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  1. Hokay. It's taken 5 months, but my bottles of Snake Oil, Silk Road, and Morocco are finally seeing some use and actually smell good on me. Yay! I can't believe how different Morocco and Snake Oil are now that they've had a chance to age. I guess a mere few weeks wasn't enough! Will order new bottles for next year soon. But. Now that the cold weather has started, I needs me some spicy goodness now. Oils that have worked on me so far include Snake Oil, Morocco, Silk Road, Haunted, Athens, and Dracul. And then, there are the oils that just went wrong. I speak of Spellbound, Rakshasa, and Sin. Anubis looks like it might be going the same way, but we're undecided as of yet. Shanghai, Imp, and Black Phoenix were okay, but there were notes to them that I didn't care for. I guess what I'm really looking for are longlasting spicey scents with good throw. Some of the non-BPAl scents I'm wearing that are spicey are Ava's The Noir and Incense Musk. I have a big bottle of Urd, but I'm ageing at the moment... So, any recs? Oro
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    Can't. Stop. Wearing. Kanishta. I think there's something wrong with me. I put it on after I shower, put it on before I go to bed. I wear it so often that when I don't wear it for a day or two, you can still smell it on my skin!!! Jasmine is my nemesis, but thankfully it's only smellable on my skin in the first hour or so, but heavily mixed with the patchouli and black opium. Hours later it turns to a spicy magnolia gorgeousness...overall it's floral, but spicy and resiney at the same time. Need more bottles! Oro
  3. Orodemniades

    Astrology Recommendations

    Anything that might smell 'glittery'. Or interesting. And possibly floral. But if no florals, than definitely interesting, something with layers that doesn't smell like anything else... Oro
  4. Orodemniades

    Punkie Night

    Well, apples it is, for me, too. Plus pumpkin butter. Bust mostly apples. With something sweet and spicy underneath. Oro
  5. Orodemniades


    It's rose! Rosey rose! A medium high rose, possibly a tea rose but the violet may be bringing the highness down. The throw is amazing, if not necessarily long lasting...although I say that and it's been at least three hours since I dabbed it on my hand and I'm still getting the occasional waft of scent and think, hey, that smells great! Before realizing it's moi. Hee! Unlike Rose Red, which is Mature, Velvet Rouge Noir Rose, Marie is more...well, blue. Like a violet. Or twilight, midsummer. Yeah, gonna need a few bottles of this one... Oro
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    Pumpkin Queen

    At first sniff, this is all buttery pumpkin butter with spice in the distance. The pumpkin butter throw is strong for the first hour or two, then on my skin fades to a faint muskiness, and after a few hours, only the barest pumpkin scent lingers. Overall: My skin eats the good stuff. Oro
  7. Orodemniades

    The Carpathian Mountains

    Very rarey have I sniffed or worn an oil and thought, No. Alas, The Carpathian Mountains are one of the rarities. Sniffing, using as a room scent, and wearing (aka spilled on my fingers) all came up with the same initial scent: wintergreen with a hint of berry and very strong fresh plastic (like how some electronic goods smell straight out of the box, but far stronger). On me, the wintergren sorta eventually faded and the berries came through very strongly. Eventually I had to get rid of it as a room scent, and wash my hands as the combined plastic and wintergreen was making my stomach upset. Which is unfortunate, as I quite liked the berries and the scent of mountain air. Oro
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    Black Moon

    Wet: pear with stuff. Drydown 20min: Pear with...muguet? White florals, in any case. Amazing throw. Drydown 1hr: White florals that are medium high on me, thankfully. Very pretty spring-like scents, but it's early spring, when the crocuses and forsythia are blooming, yet it's not cold...lovely! Drydown 3hrs: Almost gone! But that's okay, I'll just reapply... Oro
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    Schwarzer Mond

    Mm, Yum-ee. Wet: I can smell patchouli and what I initially took to be Dragon's Blood, but now see is Amber, and it's a lovely amber, too, for the Lab's ambers don't usually smell this good on me. Drydown 20 min: Mm, much sweeter now, but still not a lot of throw. I swear I smell black pepper, and mebbe something lile honey? Drydown 1hr: Oo, I like this! Still not a lot of throw, just deep spice with a hint of cream and honey. It's not like Bengal, though, this is...cold weather spice, not hot. Drydown 3hrs: the finish is very reminiscent of how Snake Oil smells after about 8 hours - faint, a good 'up close and personal' scent. Hubba hubba. Glad I got 2 bottles! Oro
  10. Orodemniades

    Middle Eastern/Indian edible scent

    Anne Bonny smells like curry on me! Oro
  11. Orodemniades

    Et Lux Fuit

    Wow. It's high summer, late afternoon sunshine when the bees are buzzing sleepily and everyone's satiated with happiness and warmth and Life Is Sweet. Initially I barely smelled anything in the bottle, but one it hit my skin the scent simply blossomed. It's honey and amber and lemon and floral and so damned yummy. Overall: why the hell did I only buy two bottles?! Oro
  12. Orodemniades

