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  1. WindStar

    La Petite Mort

    I absolutely love this scent...I got it for the name, but I can't believe how much I love it...when I mix it with anything, it gives it the scent of just finished sex, I tend to mix it with Whipporwill and Chiroptera, although tonight it is over WolfMoon, and oh my god...I need more of it....! There was a faint babypowder scent the first time I used it, but it blended into this amazing rrrrrrwwwwrrrr kind of scent. My partner jumps me automatically when I wear it.
  2. WindStar


    In the Imp: lemon? what lemon? on application: oooh..there's the lemon...yikes! After about 30 minutes though, it has mellowed and I really like it. It makes me think of the choir loft at the church I used to attend...all that incense has stuck around up there and made it smell just like this...
  3. WindStar


    My first review!! In the Imp: I thought this was supposed to be ozoney? I smell melon and flowers, it is a lovely scent, maybe for a room spray, depending on how it does on my skin. Wet: Well, I still smell melon, but there is something else there, kind of tangy...yes...I think that is the ozone I am smelling...an interesting mix. Drydown: mmm...my partner loves it on me, wants me to get more, This could be a success. And so, I took the imp, mixed it with everclear in a 9:1 ratio in a purse atomizer, and can't be without it now. Of course...now that the Oblation Scents are no more! Off to figure out how to make a wishlist! I need more of this.