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  1. London is the rosiest rose scent I know.
  2. urraca

    Autumn Scents - recommend the ones you love

    I really like Samhain. To me it is pure autumn. It's got a lot of notes that usually don't work on me too. If you can get them, Chrysanthemum Moon and the new Scorpio are also very autumnal.
  3. urraca

    Scorpio 2007

    I'm one of those Scorpios who would have bought this if its sole note had been attar of Labbie belly button lint, but to be honest, when I read the actual notes it contains, I was quite nervous. Dark musk and dragon's blood are both iffy to say the least on me and the wormwood and basil made me nervous too. I like it much more than I would have thought, especially after it dries down. At first I get strong herbal notes backed by distinctive BPAL dark musk. "Oh dear," I think. But the musk backs down and the herbs mellow into an almost licouricey scent. It is very autumnal, with an almost Samhain feel, a dark spooky Samhain (as if Samhain weren't dark and spooky already). The herbs back down in the ry down, and the resins really show through. This is the phase I like the most. It is going to be a great scent to wear in the autumn, and when I'm feeling my most Scorpio-y.
  4. urraca

    Dia de los Muertos

    I just tried my bottle of 2006 and I have to say I can't tell any difference from it and 2004. Very different from 2005. I loved 2004, so I am a happy person now.
  5. urraca

    Snake Oil

    I got this imp about a year ago and I keep trying it every few months, hoping to get what everyone else gets out of it. Vanilla? Sugar? Spice? I say it is stinky patchouli, and I say to heck with it.
  6. urraca


    I have tried this half a dozen times or so since I received it and I'm having a hard time getting a handle on it. I do know that I'd like it. It goes on smelling a little like cocoa (the kashmir wood?) and then the three most distinctive notes are the violet, vanilla musk, and the mandarin. I love the way the mandarin is used here. It is very subtle, just enough to add some brightness to the scent. The violet is also lovely and I'd recommend this to all the violet lovers out there. It may be my favourite violet blend --- most leave me wishing they were single note violet scents, but not this. It does fade quite quickly though.
  7. urraca


    This scent would never appeal to me from reading its notes. Patchouli? Spices? Apple? Pumpkin? Ugh. But I tried a friend's 2004 and 2005 and knew I had to have it. On, I get a quick waft of butter and then a hit of pine and then something indescribable that lasts and lasts. It is sort of thick and tarry and mildly sweet. No apple, no pumpkin, in fact the only note I can detect is patchouli and I hate patchouli, don't I? But I love this.
  8. urraca

    Black Moon

    Oh, this is such a pretty floral blend. It reminds me very much of Dreamland too, one of my favourite scents, with orchid playing here the role that tuberose does there. The crisper notes of pear and cucumber are probably what help the orchid avoid being cloyingly sweet, but mostly this scent is so smooth and well blended that no one note bullies the others for attention and all you get is a luscious bouquet of flowers.
  9. urraca

    The Brides of Dracula

    First of I get honeyed lily and osmanthus. At this point it reminds me a little of Tiger Lily, and I am so happy this lily isn't going soapy on me. I also get the skin musk from Dreamland. As it dries down, the plum blossom and sandalwood comes through and it reminds me of Budding Moon and --- wait for it --- Underpants, which on me was very sandalwoody, although this scent is sweetened by honey rather than vanilla cream.
  10. urraca

    Drink Me

    On me it smells like cherry-tart, custard, pine-apple, roast turkey, toffee, and hot buttered toast. Okay, the roast turkey not so much. But all the rest, yeah.
  11. urraca

    Dove's Heart

    Jasmine and then SOAP. Takes "wash that man right out of my hair" a mite too literally, I think. Not a hint of rose or lavender.
  12. urraca

    Your Best-Bet "Must Try" Enabling Scents

    Okay, I'll bite: 1) Snake Oil. I don't like it. I've tried it aged; I still don't like it. I'm still aging my imp and trying it from time to time. But I think there will be a big part of BPAL you just won't get if you don't try this. 2) Snake Charmer. A variation on the snake oil theme, it is a great introduction to the way Beth can be so creative with a basic template by adding and changing a few notes. And it works on me, which is a lesson about not letting preconceptions blind you. 3) Gaueko. Nag champa and lavender, two notes I would never expect to go together but this scent shows both to perfection. 4) Monster bait: Underpants: I don't love this scent, but it is here because its scent evokes its name better than any other: creamy and, um, woody. 5) Queen Mab: A wonderful example of what Beth can do with orchid. 6) Evening Star. I'm not crazy about the "night air" fragrances, but they are such a special part of BPAL, I think you need to try one. 7) Rose Red. Your BPAL education is not complete without at least one rose scent. This ne is one of the few that does not work on me, but it is the most unusual rose scent I have ever smelled because it truly evokes the florist's fridge. 8) The Ghost. White flowers, you would think this would be a floral like everyone else's, but I've never smelled anything like it. 9) Chrysanthemum Moon. You need to try at least one spicy scent. None of them work on me, too grandma's cupboard-like, except this one, which balances the spice with tarter musk and opium. It is also a beautiful example of the red musk note Beth uses so well. 10) Obatala. This is a perfect example of Beth's use of milky notes. Does anyone else do this? I've never seen it before. 11) Tzadikim Nistarim. Because it is magic. Try it. 12) Jacob's Ladder. For the benzoin. This is an amazing scent. If I don't stop here, I'll be describing the whole catalogue. This is nothing like a "top ten" list for me though. Great thread idea, Oly!
  13. urraca


    This reminds me of a cross between Utrennyaya and Ace of Hearts. There is rose in here for sure, but there is so much more than just rose going on in this scent. The mint I smell reminds me of the white mint in Utrennyaya, and there are other herbal scents that I can't quite identify. I smell violet also, and the scent has the juicyness of Ace of Hearts. It feels more efficacious than mere perfume. I like it, though it fades quite quickly.
  14. urraca


    It is a classic aquatic scent, ozoney and maybe a little sweeter than usual. I like the white florals in it. But I think it is what is giving me a headache. Too bad.
  15. urraca

    The Great Sword of War

    Cocoa, tea, and mandarin to begin with. Tobacco leaf comes in later and so does the red musk. The five herbs of conflict must be what the drydown is --- this is my favourite part. The rest is a kind of incongruous blend of notes that are pleasant on their own but odd together.