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    Blends: Medea, Debauchery, Morocco, The Hanging Gardens, Port Royal, Zephyr, Cobra Lily, Embalming Fluid, Hanami 2008. Notes: Carnation, Civet, Clove, Cassia, Egyptian Musk, Sandalwood, Green Tea, Lemon, Rose, Orchid. Love anything spicy, musky and strong or fresh and clean. Most florals are also a favorite.

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    -Writing<br />-Old Films from the 30's and 40's<br />-Collecting fragrances<br />-Reading<br />-Shopping
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  1. WickedQueen918


    Well...I've had an imp of this for awhile now, and although I vaguely recall trying it after I first received it in the mail, it was somewhat forgettable, so I decided to try it again today and realized why it was so forgettable. The first thing that came to mind when I put this on was that it smelled exactly like Insect Repellent. Very green, herbal and summery. A rather generic smell which didn't change at all from its time in the vial to its time on my skin. Not a fan.
  2. WickedQueen918


    Got an imp of this a few months back and figured I'd try it out today for the first time. Let's see...my initial impression was that this was a very woodsy scent. Woodsy, with a hint of something fruity, which my untrained nose mistook for peach. After a few minutes, the mild fruitiness fades away leaving the woodsiness which now takes a back seat to the olives, which seem to have come out of nowhere. Almost as if they were hiding behind a bushel of giant green leaves. These are briny, Greek olives. Kind of bitter, but kind of salty. It's a very refined scent. Different, but I like it.
  3. WickedQueen918


    Bought a bottle of this without having smelled it beforehand and boy was I surprised! In the imp: Originally when I first received Medea, I thought it was very medicinal smelling in the imp. However...after almost a month of aging, it definitely smells more of incense and wine. On skin: BEAUTIFUL! But not at first...when I first bought it I didn't like it at all, but again, after aging for about a month (without using it at all) or so the scents come together in a gorgeous way not unlike the multiple components that make up a fine wine. This smells like spicy, tangy red wine enjoyed by the fireplace on a cold December night when the first snow is falling. Drydown: Even better! This has got to be the most magical scent BPAL has to offer...magical in that it transformed itself completely in about one month from something I didn't quite like to something I'm absolutely head over heels in love with! Conclusion: If you like sharp, wine scents and don't mind perhaps waiting a little for it to morph (depending on your body course), this si the scent for you. Brings a smile to my face...it's just a feel-good scent. But still sharp enough to be considered sexy and elegant. I adore it! And it has great throw!
  4. WickedQueen918


    Got an imp of this and didn't try it until yesterday. Wow is all I can say. In the imp: Smells spicy, sweet and...well thick...plus something that my nose is picking up as a tinge of carbonation (yeah go figure). On wet: Similar to the imp only sweeter and heavier. It smells amazing! Drydown: BEAUTIFUL! OMG, this is quite possibly my new signature scent. I adore this! It smells sweet, sexy, strong, kind of dark...it's just breathtaking. Definitely getting a 5 ml of this ASAP! Conclusion: I love it...I passed by my mother and she loved it (and she HATES perfume), my grandma loved it, my BF thought it burned his throat a little (but that's because I slathered it on and he's very sensitive to BPAL scents), but who cares! I love it and am definitely getting a bigger bottle.
  5. WickedQueen918


    Got a 5 ml bottle of this from a swap. In the vial: Something sharp and almost minty. Perhaps that's the bergamot? I'm unsure because that's not a note I ever remember wearing. The amber's pretty strong too. Wet: I'm going to second what others have said before me. This is a very warm scent. Wet on my skin it's like a warm orange dipped in sharp, yet sweet spices. Not bad...very thick and a scent that for some reason reminds me of the color orange. Drydown: Much softer. That herbal scent which I presume is the bergamot is dancing amidst the amber, musk and sandalwood notes. The rose note, which I hadn't noticed in the vial or when I frist applied this to my skin is finally peeking out a little. Conclusion: It's very warm as I mentioned before...and spicy, but leaning towards the sweet side. Some other scents which have come across as being 'spicy' to me remind me of a bold red...but this spiciness is different. It's hazy and sweetened...orange. Not because it smells particularly citrus-y, that's just the feeling I get from it. It's nice. Not one of my favorites, but still nice.
  6. WickedQueen918


    I got a 5 ml from a co-worker in a swap and OMG! I didn't think I'd like it since I gravitate towards heavier scents but I absolutely adore it! I'm finding I really enjoy clean scents like Zephyr which I honestly didn't think I would. In the vial: Floral...a bit citrus, but definitely airy. Pleasant and fresh. Wet: I'm getting the sandalwood, the musks and the hint of citrus. Still, very lovely. Drydown: Beautiful. The various notes have blended together into one very ethereal scent. Floral, tangy, clean. Simply lovely. Conclusion: After this bottle runs out, I'm definitely getting another!
  7. WickedQueen918


    I bought an imp of this because I love the spicy smell of cinnamon...unfortunately it doesn't feel the same way about me. In the vial: Cinnamon laced sweetness. Wet: Spicy...and...oh my, is that my skin burning? Drydown: Why yes, yes it *is* my skin burning. Conclusion: I had to actually wash this one off because it started burning my neck almost instantly. Perhpas it was an allergic reaction to so much cinnamon oil? In any case, Chimera and I were sadly never meant to be
  8. WickedQueen918

