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    Lick It Like You Mean It

    immediately after application, it is very cool and minty -- but within ten minutes the sugar underneath it warms up blends with the initial blast of peppermint. I absolutely adore this one. very sweet -- sugary-warm and minty-cool at the same time.
  2. thegirlisonfire


    :[ the description sounded so nice, but on me it smells like .. unhealthy urine.
  3. thegirlisonfire


    warm, melty chocolate. mmm this one is definitely a winner. :] a big bottle is in the future.
  4. thegirlisonfire

    White Rabbit

    this is one of the first imps I've ever tried and it's great! it's milky-honeyed tea ... with pepper for sass. :] I was a little intimidated by its scent in the bottle, but once it was on my skin, the honey/milk scent warmed it up nicely.
  5. thegirlisonfire


    I got Rosalind as a frimp with my last order and I'm loving it :] In the imp, I'm smelling the greenness/herbal-freshness much stronger than the other notes as soon as it is on, the greenness takes the backstage, and I can smell what was underneath -- berries and florals that are somehow watery. anyway, it is BEAUTIFUL on me, which I didn't really expect. scents with greeny components often turn strange on me. loved this one
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    in the imp, I got a simple vanilla-tea scent as soon as it was on, the vanilla and tea stayed true but something .. naughtier warmed up underneath. kind of an herbal-y-lemon type sexual naughtiness underneath a proper victorian tea party scent. I ordered a large bottle immediately -- this and philosophy's Amazing Grace are the only perfumes my boyfriend has request that I wear more often :]