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  1. Janie

    Holiday Moon

    Gorgeous. Why have I waited 3 months before even opening the bottle?? Oh, that's right - because I moved house and my life was in chaos. How could I forget? Lovely. Green, fresh, great throw. Immediately upon application it's all green tea. It changes to a more astringent, almost citrusy green scent within an hour. Then stays that way. Seriously lovely.
  2. Janie

    Black Opal

    I don't think many people here have been down an opal mine. I have. I lived for many years in the outback, 2 hours fast driving from Lightning Ridge, home of the black opal in Australia. This is the smell of where black opals come from. The mines are small and dark, with damp, cool air. The walls give off a smell that is not earthy, instead you can smell the rocks. You go down narrow tunnels and then suddenly they open into a ballroom where the miners have obviously had a good strike. Above, on the surface, everything bakes in 110 degree heat. I love opals and I love this oil. It takes me back to the mines, mullock heaps and mad miners of the Coocooran opal fields
  3. Janie


    The initial stage of this is very dusty and dry. It conjures up visions of an old attic with motes of dust falling through shafts of filtered sunlight. On wearing the rose note becomes stronger, with the dusty note as an undertone. I still haven't found the hazel. Not a lot of throw, reasonable lasting power.
  4. Janie


    Had someone told me this had oudh (agar) wood in it I would have agreed. I guess the sharp resinous wood I smell is cypress. This is a gorgeous astringent woody blend. Everything takes a back seat to the wood, but I like that. Good sillage, good lasting power. Nice, very nice.
  5. Janie

    House of Mirrors

    I ordered this when the first set of reviews came out - when it was all very confusing and some Snake Charmer went out disguised as HoM. Light, aquatic, ozone scents are not my favourites. That said, this is nicer than some. I think the amber adds a lovely touch. On me it is short-lived. It opens with a fanfare of citrus and clear notes and doesn't last much longer than initial drydown. Nice, but not my cuppa.
  6. Janie

    Freak Show

    this is lovely. The opening blast of chocolate and lemon falls away to a dark golden fruity goodness. Another CN winner.
  7. Janie


    In the vial, a spicy, buttery scent which stays true on skin with the exception of a later developing - is it peach? - note. It has excellent sillage and good staying power. The buttery note is too overwhelming for me, but I can see why it has its die-hard fans.
  8. Janie

    Snake Charmer

    A delicious oil - decadent and voluptuous. It has excellent sillage and lasting power.
  9. Janie

    Love in the Asylum

    Simply lovely. I'm not a rose-lover, but this is a superb spicy rose with a smooth vanilla undertone. Very unusual and interesting. If I could wish for anything it would be that it lasted longer. I have only applied lightly, so will be interested to see if applying more oil changes the amount of throw and lasting power.
  10. Janie


    Like many others I get the grape bubblegum note on opening, followed by cloves on drydown. The mimosa never comes out to play on me. Soft throw, lasts moderately.
  11. Janie

    Honey Moon

    I love Honey Moon. I generally find jasmine goes over the top on me, but in this scent it belnds beautifully with honey (and the other florals). The longer it dries down, the more the honey comes through. And I love honey. I very much enjoy wearing this to bed - I love falling asleep to the smell of honey and waking up to it as well. Lovely without being cloying.
  12. Janie


    This is yummy. I can't add anything that hasn't already been written! It's a rich, spicy ginger delight - deep and powerful. Great throw, good lasting power. Glad I got this one - it was a last minute SiA order.
  13. Janie

    Santo Domingo

    On initial application I get a hint of almost mint-like green-ness. It settles down to a heady floral with deeper undertones. Not a lot of tobacco, but enough comes through to safe this from overwhelming floralcy for me. Not much rum either. Very sniffable. edited to add - the longer I wore this the more utterly lovely it became. It is deep and entrancing and absolutely bewitching.
  14. Janie


    A sweet floral (lots of neroli and mimosa come out to play). The clove is muted. It lasts well enough and is pleasant to wear. It doesn't scream "look at me I AM FLORAL".
  15. Janie


    This was a frimp - thanks labbies. This opens with a trumpet fanfare of orris/iris. It has that lovely catch-in-the-back-of-my-throat dry powdery iris note I just adore. It dries down to a spicy, quasi floral but still has an underlying woody feel to it. Nothing is overwhelming, but everything feels voluptuous and elegant. Good sillage, reasonable lasting power. A lovely oil, well worth trying.