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  1. Pandorra

    The Dormouse

    Oh my!! I LOVE this. It is my favorite scent so far of all that I have tried from my last order. Its fresh and herbal-y! This is definitely a crisp, clean, green scent. I smell light fresh clean flowers in the background, but this is not a floral perfume. The soft florals just soften the edge of crisp herb. There is a tang there also. Another thing I liked is the staying power on me. On me, this lasted quite a long time. I was getting whiffs of it as I walked to my car after work. I kept smelling my wrists. This scent gave me energy and lifted my spirits. Its like a kiss of sunshine and a pretty afternoon.
  2. Pandorra


    SHATTERED Initial: Minty when I sniff the bottle. Like a stick of gum. Minty and sour is the immediate scent when first applied to my skin. Grapefruit immediately takes over the minty sharpness. During: Oh boy. Sour, sharp, fresh, biting, clean, floral, chilly, clear, glinting in the sunlight. This is a plethora. Like a mind whirling. Liked Mixed emotions. Like multiple personalities. I like this. A lot. I like the way it fills many contrasting greedy needs. Grapefruit is dominant when on my skin. I like that bitter, sour, fresh smell. The mint is spiked throughout. I can feel a soft silky floral peek through every now and then. Or maybe its always there, so quiet, in the background. Just observing. Final: The mint and grapefruit quiet down a bit and the reserved floral background can finally step forward a bit. It now has a quiet feel to me. Melancholy frosty florals with a bit of sting in the background. This doesn’t last as long as I would like it to. But it doesn’t fade as fast as some either.
  3. Pandorra


    OPHELIA Initial: Very sweet floral. During: Rose is coming out. Definitely rose with other sweet flowers dancing around it. This is a pale pink, almost white scent to me. Very young. Like an innocent girl not yet polluted by people or the world. There are flowers stuck in her hair and birds and small little animals come to her for the food she offers as she sits in the cool shade by some sort of water. A fountain. No a stream. Final: Very soft, pale, innocent, pretty. I feel like a little bluebird will land on my shoulder if I wear this. It makes me feel soft and young and want to smile sweetly at people. But it’s not really me. I have never been into dainty rose scents. I would prefer the rose of Othello that has a little more mystery to me. But I certainly would be willing to finish up my Imp’s Ear.
  4. Pandorra


    OLD VENICE Initial: Mmmm. Pretty. Complicated.. I can’t pick anything in particular out. Floral? Clean? Sexy? Berries? Duration: It changes. Sometimes I catch, floral, sometimes fruit, sometimes spice. Its busy with a lot going on. Like the hustle and bustle of an old city, and a beautiful, brunette woman making her way through the dust and noise and commotion, yet the flowers in her hair never wilt and the glow of her skin never fades. Final: It’s a busy scent. Not relaxing, but vibrant. It might be too much for me when I need to relax or rest, or focus. But its wonderful for a busy, lush day at a fair, at a gathering of good friends. This is taking life full on in all its glory. You will exude a strong fresh sexiness that will be hard to resist. Feminine, but a bold feminine that's not afraid to laugh out loud and finish the bottle of wine!
  5. Pandorra

    Order Shipped Emails???

    I never got a shipped email from USPS, but my package got here a few days ago.
  6. Pandorra

    Dana O'Shee

    Dana O'Shee ... Offerings of milk, honey and sweet grains were made to placate these creatures, and it is that the basis of the scent created in their name. Initial: ALMONDS!!! That lovely maraschino cherry smell that almonds oil initially has. During: I still get that almonds scent which I love. I’m not usually into foody scents, but I have always loved that initial “cherry” smell of the almond oil. But it fades so fast. This is holding on and now it has a dribble of honey within it. Mmmmm…. inal: It’s fading a bit fast, but this is one sweet foody scent I LIKE. I was SURE I would NOT like this one. It still has that tinge of almond and honey but now I can feel more food behind it. Grains? Or maybe milk. Either way, its one heck of a comforting scent. It makes me want to snuggle in a blanket on a cold night. Yet its also comforting and homey for a lazy afternoon on a sunny day. It’s an all around safe and snuggly, happy scent. This would be perfect in a lotion (Oh yes) which would hopefully give it some staying power. Dana is just pure childhood comfort for me. Mmmm.. Wish it stayed on my skin longer..*sniffle*
  7. Pandorra


