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  1. mistri


    For me this is lots of rose in the bottle, then rose and dirt and moss when freshly applied. The rose quickly damps down and is overtaken by the earthy dirt. It's a nice kind of dirt. Unfortunately this faded even further on me. I would be tempted anyway, but I already have Penny Dreadful which gives me a sort of gingery dirt smell plus perfume, and I don't need two so closely related.
  2. mistri

    Mag Mell

    I got this as a frimp. It wasn't one I'd looked at before - the notes had never stuck out to me much. I liked this a lot - it's a nice, well-blended scent. But I don't think I fell for it enough to buy a bottle. When I first put it on, I smelt ginger, something lemony and the fresh grass coming through. As it dried, it became a lovely well-rounded amber scent. The ginger mostly faded away for me. In fact it was very soft generally. I liked it but I don't think it's quite strong enough for my skin chemistry.
  3. mistri


    This started off as a pleasant incense tinged with berries, but somehow turned to soap on drydown. Not too disappointed as it was a frimp but it's not for me.
  4. mistri

    Lilium Inter Spinas

    Floral, green, soapy. If there had been a lot of fig it could've been a winner, but alas, not on my skin.
  5. mistri

    Violet Ray

    Violet, mint, and on my skin there's a strange sweetness too - maybe the ylang ylang. Five minutes later and it turns into Playdoh. Ten minutes later and I'm turning into an old lady. I quite liked the sound of this one, but my skin clearly hates it. Bah!
  6. mistri

    Baobhan Sith

    Just got an imp of this and I like it! It's green, fresh, citrussy, with a hint of ginger. My only concern (for me), is that I get the impression it's going to be one of those light disappearing scents, or that it's 'nice' but that if I got a bottle I wouldn't return to it much. Hmm, this is one to keep as an imp for a while and see how I get on with it, I think.
  7. mistri

    The Apothecary

    In the imp I get all the notes in the description. On my arm it is initially very green/herby but the tea has disappeared. A few moments later, it is mostly tea leaf left behind, but although I love tea it somehow isn't working with my chemistry and just smells a bit dirty (and not in a good way! I like Penny Dreadful, for example).
  8. mistri

    Two, Five & Seven

    Green, fresh and fruity in imp form. All sparkly rose on my arm initially. It feels very 'young'. I like BPAL's rose note and I don't dislike this, but I just don't know if it's special enough to order. For now I think I'll keep the imp and see if I go back to it.
  9. mistri

    Le Lèthè

    Reminds me a little of Hell's Belle. Otherwise I'm mostly getting red musk and the orchid and it's nice, but on my skin nothing special. Sorry lovely perfume.
  10. mistri

    Snake Oil

    Snake Oil, it's nice to meet you again. I tried Snake Oil early on in my BPAL life and just wasn't that impressed and sold it on. I think it felt a bit 'nothingy' among the other very distinct perfumes I'd ordered. After a bit of an absence from BPAL this was one of the scents I was keen to go back to. I like Dorian and thought it'd be a good companion scent. And I was right! It's soft and sexy and vanilla with a hint of spice. Just lovely. I can't wait until this bottle has aged a bit.
  11. mistri

    Anne Bonny

    Anne Bonny is all frankincense and patchouli on my skin. I can't detect the sandalwood, though I guess it might be balancing things in the background. It's strong and sweet, deep and resiny. It makes me feel confident when I wear it, as if there's some pirate blood in my veins.
  12. mistri

    The Great Sword of War

    This is one of my favourite scents at the moment. I'm not usually a fan of citrussy perfumes, but in this the mandarin is grounded by the cocoa. It's deep and earthy on my skin rather than sharp and metallic (which is what citrus usually does to me). My only concern is having to tell people that I'm wearing 'The Great Sword of War' as a perfume!
  13. mistri

    Rose Cross

    This is a beautiful rose scent to my nose. It's a rose that will never lose its beauty - dried petals perhaps. There's something more solid and permanent behind it - the incense maybe? It's classic and pure but not too girly or overly green and fresh. After dithering for a year or so, I've finally decided to order a 5ml of it
  14. mistri

    My problem(s) with Heaven & Earth Essentials

    Fascinating post - thank you! It certainly made me think. I knew part of the story, but not that she'd sold so much BPAL here.
  15. mistri


    On me, this is a strong amber/vanilla scent - almost sickly sweet/foody. It lasted quite a while. It is nice, but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of vanillas I own, so this won't be a bottle purchase for now. But I will keep the frimp I got for random sniffages.