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    zombi. alice. anne bonny. jolly roger. namaste. nemesis. oh, good grief, i can't name them all!

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    i'm a cancer/gemini, born right on the cusp, but i display more of the characteristics of a cancer...
  1. lavinia_short


    i'm wearing whippoorwill today, which i confess, i ordered simply because of nostalgia - when i was growing up, in the big old house that i still love so much, one of my very most favorite things was sitting in my mom and dad's big oak bed, looking out over the porch's tin roof, listening to the whippoorwill's call out to each other... but oh, this is so beautiful - i don't even have to feel guilty about the nostalgia bit... it is wonderfully green, without being bitter or biting, and even though it threatened to dry down to a powdery smell, it hasn't. and i can still smell it even after 7 hours now. i'm not really able to seperate out the different notes too well, but i definitely don't have much cardamom in mine, or at least, it's not popping out on me. oh, this is a terrible review in terms of specificity, but lawdy, this scent is beautiful. i'm already regretting only ordering one bottle...
  2. lavinia_short

    Two, Five & Seven

    dare i say, i am starting to love rose scents? this has to be one of the most lovely roses i've ever smelled - i think because that little hint of green in the background keeps it grounded. for me, it's not overwhelmingly rose, which i love - it's more like, wow, this is such a beautiful smell, without actually being able to finger rose as the culprit... *swoons* i far prefer this to rose red - it smells like warm summer, green and comforting and enveloping...
  3. lavinia_short

    The Ides of March 2005

    oh, man, i thought i was going to be so in love with this. alas, i am not. it is perfect when i sniff it from the bottle, but as soon as i put it on, it gets very very powdery - none of that crisp rosemary/bergamot scent i get when smelling straight from the bottle. and, it's faded to nothing in the space of a just a few hours. i'm going to try this again once my period is over, in hopes that this is just my hormones/body chemistry screwing with me.... but oh, i'm so sad! i thought finally i would find the perfect scent!
  4. lavinia_short


    i was certain i was going to hate this, that it would be cloying or too foodie for me, but because everyone raved about it, i decided to try an imp of it. oh.my.god. i love it. i hate the smell right out of the bottle, but once it's on and starts to dry down, it's amazing. i don't get a lot of pumpkin out of it though - i get mostly a very crisp peach, almost a peach cobbler smell, with a very little bit of buttery spices - but the overall scent is the most amazing peach i've ever smelled. and i love it.
  5. lavinia_short


    man, when i first put this on, i really kind of liked it, even though the smell was overwhelmingly violet. and as it wore down throughout the day, it remained okay. and then, all of a sudden, i'm sitting here and i catch this super strong whiff of just stink. stink! and it's me! gah! i hate it! i still have an hour before i can go home and waash this off and it's perfectly wretched. bah. i'm so disappointed...
  6. lavinia_short


    this smells very patchouli on me, though maybe what I'm smelling it the cedar, it just has that same sharpness to it - it's pungent in a good way, stronger than cedar shavings. It makes me feel rather confident and powerful…. Assertive, in a way… on the drydown, it still smells as cedary as it did wet. thankfully, it does not make me smell like a guinea pig cage!@ it's yum, but i probably won't order a big bottle of it. i do like it, however...
  7. lavinia_short


    oh, this was on my wishlist for such a very long time, and i finally swapped for it, and it's perfectly awful on me! it's hardly woodsy at all - i smell straight powdery florals... it reminds me a little of the white musk scent from the body shop, which also smelled funny on me... i will probably trade this away....
  8. lavinia_short


    this was really interesting on me... when i first put it on, it smelled like black pepper, for about 30 minutes or so. then it turned it to out and out strong patchouli. and now, after about 7 hours, it's all apricot, and really really lovely.... this is one that i'll definitely be ordering a large bottle of!
  9. lavinia_short

    The Caterpillar

    i agree completely with twistygirl - this smells precisely as i imagine the caterpillar's living space to be... it's mossy and green and earthy, but still kind of clean... so far, it's my favorite of everything... and it wears well, too... very often i don't like the lingering dry down of a perfume, but i really loved this one.... it just got sweet and lovely, like the woods at night...
  10. lavinia_short


    this was just not good on me at all.... i do so love the description on the site and i even love the way it smells in the vial, but once i putit on, it kind of started smelling like a public restroom - a weird acidity developed and the fruity smell just went odd on me... i am quite sure this is due to my personal chemistry- fruity smells often tend to go sour on me, and my personality is not so much of the fruity type, so... but oh, how i wanted to love this one!