    The search for "Clean" scents - general discussion

    Dirty! Also Dublin or Vinland and perhaps Prague? Oro
  13. My name, like my real name, is a word for 'dryad', in this case 'Ladies of the Mountains' in Greek. Wow, googling for myself...that's damned freaky. As for the above, Tintagel and Chimera lasted longest on me, but my skin eats scents and it's a rare one that lasts for hours. Having said that, Red Lantern is amazing...wish I'd bought more than one bottle! Oro
  14. Orodemniades

    Red Lantern

    Bottle: oo-er, I don't care for the butter in this, makes my nose go stuffy. Wet: Butter and oh hey! An instant morpher, cool. Something sweet, and...caramel? Initial drydown: Hmm, caramel, mebbe slightly burnt caramel. Coffee? Smoke? Must be the coconut, mebbe it's toasted or summat. Drydown: Caramel caramel caramel with a tablespoon of coffee, sweetness underneath it all, a whiff of burnt sugar, altogether edible. Overall: I didn't think I'd like this, in fact I've avoided it for months, but i think I do like this after all. I'm not a foody scent person, so I'm not sure when I'll wear it, but I'm certainly going to keep it. Oro
  15. Hello! It may take a little time, but i've no doubt that bpal has the oils for you! And, do other people sat perfume smells funny on you, or is it just your nose? indeed, do you try them on and then sniff, or just sniff? Having said that, I suggest the following oils: Delphi - very strong, imo. incense, honey, and wine the Masque - a lighter, less grapey version of Delphi Leanan sidhe - a soft but strong green floral Silk Road - a strong, non-floral black tea with spice I did a search on the main site and found Nocturne, Viola, les Fleurs du Mal, and villain all have lilac, and i like all of those. Mr Oro adores Villain too...it's very yum on him. Anyway, welcome! Oro
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    Ooo! Wet: tea rose, but of medium sweetness with just a hint of high. There's powder here, too, and...something else. Dry: gods, a beautiful tea rose, very old fashioned, Medieval, like the Queen of Rods or Swords (or maybe the Ace?) in Aquarian Tarot. It's a soft pink, medium with a hint of green and...violet, I believe. Strong at the beginning, and as time passes the scent fades like a rose dries, but it's never a dried rose scent. A good 6-7 hours after applying and I'm left with just a hint of twilight, a hint of green. Overall: why the hell didn't I buy more when I had the chance?! Oro
  17. Orodemniades

    Blood Moon 2005

    Wow, this is different. Wet: metals and blood and lavendar and the lunacy base. Dry: metal with...cinnamon? almond? heck if I know. Oh, is there red musk in this? Cuz we do not get along... Overall: I was in doubt over whether or not to order this, because I hate the smell of metal, and I figured there'd be a lot of metal in this. I think perhaps a hint of Dragon's Blood Resin too? Anyway, the metal bothers me too much, so I'm afraid this is another Moon that just doesn't work on me. Oro
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    Huh, booze. Or actually, alcohol with stuff. I don't know what's in this but it just remained boozey on my skin, which is a bummer, because I'd love to tell someone I was wearing Smut! Unfortunately, tis not to be, as Smut and me don't get along. Oro
  19. Orodemniades

    The Tell-Tale Heart

    Cocoa is very hit or miss on my skin, and this is definitely a miss. Both wet and dry this was cocoa with sweet woods, and eventually turned into baby powder. Not just powder, but baby powder, which I'd not come across with before in the BPAL. And, of course, the DBR was...not my friend. My skin just amps it to the nth degree. So! A miss. Oro
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    It's very rare for me to try and oil and immediately think 'yuck!' but this is one that my skin pretty much hates. I would have liked to have washed it off but I did my forum-ly duty and persevered! Having said all that, I can't put my finger on what I dislike about this, there's something menthol-y in the back of my throat. There's a floral I used to wear...like a plastic-y lilac with 'stuff' - oh, I don't like it. Dry, it's the same but as powder. Overall: not for me. Oro
  21. Orodemniades

    The Pit & The Pendulum

    Wet, this is woodsy sandalwood with a dry, powdery sweetness. Dry: pure light sandalwood and cedar with no incense whatsoever. Overall: It's okay, but nothing I feel the need to keep. Oro
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    Wet and dry: Booze. A fruity sweetness, possibly wine and pomegranate, and alas, pomegranate and I are not all that friendly... Overall: a definite no-no. Oro
  23. Orodemniades

    The Masque

    Hmm, this is dry, oriental sweetness, lemon and...sweet lemon, but not bitter or acidic, maybe lemon with honey? And stuff? Dry: omg! This is a light version of Delphi!! There's little wine in this, though, none of that grapeyness that can be a bit overwhelming in Delphi. Overall: My absolute favorite out of the entire Maelstrom set. eta: One of my favorite oils evah. Sultry, sexy, hot. Perfect for what we imagine the power of the odalisque to be, all rich silks and honey skin, doe eyed and dewy-lipped. Yeah, me likee. Oro
  24. Orodemniades

    Imp of the Perverse

    Well, it's straight-up alcohol on me. No roses, no cognac, just likker. Ah well... Oro
  25. Silk Road!! On me Snake Charmer is actually a bit spicier than Snake Oil, however that might be because it's less vanilla-y. Antique Lace isn't spicy and to my nose not musky, but it might be worth a sniff. Oro, feeling rather unhelpful