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  1. provocateur


    In bottle: Sage, with a small hint of orris On skin, wet: Lemon balm! On skin, dry: Sage lemon balm! Conclusion: Ick. Rating: 0/5
  2. provocateur


    In bottle: Apple! On skin, wet: A very herby apple. I'm almost tempted to make a pie. On skin, dry: A rich dark amber apple. Conclusion: Necessity, indeed. Rating: 4/5
  3. provocateur


    In bottle: Herby! Very herby On skin, wet: Lemon? Pine cleaner, with a hint of dark herbal ... something. On skin, dry: Piney, resinous .. gum. Mastic gum. It must be the sprucewood. Conclusion: I feel like I've been camping. Which usually means I should wash this off. Rating: 0/5
  4. provocateur

    Dragon's Claw

    In bottle: Sandalwood! On skin, wet: Sandalwood. It seems to be just the same one for now. On skin, dry: A very soft and luscious sandalwood, with the slightest touch of resin. Conclusion: Oh, so pretty Rating: 4/5
  5. provocateur

    A'arab Zaraq

    In bottle: Very smoky and slight hinting of dragon's blood? On skin, wet: Cedar? There's definitely a woody note in here. Very smoky. On skin, dry: A very rich and warm smoky wood. I'd like to guess sandalwood. Conclusion: It would figure, given the meaning, that I would be so enamored with this. Rating: 4/5
  6. provocateur

    Lotus Moon 2006

    In bottle: Lotus. On skin, wet: Fresh, sweet opium and lotus. On skin, dry: Pine opium lotus ... powder. Conclusion: Damn you rose otto! I was loving this until you came along and made powder out of the whole thing! Rating: 2/5
  7. provocateur

    Hymn to Proserpine

    In bottle: A very light, vibrant fruit On skin, wet: Bubblegum and fruit On skin, dry: A very light fruity amber. Conclusion: Yarg. Rating: 0/5
  8. provocateur


    In bottle: A very light amber On skin, wet: Beautiful amber and musk, which then morphs into a musky rose. On skin, dry: The dreaded rose powder, with amber. Conclusion: This would be so amazing without the rose. Rating: 2/5
  9. provocateur

    Juke Joint

    In bottle: Sharp and cleansery. On skin, wet: Bourbon, which eventually turns into a minty cleaner. On skin, dry: Soft, sugary mint. Rating: 0/5
  10. provocateur


    In bottle: Cedar On skin, wet: Cedar! On skin, dry: A very rich and warm golden.. cedar. Conclusion: Cedar! I like cedar, primarily as furniture, however, I didn't mind too much smelling like that. I was hoping for more of the morph that other people seemed to have gotten. Rating: 3/5
  11. provocateur

    Sed Non Satiata

    In bottle: Swarthy and musky. On skin, wet: The musk stays sweet as the honey gets amped up with the cognac, but primarily remains honey. On skin, dry: The most lascivious patchouli myrrh musk you find. Conclusion: So very, very hot. Rating: 5/5
  12. provocateur


    In bottle: Woah, herby. Very herby On skin, wet: Very vague and indistinct. I had a hard time picking any notes out outside of "green" or "wet". On skin, dry: A very sharp herbal blend. Conclusion: Wow did this hurt my sinuses after a while. Rating: 0/5
  13. provocateur


    A light, invigorating floral and citrus blend. Tuberose, lotus and jasmine with a hint of lime. In bottle: Berry soap. On skin, wet: A floral berry powder. What is making with the berries? On skin, dry: Lime! Very bright and vibrant, and thank you jasmine for the powder. Conclusion: I have no idea what caused them, or where they came from, but I'm not down with berry powder. Rating: 1/5
  14. provocateur


    In bottle: Lemon Zest. It's the very sweet side of sandalwood. On skin, wet: Lemon pledge. Very cleansery. On skin, dry: Very wood, as if the sandalwood decided to change it's mind and become not as light, unless that's what the patchouli is doing to it. Conclusion: Interesting. The shapeshifting part is definitely seen here. Rating: 2/5
  15. provocateur


    In bottle: Champagne and something else. On skin, wet: Light florals and musk, that get swirled around tobacco. On skin, dry: A weird alcoholic floral powder. Conclusion: I feel like I've been at the bar hidden in the fairy circle. Eek. Rating: 0/5