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    Favorite Scents: O, Burial, Blood Kiss, Dia de los Muertos, Chaste Moon, Wolf Moon, Vixen, Urd, Dorian

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    I love to cook and was trained at Le Cordon Bleu. I also love to eat. ;) I am a moderator of a body modification forum and have a large-ish collection of tattoos and piercings. <br />I have one cat that I adore; her name is Cookie and she is the sweetest thing ever.<br />I am very into crafts and DIY home stuff (painting and woodwork). I paint and draw a lot.<br />I will soon be debuting a company that I have started with my best friend in New York. We make soy based products (candles, lotions, soaps, incense, etc.).
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    Aries to the last detail. Also Year of the Ram in Chinese horoscope.
  1. DameBecca

    Sugar Cookie

    Mmmm, in the bottle it smells like a cooled off sugar cookie with raw sugar sprinkled on top. The cool, raw sugar smell, very sweet and creamy. It makes me feel like a kid pciking out a cookie from the mall cookie stand. Wet on the skin: Some spicy and buttery notes come out. It smells more similar to a snickerdoodle now, kind of mixed with the smell of a Christmas Craft store. Drydown: Now it smells just like my cinnamon broom!
  2. DameBecca


    Very minty in bottle, stayed minty on my skin. I never got the juniper or much of the lotus. It ended up smelling like a minty crayon.
  3. DameBecca


    In the bottle this smelled soooo good. It smelled just like a Red Hot. I adore cinnamon scents so this was very exciting. Sadly, about 30 seconds after putting it on, all the spots where I had applied it became seriously inflamed. Puffy, red, and BURNED. I had to wash it off immediately, several times and I still itched for a few hours. Anyone with a sensitivity to cinnamon oil needs to be very careful with this one.
  4. DameBecca

    Dana O'Shee

    In bottle: Almond and honey, very creamy and sweet but the almond isn't overly sweet. Wet on skin: almond and something that smells like a urinal cake. Urinal cake smell is fades into a sweet, wheaty scent. Very very light, can barely smell it. Drydown: Less than 15 minutes and it's almost totally gone. There's just a faint sweet smell left.
  5. DameBecca

    Blood Kiss

    I adore this scent. It is sooooo deep and dark and yummy in an evil way. It smells like a mix of two of my favorite scents, O and Lampades. When I put it on, the incensey notes come out very strong for a while. Once it dries a bit, it gets creamier and the incense notes take on a warm sweetness that tones down thier edge. This is a long lasting scent with plenty of throw.
  6. DameBecca


    I got the same anisey-green notes in the bottle. I wasn't too sure how much I would like it on as I was getting a hint of something a little soapy in the background. Once I put this on, it turned to pure soap. Gross, icky soap. After an hour, it just smelled like I had showered with that old, yellow Dial soap. Blech!
  7. DameBecca

    Queen of Clubs

    I looooooove this scent. Wet in the bottle it is this great fruity lollipop dipped in Graveyard Dirt scent. Ok, that sounds really gross, but really, it works. On my skin, the dirt comes out really strong. It's exactly like Graveyard dirt; fresh clean soil that makes me think of a bright spring morning, planting the garden while there's still dew ont he ground......but there's a patch of berries nearby with a slight sweetness wafting over. On drydown, the dirt note warms up a little and the sweetness mellows out to lend an overall pretty feel to the scent. It's gets just sliiiiiiightly floral, but you have to kinda "look" for that side of it. Sadly, like Graveyard Dirt, my skin eats this one. I have to reapply at least every two hours to keep this one going.
  8. DameBecca

    House of Mirrors

    This scent stayed surprisingly true from bottle to drydown. For me, this smells just like a very nice, but very strong expensive men's cologne. Like Belladonnastrap said, great for a guy, but just waaaaay too much for me. It was only slightly aquatic and I didn't get any citrus. I was surprised because the bottle tht I smelled at Black Broom seemed to have a nice citrus edge to it. Towards the very end, I got a little bit of a woody base to it, but it was very faint. This one lasts a loooong time and you don't need much of it. I highly recommend this one as a men's scent for a posh evening out.
  9. DameBecca

    Freak Show

    Freak Show is verrrrry foody and chocolatey in the bottle, very similar to 13. Wet on the skin it gets a little plastic-ey, but still very milk chocolatey. I think there is some honey musk coming out, but I don't really know what honey musk smells like, so that's just a guess. There is an undertone of tonka bean. I am not getting any of the fig, lemon or bergamot at all. This one fades so fast. It doesn't even make it to the phase where I normally make notes on the "drydown". It's really light and sweet throughout. I like it a lot, but it just doesn't last on me.
  10. DameBecca

