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  1. secretstars


    OH MY GOD. i don't know how i'm ever going to justify buying more big bottles but ONE DAY I HAVE TO GET ONE OF THIS. this was frimped by the lab and wowwwww. the second i put it on, it was delicious sweetened coconut milk and almond and warm. it doesn't smell fake or anything! i applied it less on one wrist, and as it dries down on that one, a bit of greenness peeks out, which keeps it from smelling like i just walked out of a bakery. the heavier application wrist is having a wonky morph phase at the moment but is getting to the green bit. ...which it just did! yay!! i've never had such an immediate YES! reaction to a scent before. even my two absolute favourite scents, Hay Moon and St John's Eve i had a sort of 'oh god squirmy face this could go REALLY WRONG OH GOD WASH IT OFF oh no nevermind BEST SCENT EVER!' initial shock when i tried them on. this is just great from the beginning! a bit unfortunate that it doesn't remind me of Eden at all but hardly consequential at this point.
  2. secretstars


    i have the 2007 version. i have been desperate to age this thing since i got it in 2008 (yes, age it even more than it came to me!). i tried to wear it numerous times when i first got it and i kept getting nauseous from this weird pine needle, burnt sugar, and babypowder scent i was getting. my mom kept telling me she thought i smelled awesome, like halloween candy and apples, and i can't imagine how. all i smelled was pine and babypowder. so i tried it on again today, about a year after i got it. today, it is happier, but it is not true love yet. in the bottle it is like pine needles and pancake syrup and something else i can't pick out. i put it on and i smell like honey and powder, which now that i've been into bpal longer, i think the powdery resin smell is patchouli. but! at least i don't get sick wearing it! my boyfriend confirms i smell mostly like honey. he doesn't smell this powder thing i'm talking about. it's gonna sit here for another year and see where it takes us, LOL.
  3. secretstars

    Sweet dried grasses scents

    Hay Moon smells just like... hay. but it's difficult to find, so I will recommend this: THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER. it's GC under Marchen, and has a strong hay smell to it. it has straw listed, and i actually bought this scent as an alternative to Hay Moon, since that's LE... so i know i'm not the only person who thinks so, lol!
  4. guh, i JUST found the tea scent post, so i guess my post should be merged with that even though it's not about earl grey? i'm confused. i'm sorry for making a repeat post, in any case! i would delete it but i don't seem able to.
  5. secretstars

    Fearful Pleasure

    this just smells like pure mulled apple spice to me! which is exactly what i wanted. thank you, bpal!!
  6. secretstars

    Ichabod Crane

    it seems i'm just about the only BPALer that LOVES this scent and is so happy to wear it on a regular basis! it smells to me like lily of the valley, mostly, one of my FAVOURITE scents (#2 in line with pumpkin spice), and then a bit like very sweet tea, and then like powder. NOT baby powder, or that powdery smell that happens with old lady perfumes and with scents like Ouija for me -- more like powder in a makeup compact. i think it's fantastic and smells great for all fall and wintertime occassions!
  7. secretstars


    D: this smelled so much like touristy Salem 'witch shops' and the 1$ incense they sell. i tried to keep it on as long as possible to see if the scent changes, but it doesn't. i was really hoping for saffron and thick syrupy spice or something. alas. :'(
  8. secretstars


    i had to buy this imp because my name is Lorelei. :-P i was so afraid of the ylang ylang and sandalwood. i had no idea what neroli smells like (still not sure, honestly). but i had to!! and i love this scent. i wouldn't be able to tell you what this smells like, except sort of like black tea. and. wow. it is floral and feminine, but in a 20-something way, not in an old lady scent way and not frilly, either. unfortunately it wears off after 30 minutes. i will try this more often with some unscented lotion underneath and see if that helps. i REALLY wanna get this as a 5ml one day, but the short wear time holds me back.
  9. secretstars

    Baron Samedi

    got this sample for my friend, who loves the story of Baron Samedi, and rum. :-P this is a perfect scent, IMO. it would never work on me so i'm glad she has it. in the bottle, it is pure liquor. wet on the skin, still total liquor, with a teensy bit of spicey something. like, um, clove/allspice. and then! the almond sets in. last to come at about 2 hrs later is the cherry. because of the alcohol scent, it has the danger of smelling like chloroseptic cherry, but almost all of the time, it is a true cherry. but, yes. perfect blend of bay rum, (all?)spice, almond (like amaretto almond, not ALMOND), and cherry. mmmmmm. all day i was like GURL LET ME SNIFF YOU AGAIN. :-P
  10. secretstars


