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    Dorian! I <3 Dorian. I also like Perversion, Jack, Prague, Leo, Chaste Moon, Sugar Skull, Gingerbread Poppet, Egg Nog, Machu Picchu, Samhain, Red Moon..

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    american gods, and one, androgyny, apathy, asleep by dawn, astronomy, audra, badtz maru, ball pythons, bauhaus, beth orton, black cashmere, black tape, blue confabulation, books, boots, brief lives, butterflower, calla lillies, candles, cats, celtic music, chemlab, cleopatra records, cloud art, corsetry, dante, darkness, darkwave, de/vision, deathrock, delerium, democratic politics, depeche mode, digital gunfire, dilbert, diva destruction, djing, dot allison, dream of the endless, dresden dolls, electronica, emily strange, emotional sadomasochism, enigma, evanescence, executive slacks, eyeliner, fading colours, fate, fire, fishnets, frank lloyd wright, funker vogt, fuzzy leopard print, g/i clubs, gary numan, gaz, gloomcookie, gossamer, goth clubs, goth music, heather nova, honesty, human drama, hungry lucy, icon of coil, intense emotion, janeane garofalo, jill thompson, john kerry, johnette napolitano, johnny indovina, karma, kittens, kmfdm, lambic, lenore, lightning, lilies, loreena mckennitt, love spirals downwards, mao, mc escher, metropolis records, ministry, mst3k, neil gaiman, nick cave, nicolas cage, office supplies, old cemetaries, orchids, personal evolution, peter murphy, portishead, post punk, projekt records, purple, rain, rasputina, road trips, robert smith, rock star parking, rosetta stone, seabound, siouxsie sioux, sisters of mercy, snow, stars, switchblade symphony, synchronicity, the cure, the endless, the endparty, the faint, the mission, the razor skyline, the sandman, the seven sisters, the shroud, the swans, the unknowne, the wake, thou shalt not, thoushaltnot, thrift stores, tiger lillies, tori amos, tornadoes, travel, vast, vinyl, violent thunderstorms, voltaire, white nights, winter sunrises, wombats, writhe and shine
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  1. anmorata


    My experience with Snowblind was almost identical to Penance's - very strong when applied wet, almost akin to a "whoa, Vicks VapoRub" menthol smell. It faded within a few minutes to a delightful creamy mint. I'm in adoration.
  2. anmorata


    Sn Rose Oh yes, this is pure rose. This smells just like the wild roses that used to grow outside my father's house. I loved them.
  3. anmorata


    SN Grape: This smells like.. a combination of artificial grape (generally derived from pears) and real purple grapes. It reminds me of scratch n sniff stickers in elementary school.
  4. anmorata


    SN Hyssop: Hyssop starts off very light on me, and wafts in something that smells like a cross between some sort of green herb and a banana. I can't quite explain it.
  5. anmorata


    SN Pikaki: Definite tropical floral. It's very, very nice.
  6. anmorata


    SN Heliotrope: Wet: Strong alcohol. Drydown: very soft, sort of a powdery floral. Almost vanilla but not quite.
  7. anmorata

    Apple Blossom

    SN Apple Blossom: This scent reminds me of Prague or Phantom Queen.. it's that crisp apple smell that I get in both, and I love it so, so much.
  8. anmorata

    Mabon 2004

    Mabon: Wet: Apple! Not a ripe, crisp apple but more like apple wine. Drydown: Still a very apple wine scent, with an undercurrent of.. sage? Longterm wear: This is a lovely autumn scent. I'd love it as a candle, but I doubt I'd wear it as a personal scent.
  9. anmorata


    Tears: Wet: aquatic.. moderately salty, but not quite an ocean smell. Drydown: .. soapy. yech. Longterm wear: Tears turns decidedly chemical and very soapy on me. Not for me.
  10. anmorata


    Obeah: Wet: Spicy. Just.. spicy. Drydown: I have to agree with the other posters.. orange, clove and patchouli. Longterm wear: This one's really nice. I'd probably buy it if it were to be released, and I'd wear it often.
  11. anmorata

    Kweku Anansi

    Kweku Anansi: Wet: smoke, ashes, resin? Very dark, moderately earthy. Drydown: Aha - it's vetiver. Just barely there, but it's there. Longterm wear: this is a very masculine scent, and it's far too earthy and heavy for this foody-scent-lovin' girl.
  12. anmorata

    June Gloom 2004

    June Gloom: Wet: Lemony goodness. Surprisingly, this one didn't turn to Lemon Pledge on me. Drydown: lemony,-spicy, yummyness. Longterm wear: June Gloom stayed with me for most of the day. It faded into a nice lemony softness, much unlike the Lemon Pledge experiences I've had with lemon scents. This scent is a great one. I don't know that I'd wear it often, but I love it.
  13. anmorata


    Shattered: Wet: mm, grapefruity goodness. Drydown: fades almost instantly into a slightly fruity/powdery concoction. Longterm wear: Oddly, despite the fact that Shattered went to powder, it's a fruity powder that I really like. It's a lot more gentle than I initially imagined.
  14. anmorata

    Mi-Go Brain Canister

    Mi-Go Brain Canister: Wet: What the spicy hell? Drydown: This smells like something on a dusty shelf. After about 10 minutes, a sweet fruity yet slightly acidic smell wafts up.. grapefruit, perhaps? Either way, it's much better than right out of the bottle. Longterm wear: All I get is just.. dust. Not for me.
  15. anmorata

    Antique Lace

    Antique Lace: Wet: soft. That's the first word that comes to mind. Soft. Mildly vanilla. Drydown: This really does smell like linen.. soft linen from my grandmother's chest of drawers. Longterm wear: The name really says it all: this really does smell like antique lace, without the mustyness and dustyness one might find. This is antique lace that's been handled with care. It's absolutely lovely. I'm sorry to hear that it won't be coming back.