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  1. vegasblueblood


    Have a bottle of this and I'm a little undecided. It has every single note that I love--vanilla, cherries, Egyptian musk and yet somehow it falls a little flat. It's nice but maybe it's the fact that it has no throw and gets VERY faint VERY fast that is undoing it for me. The musk does indeed overpower a bit as some others have mentioned so if you love Egyptian musk, you'd almost certainly adore this but I was hoping for a little more cherry and vanilla. It is not foody but it's very sweet and almost sugary, and I love the foodie and sugary blends so that's nice but something about this, which I can't fully put my finger on, is just not quite 100% working for me.
  2. vegasblueblood

    Black Lace

    Resurrected Version: I have both the original Black Lace and this new version and I'm how many others are noticing a pretty major difference between the two. It could be that my original bottle is aged but this new Black Lace is REALLY different than my original, imo. The original is deeper, darker and sweeter with more vanilla and slight masculinity whereas this new version seems to have a more prominent cotton note with some kind of fruit. I sniffed both of them 'side by side' and my original version doesn't have that odd little fruit note. Black Lace is a classic nevertheless!
  3. vegasblueblood


    Yum. This is a gentle soft creamy sugary vanilla. It's quite different, imo, in the bottle than what it is on my skin. I was worried that it would quickly fade away (like a ghost! LOL) but it's now a gentle sweet vanilla with hint of creamy sugar and the cotton note keeps it from becoming cloying or overwhelming. Boo is a keeper!
  4. vegasblueblood

    Trick or Treat

    2009 Version: Whoa. I opened the bottle and got walloped with sweetness. I didn't really get the sweet buttery scent of candy corn I was expecting. In the bottle, I actually got a scent that I don't even know how to describe. I decided to give it a try, of course, and on the dry down I started to get the buttery creaminess that I associate with candy corn but this is more like a jolt of caramel sugar. It also has a note in it that I think is similar to Butter Rum Cookie 2008. I'm going to give this some time to age a bit and another chance. I'm a major foody lover but even this one might be too sweet for my blood!
  5. vegasblueblood

    Bite Me

    When I first opened this, I thought I had gotten the wrong bottle in the order. It was pure cherry. Now, I love BPAL cherry note. It's deep, dark and red. But when I ordered Bite Me, I expected the scent that it's in the item description. I thought I'd gotten Suck It! I gave this a try though and still got none of the listed notes. I started to faintly detect the almond but it's such an unusual almond and after maybe 30 minutes after the drydown, I finally detected the pastry scent. It's definitely an interesting blend but it's not what I was expecting at all. It's really strong but it's not for me. It is like a floral as opposed to a foody until well after the dry down when it becomes sweet. It's a morpher!
  6. vegasblueblood

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2006)

    Something about this one reminds me a grape-y Snake Oil. This is a purple plummy spicy exotic blend that has so much going on that it's hard to know where to begin to describe it! My bottle is nicely aged and I've found that the patchouli has come more to the forefront as time has gone by. I don't get a whole lot of vanilla other than a soft underlying sweetness. This is heady and smoky yet very feminine. The red musk is probably what gives it that heady feeling. I like it but I think I liked it more when it wasn't aged. I'm not the biggest patchouli fan.
  7. vegasblueblood

    Blood Kiss

    When I first got this imp, it was all sweet cherry. Now as it's aged, it's incredibly spicy with the clove storming in and taking over as soon as I apply it. I'm hoping the clove relaxes and allows some of that cherry I initially loved so much in this blend to come through. There is a masculinity to this that I am assuming is the vetiver--a note that normally makes me run screaming but it seems to work in this blend, giving it a subtle darkness. Not too much vanilla coming through but I'm sure after a few hours, there it will be. There is sexy and dark, intriguing and not mellow in the least--a vampire kiss indeed.
  8. vegasblueblood


    This ages beautifully. It goes from being very almondy to being spicy, sugary, deep, delicious buttery rum mingled with something cake-y and yummy with the almond in the background. I am foodie lover and this was not that high on my list of my favorite foodie blends until it aged. Now I think it's so gorgeous.
  9. vegasblueblood

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    Oh, how I love this. I really should have bought more than one bottle when it came out. This is gorgeous sweet cherry, fluffy powdered sugar and some kind of delicious buttery note that makes it smell like kind of dessert straight out of heaven. I am a huge fan of BPAL's cherry note and when it surrounded by other favored notes of mine like cream and sugar, how could I ever not love this? Absolutely fabulous.
  10. vegasblueblood

    Grand Guignol

    Rich syrupy apricot brandy. Almost TOO much, too sweet, too thick and cloying but just before it becomes all those things, it stops itself and it delicious, deep and yummy. It is supposed to represent grand guignol after all! I would not expect this to be a shy and demure blend! This is more sweet and fruity rather than alcoholic. It definitely has a boozy note but it's not as boozy as, say, Bordello and it is a rather dark blend, definitely not a full of golden lightness as some fruity sugary blends are.
  11. vegasblueblood

    Anne Bonny

    Deep, woody and spicy. Lots of patchouli, almost cedar-like. I don't get a lot of the red sandalwood, mostly just the patchouli and the dry resiny-ness of the frankincense. This is not feminine in the slightest yet not overly masculine either. It has a tough quality with a subtle underlying softness at the core--something perhaps appropriate for a female pirate.
  12. vegasblueblood


    Starts off as a fruity floral and ends up all powdery amber, almost baby powderish and slightly bubble gummy as I find amber to be. Normally, I am not a fan of amber but the other notes in this do not allow the amber to entirely take over. It's definitely bright and it is indulgent and luxurious as I would imagine Florence several hundred years ago to be. I do not find it to be dark at all, rather it comes across as very golden, warm with the teeniest hint of spice in the background.
  13. vegasblueblood


    Violet. Lots and lots of violet. My imp is very aged but I've always gotten a lot of violet from this blend. There is a deep spiciness to it that I am assuming is from the clove and incense but I actually don't smell those two notes directly at all. It is also very sweet and really strong. It comes in with a bang, that's for sure. It's a really interesting blend.
  14. vegasblueblood

    La Belle au Bois Dormant

    Very crystalline and light. It's a floral with watery pear. Very delicate, feminine, gentle and soft, the way I would imagine Sleeping Beauty to be. The rose comes out in the beginning but quickly blends away into the scent and remains more in the background while the pear and plumeria take over. Definitely not a noticeable scent. It has little throw and I have to sniff my wrist in order to catch a whiff of it--but this could be a good thing. Not all scents needs to scream and announce themselves boldly.
  15. vegasblueblood

    Antique Lace

    Very warm and sweet vanilla. It is reminiscent of a Tahitian vanilla yet it is vaguely dusty and reminds me of something soft and warm that just came out of the dryer. A little of this seems to just last and last. I applied only a few tiny dabs on each wrist hours ago and it's going strong as if it is still wet and fresh. There is a hint of the cotton-y vanilla that is present in Black Lace, almost like an innocent little sister of that blend. Very creamy and sweet to the point of being almost overwhelming but it is not at all cloying.