    Port Royal

    I got this in a swap with a co-worker and I'm sooo glad she didn't like it, because I love it! In the vial: I smell spices, with a hint of some sort of wood and just the barest trace of saltiness bringing it all together. Wet: Smells spicy...like cinnamon sticks and rum raisin ice cream, but without the uber sweetness one generally associates with it. I'm getting the rum, getting the spiciness...the aquatic note is a little evident now, as is what I believe to be the prostitute's perfume. I don't know what she was wearing, but damn it's good! Drydown: I love how this smells on me...the bf said it was spicy and that's really the only word that comes to mind...besides exotic. Conclusion: Definitely buying a 5 ml bottle of this...it's fantastic! I didn't like the wood note used in Ouija, but the one used in Port Royal smells divine!
  9. WickedQueen918


    This was a free imp in my last order and I have to admit, the only one of the BPAL fragrances I've tried which I sadly absolutely DISDAINED! In the vial: Reeked of a retirement home filled with dying old people (I know that's blunt, but that was the exact image which was evoked from my first sniff of Ouija). Wet on skin: Ok, I love rose scents and they ordinarily smell lovely on me as do most florals, so the reason I hate this must be the woody notes. Yep, I've just come to the realization that I hate wood scents! HATE THEM! The rose tries to save this fragrance, but on my skin it's no use. Drydown: Well, it's a bit better than it was in the vial but I still really dislike this scent. Conclusion: Since it was a frimp, I'm not too disappointed. I'd never really tried wood scents before because I didn't think they'd be flattering on me, and now I see I was quite right.
  10. WickedQueen918


    This was a free imp in my last order. In the vial: Molasses. Plain and simple. Wet on skin: Very thick and sweet in a rather smothering way. It smells like a thick, gooey molasses spread. Drydown: Sweetness is still present, but I'm getting that sharp oak wood smell. Smells like an old wooden trunk full of musty bottles of honey, molasses and other assorted sweet syrupy confections. Conclusion: Not for me. I'm not surprised though, sugary scents have never been my thing, nor have woodsy scents...but I wasn't really expecting to like this one anyway, so no big loss.
  11. WickedQueen918

    Cobra Lily

    This was a free imp in my last order and I actually enjoyed it more than a couple of the imps I actually paid for! In the vial: Smells very lush and floral. It's lily...but amplified somehow. Wet on skin: The lily is still center-stage, but there's a biting spice...something warm gradually emerging. Drydown: I really like this! There's a nice bite to the initial sweet floral scent. Conclusion: Definitely a pleasant surprise. I might actually buy a full-size bottle of this.
  12. WickedQueen918


    Bought an imp of this because I love spicy scents and cinnamon scents...this one however, didn't adore me. In the vial: Smells like cinnamon candy that has been lit on fire. Wet: Not much of a change, still smells like singed cinnamon. Drydown: Strange. I like the clove and cinnamon which I can clearly smell. Can't really sniff out the pepper. I'm not familiar with Dragon's Blood, but whatever it is, it's not really "me." It adds a thickness which is uncomfortable and reminiscent of a Glade plug-in. Though I imagine wrath is supposed to evoke feelings of unpleasantness. Conclusion: Not my style.
  13. WickedQueen918

    Black Cat

    Bought an imp of this because who can resist a product which promises to throw hexes at your enemies? In the vial: Minty...cat litter. (Sorry!) I have quite a few kitties and we've set up an area for them all downstairs in the basement where they can frolic and whatnot...and when the litter boxes have just been freshened, it smells just like this perfume. Wet on skin: Actually...not bad. I thought it would really smell awful, but on my skin it smells just like a clean blade of mint leaf softened by something sweet (but not too sweet) perhaps a floral note of some sort? Drydown: Much better than it smelled in the vial. Smells clean, minty, and herbal. Evokes a feeling of playfulness. The only comparison to this scent which comes to mind is the classic Herbal Essence shampoo before they added all those fruits and flowers...the kind that was green and had a picture of a wood nymph on the bottle. Conclusion: Not bad but too herbal for my liking. I feel like a walking plant. I'll probably save the imp and use it for days when I know I'm going to encounter people I'm not particularly fond of to see if the hex aspect works. EDIT: Wore this to work the other day and people thought it smelled like marijuana lol. It seemed to mellow down later in the day and it turned into a nice herbal. Also, the hexes thrown at your enemy? Totally real. Seriously.
  14. WickedQueen918


    Bought an imp of this because I'm mad about the historical Versailles. Wanted to see if this captured the essence of it for me. Concept-wise, it definitely smells like what it's described as...but scent-wise it's kind of mediocre on me. In the vial: Amber...potent amber with a hint of sweet orange. Wet: That amber sure is strong. Very thick...and very "gold." Almost like wrapping a luxurious gold wrap around your shoulders. That had been your grandmother's at some point. Drydown: The amber note is particularly strong, and I can still detect its presence. The rest just smells like a bouquet of random flowers which have swallowed the citrus note whole. Conclusion: It does remind one of the courtly Versailles and how it might have smelled...but it's far too matronly for my tastes...perhaps I'll let my grandmother try it out.
  15. WickedQueen918

    Looking for BPAL that resembles a Body Shop scent

    Does anyone know of a BPAL scent which smells like the Body Shop's Ananya? Someone said Bathsheba smelled similar, so I'm probably going to include an Imp of that in my next order. Also someone noted that Oberon was similar, but other reviews in the same thread said that Oberon was mannish and that's not the kind of scent I'm after. Chymara and Cinnamon Spice from the Body Shop are also faves...if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Sadly, my searches have been rather fruitless so far.