    got this sample for my man. he is obsessed with the song 'Jack the Ripper' by Morrissey, so naturally, i HAD to get it for him. :-P it smells exactly the same on both of us. in the bottle, it smells like LIMES LIMES LIMES to the point that we were frightened to put it on, saying, 'you know. i'm just not sure i wanna smell like limes.' but we did put it on. and while wet, it smells like lilac. lilac is one of my favourite scents. but when it dries it is still lilac but it is indeed 'corrupted' by something, namely a musk, lmfao. but in a very, very good way! you smell the citrus the whole time. sometimes, the lilac/lime scents are equal in power, which is very interesting, but mostly it's LILAC and then lime. and a teensy bit of musk. this is totally an awesome scent and i don't honestly think most women would be inducing anyone to be like, OMG DOES THAT WOMAN SMELL LIKE A MAN?! if they wore it. but perhaps that is just my body chemistry! i think it's very sexy on my man though, but then again, i like feminine-ish things on boys. like lilac.
  11. secretstars


    i got this as a free imp in my first ever order. in the bottle this smelled cologne-y so i gave it to my boyfriend. he wore it a couple of times, it smells nice, a teensy bit soapy on him. i was at his house one night and found it so i tried it on. it smells like hot and sticky green things and a flower i can't make out. like being in a green house in the summer. but there's something else that makes it very sexy, like an earth scent, that makes me want to jump MY OWN BONES. :-P my boyfriend has seemed unimpressed by this, though. i honestly don't think he notices that i'm wearing perfume most of the time, lmao, so YMMV. but yeah. sex in a bottle, for me.
  12. secretstars

    Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    i got this as a free sample in my order. thanks, beth! this did to me the same thing as Ouija did. the only notes i seem to find in common is rosewood, so maybe i should be staying away from that. but as soon as i put this on, SOAP. SO MUCH SOAP. and then when it went dry, i began to smell like a french brothel (my friend's words, but i agree with her, at least how one stereotypes such a scent, lol), which i suspect is the white musk. and soap. oh my. D: yeah... i don't think i could ever wear this. [edit 05/08/09] take two of this scent proves to be a much more pleasant experience!! i like it a lot, now. it smells like lemon peel, jasmine, and musk... but not too heavy. it was a bit powdery at first and much sharper, but then the powder went away and the sharpness went away after that... although it was nice when it was sharp, even!! yay!!
  13. secretstars

    Phantom Queen

    wow i love Phantom Queen! i'm reviewing right now during my spare time, which means at my boyfriend's house, where my imps and bottles are NOT. so i don't exactly remember what it smelled like it in the bottle. but while wet, Phantom Queen smells like wet green and red clover. dry, it smells like red clover. totally red clover. maybe a little bit of green and/or apples. on a couple of days it's gone a bit sugary but that's alright. but red clover is what i bought this sample for so i am very happy. totally ordering this as a 5ml in my next order!!
  14. secretstars


    in the bottle: ??? i couldn't even figure it out. it smelled like perfume. generic perfume. on my skin, wet: the first time i tried this on, i was with my friend. i had bought a pack of six samples, one for my friend. so we tried on all the imps we got. and apparently the look of confusion and disgust on my face was indescribable, lol, and i couldn't get it off me more quickly. second try, wet: i still couldn't figure out what it smelled like. it was like generic perfume, and finally after 15 minutes i turned to my friend and asked her to sniff me and tell me what i smell like. and at the same time, we both said, 'oh, green apples.' dry: i still smell like green apples. it has no layers, just green apple. some days, after about an hour and a half, i smell the hay, which was what i bought this scent for... a hay scent. of course i made my order AFTER Hay Moon, so i'm hunting for that in swaps and on ebay. it's not my OMG FAVE, but i like it enough to get a 5 ml. my boyfriend really likes it on me too. he can't tell what the scent is or anything, but he says it 'smells very welcoming.'
  15. secretstars


    i have been wearing this almost everyday since i got it! it wasn't what i expected it to be. i really wanted a Pumpkin Spice scent, you know -- cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, and pie. my skin WICKED amps the peach. like wow. at first when i put it on it smells like buttery stuff, and the whole room smells like that for hours. but throughout the day, it generally smells like if one made a peach pie with pumpkin spice (i don't know how peach pies are made normally)... some days i smell more clove than others, but yeah. spiced peach. i love it lots, even if it wasn't what i was expecting. and everyone loves it on me! unfortunately, it doesn't last longer than maybe three/four hours on my skin. i've found that putting on some lotion on my wrists before i put the oil on helps. i'm not sure about the throw, everyone is so used to me wearing this now that they don't make comments. and it would be a bit weird at the office, i think, for most people anyway, to make comments on how people smell, so no-one's said anything yet about being able to smell it from the next state. so, yeah. :-P uh, all in all, love this scent!!