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    Blood Lotus :) , Vixen, Laudanum, Serpent's Kiss, Bloodlust, Bacchanalia, Siren, Snake Oil, Ravenous, Black Forest, Old New Orleans, Three Witches, Voodoo, Czernobog, Cheshire Cat, Samhain, Swank, Sin, Loviatar, March Hare, Dana O Shee, Morella, Jezebel, Belladonna.

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  1. bloodlotus

    Serpent's Kiss

    Ah....Serpent's Kiss is a favorite for me. It has real bite and it also has my BF making lovely "mmmmm-ing" noises around me when in the vicinity of my neck. It also induced him to bite it, I am quite positive. Sure, he's usually amorous but not that...feral....which suited me JUST FINE. Anyway...I am a fan of vetiver and this scent, to me, is very RED. I think it's lustful and earthy and fierce. I am still waiting for my 5ml bottle--which I am hoping comes soon. Anyway...just wanted a post from a fan of this one....
  2. bloodlotus

    Where is this scent?

    I am a great fan of BPAL's "green" scents. Did anyone else notice Hemlock has gone missing? Was this discontinued? *** A note from Shollin, Reviews Moderator, dated 7/21/06: A lot of the more recent questions in this thread are about scents whose names are too short to search for. Check out the post here if you find yourself in possession of a mysterious imp with a very short name... like Tum, Imp or even Eat Me.
  3. bloodlotus

    Shipping Update

    Thank you as well for the reply to my e-mail. I was a pain in the neck because I asked you to hold my order until now. But hopefully that was one less order you had to catch up on. So--I will be eagerly awaiting my oils in the weeks to come! I think listing a "shipped" list by CC Now Order Number would be just perfect! It would save you a lot of headaches and inquiry e-mails (like mine!) Thanks!
  4. bloodlotus


    Laudanum is tantalizing and psychotropic. I smell the sassafrass, then later the nutmeg. I am a huge fan of myrrh, but can't seem to smell it in this blend. The night I wore this, Halloween night, everyone around me loved it and it made me feel faintly high (no--seriously, it did.) It seems like a scent that Dr. Jekyll would have made for Jack The Ripper. (Gosh--that was dramatic--but that was my first thought when trying to describe it! )
  5. bloodlotus


    I too am in love with this scent (I believe it made my top ten list posted elsewhere on this site.) I smell the lime and clove and vanilla and vetiver (which I can't get enough of.) I love the way the scent morphs as you wear it--while still keeping the integrity of the original blend intact. It smells pleasantly androgynous and reminds me of Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans (purely subjective opinion here! ) It is delicious!
  6. bloodlotus


    Funny--reading all of the reviews for this one. I LOVE civet. The problem is --other people don't. SO--I wear this one when I am at home. It's a foresty-tangled, sex-musk smell to me, but maybe people don't appreciate that when I am sitting next to them on the subway! My cat likes it too. I think this is one of those like it or hate it ones....
  7. bloodlotus

    Cheshire Cat

    I love the manic quality of this oil. It was fruity, changeable, mad indeed! I like fruity scents as well. The grapefruit, currant and chamomile were what I mostly smelled. I could well imagine The Chesire Cat grinning when he caught the scent of this one. This one didn't fade on me but stayed pretty strong for hours.
  8. bloodlotus

    March Hare

    I must say, though I understand people who object to "strong" scents, I quite love them. Smelling "normal" perfumes (which all of us of course order from BPAL just for this reason, that we hate the weak-heartedness of most perfumes) just pales in comparison to the strength, lasting-power and complexity of these oils. Again, no disrespect to those who find some scents too strong--just wanted to chime in to say that I love bold scents. That being said, I don't find March Hare overpowerintg at all though. It is a very "candle-like" scent. It is so delicious, it makes my mouth water! The tangy, apricot is balanced nicely with the spicy clove. On me, the clove fades in the dry-down but ah, it's good while it lasts! I am in love with this one.
  9. For me, it's those scents that change and linger and transmute during the day. For me, these are: Samhain: Can't get spookier than this one--all that is haunting and eerie about Autumn. Seems as if Chistina Ricci's character in Sleepy Hollow would be wearing this one (can't THINK of her character's name in that movie, darn it!) Czernobog: It must be the myrrh, but this one gets very strong reactions from others: they are inspired to wax poetic about it and always call it feminine and alluring. Bacchanalia: Though a very deep, heady scent, this evokes the feeling of a Greek frenzied rite to perfection. Black nights and lots of people all worshipping the moon. Serpent's Kiss: Evokes the image of a great snake writhing a la Lair of the White Worm. I love this one for the ever-present spicy quality.
  10. bloodlotus

    Four new scents coming soon, and a small update.

    Thank you! And now there is nothing sexier than proudly wearing a scent that I feel such a close personal affection for!
  11. bloodlotus

    Four new scents coming soon, and a small update.

    Blood Lotus, by the way, is haunting, delicious and has made me very VERY happy! I eagerly await all new scents. I have been wearing Black Forest all day today on this rainy, gloomy day and it has been JUST the thing to lift my mood..... We love your good work!