey...As a few more minutes tick by I detect the orange rind, a hint of clove, and a tease of vanilla. The wine in this is smells simply delicious, deep and rich. About 30 minutes after application this beauty has morphed into a variation of Hexennacht '05...every note in Hex, dancing around a cauldron of a softly, and perfectly, spiced wine. Long-wearing with beautiful throw. How could I not love it?
  12. Eros

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    Opening the bottle~ Sitting in a field of dew-kissed strawberries and burying your nose in a handful of 'em bursting with juice. This smells like what the most perfect strawberry tastes like as you bite into it. As it warms to the skin a light dusting of sugar appears, then a touch of creamy vanilla teases its way through. There's a hint of slightly sharp strawberry leaf and barely a tease of dandelion. Absolutely beautiful!
  13. Eros

    Temple of Dreams

    Huh, interesting this. While I do get the lavender and rosemary in the vial, along with a touch of spice...On skin it quickly morphs into something sweet, almost pink sugar-ish, with a tiny hint of vanilla The (non-soapy)lavender and rosemary fade until they're way in the background. Quite a lovely scent! I haven't tested its efficacy but will be sure to when I go to bed later. I've no doubt it'll bring me to a deep, peaceful sleep full of sweet dreams.
  14. Eros

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    Like others have said, this is very much a pink scent. Spun sugar, lotus, and strawberries with a hint of sugary lemon drops =) Dries down to the same, minus the lemon drops, with an added touch of sweetish musk. Every now and again I get a fleeting hint of barely there clove, too. I LOVE this!! As far as its intended purpose, I can say that when I'm wearing it, things that might normally annoy me or get on my nerves are shrugged off without a care Perfume-wise, if you like Pink Moon '05, Strawberry Moon, Velvet Unicorn, to name a few, you'll love this.
  15. Eros

    Velvet Dogs Playing Poker

    I get little to no caramel in this, yay! That's what killed the original Dogs Playing Poker for me. Very well blended, hard to pick out individual notes. To me, this is like a smoother, creamier, non-patchouli Schwarzer Mond. With a *very* subtle, barely-there-touch of spearmint-kissed wood. More of an impression of it, really. Quite nice
  16. Eros

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v3

    XCVIII(98) Fresh lemon in the bottle nestled within frankincense and myrrh. On skin the lemon softens to just a touch as a beautiful honey emerges. Another few minutes and herbs make an appearance. Similar to the herbs in Anubis The frank & myrrh add depth and richness. This is really lovely =) Penitence with honeyed-lemon & sweetish herbs.
  17. LVVXV(75) I think, it's a bit hard to read Lovely classic O in the bottle. On skin , O with the addition of beeswax =) *Very* similar to Hanerot Halalu. A warm, golden and very soothing scent. Beautiful!
  18. Eros

    Crimson Christmas

    In the bottle- Tart red berries underneath a dusting of frost. I like tart berries =) On skin- A touch of peppermint sweetness peeks through, like a whisper, with a hint of smoke hovering in the background. As it dries down it takes on a bit of a metallic edge, like blood, which is quite fitting of the description. If I close my eyes and sniff my wrists it's easy to envision everything in the description. Dark, sinister, and absolutely beautiful.
  19. Eros


    Very tart, sharp citrus at first. Stays that way for a few minutes after application then softens into what I can only describe as fresh spring water with a twist of tart lemon. Faded fairly quickly on me, it was gone within an hour. Nice while it lasted
  20. Eros


    In the bottle it's lovely - sweet molasses, apples & hay. Once it hits the skin the wood, oats and musk start to emerge and then, within seconds...dry, powdery soap :l The kind that works its way up the nose and won't leave, 'causing fits of sneezing Love the artwork, love the scent in the bottle, on skin, *cry*.
  21. Eros

    Sticky Pillowcase

    Not as sweet as expected, not necessarily a bad thing, either :] Definite similarity to Sugar Skull(I LOVE Sugar Skull!)- the same sweetish smokiness that I get from SS with fresh strawberries added for good measure. A touch of toasty marshmallow, a hint of saltwater taffy, and the other notes blended to add a soft kiss of sweetness, but not *too* much, and under it all, a barely there tease of dusty cotton. Wonderful throw and it stays with me for HOURS =) Also reminds me a tad of Pink Moon '05. Keeper!!
  22. Eros

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    MCCXCI Musky with subtle spice and a touch of what, to my nose, smells like black plum...Hints of vanilla, perhaps amber, a touch of honey and a whisper of black coconut. There might be patchouli *way* in the background and a couple of other notes I can't quite place...This is... In other words...Snake Charmer. With an added drop of honey. I'm happy
  23. Eros


    For quite a while I'd been eyeing this, going back and forth, yesnoyesno. In the end I caved and snatched up a bottle and I'm SO glad I did =) In the bottle it's tart red berries with a hint of musk. Once it hits the skin it becomes slightly more musky, with a soft, earthy background. Chocolate notes tend to become a gorgeous, subtle woodsy incense on me, and fig, always a favorite, becomes round, smoky, voluptuous...with those beautiful tart berries hovering in the distance to add the perfect touch of sweetness. Not at all foody to me(a good thing). This is rather like an Autumn walk through a deep forest and stumbling upon a field of not quite ripe berries as the breeze tickles the nose with the smoke of incense being burned in the distance. At the same time, it becomes part of the skin - musks, fig...which reach out to embrace the other scents swirling about, bringing them closer. Dark, feral...and comforting, all at the same time. Beautiful!
  24. Eros

    10ml bottles...Where did they go?

    I've never heard mention of bringing them back, either. And that's why I cherish the ones I have all the more. Especially the cobalt ones.
  25. Eros

    Hand of Glory

    I tend to avoid blends with leather because it very often causes a headache. Beeswax...had to give this one a chance :] In the vial and first applied there's a slightly waxy, almost sugary leather coming through. Nutmeg and wood in the background and the sugary scent has morphed into soft & creamy marshmallow. No pepper or saltpeter to speak of, really. To my nose, the leather and beeswax don't come through as individual notes, it's more like they came out of the same master flask, if that makes sense, and together they = marshmallow. Reminds me quite a bit of Tombstone, actually. I like this but haven't decided whether or not I need a bottle. We'll see