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    Aizen-Myoo, March Hare, Sacred Whore of Babylon, Eden, Milk Moon, Hexennacht, Samhain, Trick or Treat, Sugar Skull. Basically, if you can eat it, I like to smell it: vanilla, spices, sugar, some fruits... also, some resins and some light musks.

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    Reading & writing sci-fi and fantasy; media fandom (fanfic and fan vids); gardening; cooking (and eating!); spirituality of various flavors.
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  1. Loligo

    Flor De Muerto

    Oh, boo. I've grown cempoalxochitl in my garden before, and they are glorious. Even though florals usually don't work on me, I had to try a decant of this to see if it captured that incredible scent. There's definitely a fresh/spicy marigold-like tang to this scent in the beginning, but it quickly turns to dryer sheets and soap on me.
  2. Loligo

    Mabon 2010

    MABON 2010 The Autumnal Equinox. The Second Harvest of the witches: a celebration of rest after labor, and repose after the rigors of Initiation. This is the mark of the completion of the Harvest and giving thanks for the previous season's abundance. In ceremonial magick, this is a time to begin the search for one's Higher Self anew, to celebrate rebirth and new life, and to revitalize the spirit. It is an Osirian time, contractive and catabolic. At this time, the Eleusinian mysteries were observed, celebrating the drama of Kore and Demeter. Blackberry wine and apple with hops, English ivy, rosemary, hazel, sage, chamomile, sweetgrass, oak bark, wild nuts, and myrrh. I've never been first to review a scent before -- hope I do this right! I am thoroughly in love with this. LOVE. When wet, there's a burst of fruity-winy juiciness that almost tips over into Kool-aid territory, but luckily that tames down pretty quickly. It becomes the dry, aromatic blackberry scent that I love in Glasgow. Blackberry is somehow... spacious. It has a lot of throw on me, that's part of it, but also, it just feels somehow vast and airy in my nose. Anyway, I'm a blackberry fan. The nuts provide a richness in the background, and the herbs are so well-blended that I can't pick any of them out individually. (Maybe some other time when it's not allergy season?) The overall effect is fruits and nuts and incense-y sun-warmed hay, and it is gorgeous.
  3. Loligo


    It's like The Unicorn crossed with Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Which is not a bad way to smell, but not something I'm going to reach for very often.
  4. Loligo

    Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dream

    I'm so glad this works on me! I would have hated to trade away that fantastic title, and the little pink crawdads on the label art. It started out as cooked blueberries (yeah, I'd go with canned pie filling), along with a bitter note almost like grapefruit, and I was very scared at first, but pretty soon it mellowed into currant ginger tea, with a hint of vanilla musk smoothness. Lovely! I've only had it on for around two hours, so I don't know how long it lasts yet.
  5. Loligo


    The initial fruit notes are strong and sweet, but then I get something dusty and bitter that grows and grows, until the overall effect is melon and grapefruit plus sawdust and dry rot.
  6. Loligo

    Eisheth Zenunim

    Oh, this came *so* close. For the first hour or two it was a beautiful, light, fresh, sweet scent -- so well-blended that I couldn't pick out the notes. It's very rare for a light scent not to go all harsh and fake on me, so I was so, SO happy to have finally found one... until later in drydown, when the peach went sour and rotten. So sad! Oddly, I never picked up more than a tiny wisp of either patchouli or cocoa.
  7. Loligo


    For the first half hour this is pure pencil shavings (cedar does that on me), but it eventually settles down into the warmest, darkest vanilla you can imagine, like if you could make a mink coat out of vanilla.
  8. Loligo


    For the first two hours, this scent is WHOA ORRIS. It's like a drier, dustier version of Numb. Finally. several hours after application, I am starting to pick up some amber and vanilla, but the dusty floral powder is still there, too.
  9. Loligo

    L'Heure Verte

    I love Absinthe, I love all kinds of sugar notes, I'm okay with opium... but all I get after the first few minutes is stinky rose water with a hint of plastic-y smoke. ::weeps::
  10. Loligo

    Mead Moon

    It smells like Pez. Yes, Pez candy. Why, WHY?? How can something with rosemary in it smell like Pez? I'm going to keep this for a while and see if it smells different once my allergies have died down.
  11. Loligo

    Love's Philosophy

    Bizarre -- I don't pick up any wintergreen/mint at ALL. I would never have expected to see that crop up in so many reviews! This is a very straightforward scent on me: vanilla, cream, and the ever-so-slightly sour and musky spiciness of saffron. If I pulled those ingredients out of my cupboard and fridge, I'd get exactly this.
  12. Loligo

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom. Outstanding and absolutely unique. The way the sweet cream plays off the dry, spicy wood is unexpected and wonderful. I pick up very little amber and lotus here -- they just add sweetnees and smoothness.
  13. Loligo

    Winter Maiden Bath Oil

    I am in love with this! It's the most evocative Christmas smell ever -- spicy and fruity with lighter rose and evergreen notes. It makes me think of a Victorian Christmas, somehow. I haven't actually tried it in the bath yet, just rubbed it all over myself in the shower, but it's lovely and moisturizing that way.
  14. Loligo

    Lady Macbeth Claw Polish

    Gloss Deep brown-red: the color of dried blood. I can't believe I'm the first to review something! Wow! (Have I missed this topic somewhere?) Lady Macbeth surprises me by being quite a bit cooler in tone than either the description or the color swatch. Instead of a rusty brick-red, it's more a burgundy or maroon when it's on my fingers. It's also quite changeable depending on the light -- sunlight brings out the red (including minuscule flecks of red shimmer), while fluorescent brings out the purplish-brown aspects. It's quite nice, although I was hoping for something rustier. The glossiness is smooth and gorgeous.
  15. Loligo

    Death and Life Completed

    The opening is just generic "perfume", but after about half an hour it becomes something amazing that keeps my nose glued to my wrist. If I had to describe it (which I guess I do now ), I'd call it a cool, floral vanilla; looking at the note list, I think it's probably a magical combination of the amber, carnation, lemon balm and peony.