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  1. God I was so melodramatic.

  2. Ok I'ma pack for real this time.


  4. I got a dog. I don't even like dogs, but she looked so pathetic at the shelter I volunteer in. She had been tied up and abused for 6 years. I can relate to that.

  5. This may sound like gibberish to you, but I think I'm in a tragedy.

  6. I hate you sobriety, nothing about you makes sense. You make me suicidal, angry, sad, and neurotic. They say you'll save me. Hah.

  7. Keeping it secret keeping it safe!

  8. My heart just broke. fml.

  9. Chp10 of Dorian Gray, day two without WoW. :I

  10. I just found a copy of Dorian Gray! No WoW today.

  11. You know what's funny? Kissing my cats face and she immediately starts cleaning it. Well fuck you too! >:I

  12. I have like 50 imps to review :I

  13. Haven't drank in two weeks! :D

  14. Fill my glass cut me a line, I get numb when I waste my time

  15. Someone give me an asprin the size of a hockey puck please.

  16. Going to San Francisco in two weeks!! Let the countdown begin :I

  17. Ugh lost like 6 decants while I was away >:|

  18. I guess at the end of the day I really am a bad person.

  19. Just got my first of two packages today :D

  20. Excited! After three years I get to buy imps again!