    Honey Moon

    I was really worried about this Moon, but I ordered it anyway. I have to admit that I was devastated when I saw that it had jasmine in it. I had been hyped up for Honey Moon for a long time as Beth's honey blends are always a favorite of mine. But, jasmine is my #1 enemy is any of the BPAL blends. I hate the smell and it hates me right back. My skin is a traitor and supresses all other notes in favor of amplifying any jasmine in a blend. So, you can see where my worry came from. My friend got her bottle before me and told me that hers reeked of jasmine and that it was quite overpowering. I was soooo sad and dreaded opening mine when I got home. I finally did later that night and I hesitantly sniffed from far away. So far, so good, no intense jasmine yet...... A closer sniff....ok, well there is jasmine in there for sure but the honey and another bitter note were holding thier own as well. I decided to be brave and put it on. At first, the jasmine tried really hard to bloom on me. The bitter note went away completely and the honey was fighting hard with the jasmine. The longer it sat on my skin, the more the honey kicked the jasmine's butt!!! The honey rounded out the jasmine so well that I actually enjoyed it. It became sweeter and sweeter and I could start to smell the different honeys in it. Eventually, all that was left was a pure honey smell. In fact, it smells exaclty like the Honey SN does on me. There is a faint spike of something a little acrid on the back end, but it's a nice round honey scent all over. I really like it!!!!
  11. DameBecca

    Miskatonic University

    WWWWOOOOWWWWW........can I DRINK this, please???? I swear, I want to roll in this scent. It is incredible!!!!! In the bottle it smells like flavored coffee. It is deep and dark and creamy and warm. It makes me feel very warm. There isn't a strong coffee note to it, but you can tell it's in the background. Wet on the skin, it smells just like my favorite drink, Oatmeal Cookie, minus the booze edge to it. So sweet and creamy and rich. The coffee dissapears but it's still got a very warm feel to it. As it starts to dry, it smells just like a scented candle I make called Vanilla Coffee (imagine that!). The coffee comes back, just a little and some of the sweetnes starts to become more complex and even creamier. Finally, it loses the coffee again and is all sweetness and creaminess. Very Bailey's minus the alcohol sharpness. There is a slight hint of pure, high quality vanilla as well. Overall, this is amazing. It's an orgasm in my nose. I would pour this into coffee if someone told me that it tasted as good as it smells. INCREDIBLE!!!!
  12. DameBecca


    In the bottle this is very floraly and bright. Wet on my skin it's very very floral. I don't like florals so this worried me. Drydown: It's now lost a lot of the overt floral scent and sweetened up a little bit. I has gone extremely powdery. Verdict: This ends up smelling just like Jean Nate powder on me. Very heavy powder scent with a littel musk and a little floral in the background.
  13. DameBecca


    I just tested this off of my friend's imp so it won't be very involved, lol. In the bottle, it is very very sweet, but light and green as well. It is very candy-ish with definite berry notes and a little tiny touch of something menthol in the far background. It adds a little nip right at the end. On my skin, it smells just like SweetTarts candies!!! I love it. It makes me feel like a kid. The sweetness really amplifies and the menthol note is totally gone. This one doesn't last very long. It's been an hour and I can barely smell it anymore. A shame because I really like it.
  14. DameBecca


    After reading the reviews here, I have to wonder if my imp was mis-labelled. In the bottle, it was all jasmine with maaaaybe a little rose in the background; once it got on my skin it was horrible. I cannot wear any type of jasmine, it smells absolutely vile on me. This was definitely a night-blooming jasmine as it is the worst by far. There was a very sweet note behind it though...posssibly the pomengranate? If your skin doesn't like jasmine (and provided my imp wasn't mis-labelled), this is not going to work for you.
  15. DameBecca

    Seven African Powers

    The scent reviews have covered everything that I get from this oil. Mine stays very heady, incensy and strong on patchouli. I want to review the experience I have had with it moreso than the actual scent. I picked up my bottle at Black Broom and set it aside. I feel that these blends have thier time and place and I prefer to not use them as a novelty scent for everyday use. One week, a lot of bad things happened and my job, which is already a steady 60 hours got heaped on by a co-worker leaving with no notice. That meant that I had to do her job, which was easily a 65 hour week, on top of mine while still being a good personal assistant to the owner of my company. One night, I broke down in tears and basically fell apart from the stress. The next morning, I woke up, pulled myself together and was determined to make it through the day. It was going to be particulalry rough due to even more co-workers being out on vacation, leaving me with thier work. As I was getting dressed, I decided that this was the day to use SAP. I collected myself, grabbed the bottle and while concentrating on all of the power that I hold within me, I placed oil on my wrists, neck and temples. That day at work could not have gone any smoother. I was deluged with outrageous tasks and I took everything in stride. I was organized, efficient and I really showed my boss what I was made of. I know that a lot of this was all in my mind, but having that extra push from the oil made all of the difference.