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    My interests range from hello kitty, anime and pink things, through to computers, gaming and geekery; all the way to music, drawing and sewing.<br />Throw in a dash of procrastination, nap times, sarcasm and reading and you have yourself a odd soup of the day.
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  1. Pinnku

    March Hare

    Ah one of the best scents in my 12 imp order! So very pleased with this little one! In the imp: Spicey Apricot, a warm strong smell. Wet on skin: Like pouring hot water into a fruit infusion tea and taking that first deep breath of the steam as you stir. the clatter of bone china cups and sitting outside. Dry on skin: The wet smell evolves to include burnt matches/wood, like smelling a bonfire from far off. Fruit tea and fire and summer and all the good things from my childhood. I will be seriously considering a full bottle of this.
  2. Pinnku


    I love reading how peoples body chemistry changes this scent, its very interesting. I bought this on a whim as I love the name and description. So for me anathema was: In the imp: like strong old perfume, with that little honey tone wafting around at the back. Wet on skin: I was transported to church as a child growing up. Old mahogany pews, strong perfume and shuttered cloisters during service. Dry on skin: This just amplified, lost the old perfume scent and broke out into full on church inscense. Its like going up for holy communion and breathing in the smoke of burning blessed candles as the priest makes his rounds. Alter linen and wine and everything to do with it. I have to say that I really love this one, it strikes all the right cords in my head and lives up to its name