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  1. AcadianSidhe

    Recs for Longest Lasting Oils

    Being an oily Sicilian, I've always had trouble getting any fragrance to stay on my skin for more than two hours. Even perfume oil fades before too long- so much so that I use up my imps in a matter of weeks. Which oils have you noticed have the best staying power? I don't want anything too pungent, but I do want something that will last.
  2. I gotta agree. Cathouse was not at all appealing to my or my partner's nose. It's very traditionally "perfume-y" and quite heavy/strong. I prefer Dungeon. Damn! I was thinking strongly of that one simply because I liked the description, but if it's that perfume-y, it might be a little sickening for us. It sounds like Fire of Love might be a our best bet.
  3. Thank you, everyone, thus far! Personally, the scents that make me feel the sexiest are natural and earthy or spicy and exotic. I tend to associate my sexuality most freely with the idea of basic sexual spirituality or with pure playfulness. I like florals, but never anything too sweet- then it gets almost sickening. I'd rather something with bite or elegance or that make me feel exotic. So far, I've only picked up two imps for him (Calico Jack and Villain)- we both like Villain best, but it doesn't specifically inspire a sexual mood in either of us. I thought about Golden Priapus for him, but he certainly doesn't need any more stamina- he's already a Golden Priapus! (He has the palest skin and the softest cornsilk blonde hair to make any of us girls envious, but isn't the least bit effeminate outside of his love of beauty- so he's my golden god .) Part of me is avoiding Snake Oil simply because it IS so popular (and I'm petulantly rebellious), though I suppose trying an imp wouldn't hurt If it's popular, it's for a good reason. Of course, I'm still learning what notes I like best. Most of my experience with fragrance is either with pure fragrance (not blends) or with perfumes (I used to work the beauty counter at Victoria's Secret- so I learned most about how perfume works and blends there, oddly enough). Queen and Seduction definitely sound right up my alley. It sounds like I need to look for something that not only makes me feel sexy and exude sex, but something for him that draws me as well. I also think the Cathouse linen spray would be a nice try. Any thoughts?
  4. Though I always said I'd never be one of those women (that's what I get for being cocky), it seems like my sex drive has only gone downhill for a year or two now, and both I and my poor fiance suffer for it. I was wondering what fragrances are best for putting you in the mood and what suggestions anyone might have for me. So, what encites you to fiery passion?
  5. AcadianSidhe

    How to remove scents from your skin

    I actually have more trouble getting the scent to stay on my skin than getting it off! I've always had this problem, even with perfumes, but you would think the oils would last more than 2 hours!