    Yes, that makes sense!!! I agree. Initial: Floral and something musky underneath. During: Rose. Roses dipped in sensuality. I feel very antique in this. These are roses from long ago. Not a fresh rose from this moment on a sunny day in your garden. A rose that I am looking at through time from far away and from long ago and leaving trails of old memories. Final: A perfumed rose. A rose that has spritzed itself with something heady and sensual to dress itself up for a regal event. Pretty. Not a flouncy innocent breezy rose, but strong and sexy and graceful and grown up. As pretty as this is, it is just not me. But it’s definitely a beautiful scent if it fits your persona. It is pretty enough that I may use up my Imp’s Ear. It may be perfect for a sexy night wearing silk and eating chocolate and champagne with someone special. I didn’t get the hippy shop feel at all either and I usually hate anything that smells “hippy shop” or incensey.
  8. Pandorra

    New team helper

    Glad to hear you got some much needed sleep.
  9. Pandorra


    LIGHTNING Initial: Oohh, strong! Clean. Sharp. I like.. During: Citrussy, watery. I can feel a marine or ocean tone, but not a bright sunny beach day, but not night time either. Maybe just a dark, sunless and windy afternoon. you can almost feel teh pressure for the storm hits. There is a sharp tang to this one. It snaps at you. I think a man can wear this. It’s not masculine but definitely not feminine. Gender neutral. Final: Interesting. It has dried down to a sweeter scent. Like a watery fresh floral. Almost like being at the shore after a rainstorm and the sun is breaking through the clouds and the bright blue sky can be seen ithough the rips and holes of the breaking clouds. Everything glistens from the sun glistening off of everything that is wet, but its still windy and another storm may be on its way. Yes, it now smells like it would AFTER the lightning has struck. I will definitely use up this Imp’s Ear.
  10. Pandorra


    Wet, this was pure chocolate. I love chocolate, but I am not into "foody" scents. It almost made me queasy. I figured Im gonna swap it right away. After a whie it seemed to sink in and I could detect something lurking underneath the chocolate, but i can't quite pinpoint what. It was almost smelling like SKIN to me. ??? It has now seemed to permeate my skin and just felt natural to me. Odd. I then recalled that I have had two boyfriends in teh past say that my natural skin smelled like cocoa to them. I think that is why I am getting a "skin" scent and feel comfortable with it. Maybe I DO smell like cocoa and this just intensifies it. lol. I am going to keep this and experiement with it by layering it with other oils and maybe mixing it into a lotion.
  11. Pandorra

    Since I seem to need to reiterate it...

    How about a compromise. Maybe the freebies that are sent out could skip the ties. I mean they are freebies after, why go through the time and effort to fancy them up. I appreciate a freebie no matter how its dressed! That should save some time and $$ I love the look of the strings and the tags, but I admit I have trimmed a few back for storage purposes. But I agree with all the sentiments here that the oils inside the vial are what count.
  12. Desdemona and Eve are very pretty and cheerful scents.
  13. Pandorra

    CCNow or PayPal

    Wait, what? Put my order in the comments section of PPAL?? What email does she use for the pay pal payment. I will use PPAL next time then so she gets more money. I guess if I get the shipping payment wrong she can just email me and I will sent more money out.
  14. Pandorra


    LIGEIA Initial: eew. What is that sour smell underneath? Like mothballs. During: The sourness is receding leaving a stiff regal floral. Distant, and hard to get close to. The bite underneath it all keeps you from wanting or able to get too close. A beautiful woman having tea in a garden in the shadow of a stone manor. Alone. There are beautiful flowers around her as well as bitter herbs growing. Final: The sophisticated floral has softened leaving a scent of very sweet jasmine mingled with other florals and barely a hint of the sour tang lapping at the jasmine now and then. I may use my Imp, but I don’t think I would buy it again.
  15. Pandorra

    Queen Mab

    QUEEN MAB Initial: Fruity??? During: A fruitiness but it seems to turn powdery and musty and dark within minutes. Okay, reapply. Berries? I don’t do well with berries. Dusty sweet. Powdery sweet dark floral. Definitely not me. A little old ladyish and stale. Something heavy and musty in there. Final: Ah, okay, I have read the description. sandalwood. I don’t do to well with that. I really don’t know what any of those other scents smell so I would not be able to pick them out. But it IS a complex scent. It is a little musky and dusty for me. And maybe its not mixing with my chemistry. I smell a lot of sandalwood. This ones not for me. This is a swap. I agree with the other descriptions of dark, mysterious, heady floral.