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  1. yummysushitoo

    Where is this scent?

    Okay. If this isn't the appropriate place for this, will someone please re-direct me? My question: has anyone heard of/smelled/tested a scent called "Verdandi"? I searched the website and the forums, and I can't find it anywhere! I got it in a mystery imp package from someone, and this scent was included. Does anyone have any idea about that one? Thanks so much! Alison
  2. yummysushitoo


    After an unfortunate mishap with a leather-scented car air-freshener, I was a little wary of something with the smell of leather. But this was light, and lovely. The rose was not overpowering. It was cool, and smelled like a rose from the garden, rather than a florist's shop. The leather added a sense of warmth and maturity to the rose smell. They blended together perfectly, which I appreciated. Neither one overpowered the other. A medium-weight scent, good for either day or evening.
  3. yummysushitoo


    Right away, I caught the rose and jasmine. I truly did give me the impression of a bright moonlit meadow on a warm night in spring. This is a very gentle scent, but it developed a bit of a kick after a while, which must have been the spices. It was not an overwhelming spice, but a light one that lent a bit of weight to the light, white scent. This made me feel relaxed and calm when I wore it before bed, which is always nice. Perfect for evening, because of the theme and the spice, and great for spring or summer wear.
  4. yummysushitoo


    When I opened the bottle, I was in heaven. It smelled like chocolate and mint, which are my favorite scents together. On, I couldn't so much smell the mint as feel it. It's a very tactile scent, if that makes any sense (which I'm sure doesn't!). The warmth of the rum tempered the coolness of the mint and the cocoa and vanilla made for a pleasant, comforting scent. Perfect for the holiday season, as it is reminiscent of holiday baked treats and drinks. Love this one!
  5. yummysushitoo

    Hell's Belle

    Lush, definitely sensual. I could really catch a fruity scent, sweet but not overpowering. I also caught flowers that were rich with personality. A little later, I detected a hint of something spicy. Not hot-spicy, but exotic-spicy. A very lovely, womanly scent. A little heavier, so I would say it's more appropriate for evening. A year-round scent, perfect for steamy summer nights, and keeping warm in the winter. Loved this one!
  6. yummysushitoo


    I catch a very slight hint of flowers, but I'm afraid the myrrh overpowers the honey and wine. This is very strong, and not very pleasant. A shame. Will be swapping this one.
  7. yummysushitoo


    I was really intrigued by this scent, as it seemed to evoke the image of a mysterious dark alleyway in Victorian London: making my way against a flow of people wearing swirling, flowing cloaks. On, it is exactly what the description says: the perfume of others. Lots of different perfumes, but mostly male scents. And a slight hint of smoke. It smelled familiar, and then it hit me: this smells like my dad. He wears cologne (what I'm not sure), and he smokes. Once I made that association, the smell became a little comforting. I don't think I'll wear this, but I might just keep it around to sniff when I'm missing my dad.
  8. yummysushitoo

    Pink Moon 2005

    Ohhh, this smells like heaven. I smell the strawberries, but they aren't the main focus. I smell the flowers: phlox, and tulips, and daffodils. Something is sweet, so that must be the sugar or honey. Something about this smells slightly cool, too, as though this moon shines over a chill spring evening. Yes. This is spring. This is a beautiful, feminine scent. Light, but not too light. Perfect, actually. I can't stop smelling my wrist and closing my eyes in delight.
  9. yummysushitoo


    I definitely smell the juniper and bayberry. I also smell the spicy wine and something a little woodsy, which I assume is the English elm. It seems very comforting, warm, and for some reason, reminds me of the Christmas/Yule holiday season. Personally, I do like this, but it's a bit of a heavier scent. Even though it's supposed to be gender-neutral, it seems more masculine. I wouldn't mind smelling this on a boy.
  10. yummysushitoo


    I put this on, and something didn't seem quite "right". It was as if the notes, at least on me, clashed terribly. It might have been the addition of the metallics and ozone, but it did not agree with me. I never caught the fruits, cherry blossoms, or orchid, as the metallic and ozone bulldozed over everything else. Darn. I thought this had sounded so fun.
  11. yummysushitoo


    This is gorgeous. Right away, I get the violet scent. Behind that is the shyest hint of lilac, and something bright and green, which might be the tuberose. Actually, this smells very familiar, like a favorite handcream I had once. It's very purple, and reminds me of the time of dusk when the deepest purples are in the sky. This might be a perfect sleeping scent, or something to spray on your pillow to inspire good dreams.
  12. yummysushitoo

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    Mmmmmmpeaches. And mmmmmmmmmpomegranate. Love this already. I also get a slight hint of the aquatics and a bit of the warm, dry-leaves smell of Autumn. This is a soft scent, but not light; it does have some weight to it. I also just barely get something green, too. Is that the myrtle or melilot? I've never smelled either. I don't smell any rose, however. Since this is a bit of a heavier scent, I would say this is better for evening. And perhaps late summer/early fall for the time period.
  13. yummysushitoo

    Wings of Azrael

    Put it on. Smells all right, not something I'd really go for, though. Might be the..... OW!!!! BURNING!!! And then I washed it off. I don't have any clue what could have caused the sensation of burnination, but I'm not going to test it again to find out. My skin is too sensitive.
  14. yummysushitoo


    Sweet, light scent of flowers and something ethereal and elusive. Very soft, sleepy, and soothing. I catch the hints of herbs, but the dusty woods elude me. It evokes soft, gossamer wings brushing across my face. Very lovely. I think it's more appropriate for Spring, and daytime, as it's a lighter scent. I will definitely order a larger bottle of this. And to think, I was reluctant to try it because of the spider theme. I thought it would smell like dust.
  15. yummysushitoo

    Sacred Whore of Babylon

    A decadent scent, most certainly. I catch a hint of what seems like... musk? and perahps some Arabian spices. It's very exotic. For some reason, I also get a slight hint of a fruit. Or a dried fruit. Maybe an apricot or date? When I smell this, I get a visual of the paintings from the 1700's that depicted very lush, rounded, sensual women. The Sacred Whore knows who she is, and what she wants. And she's not afraid to tell you about it, either. I really like this, actually. It's a bit heavier, which makes me think it's more appropriate for evening. Maybe a good "date night" scent.