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    I lied on my birthday, but I'll give you a hint - I'm year of the Dragon... :-)
  1. Kijeren

    Blood Amber

    Am I the only one for whom everything goes musky? This was a freebie with my first purchase and I fell in love with it the instant I smelled it. Wet in the bottle and on me, it's thick and rich and red-chinese-dragon As it dries, it gets dark and musky and sensual - makes me think of opium dens at sunset. Not as much staying power as I could wish for, but it's so very very *ME* that I don't mind re-applying. I've worn this nearly daily since I got it months ago. I'll need another 5ml at this rate! *note to self: find out how to make soap and lotion and shampoo out of this! edited to fix spelling
  2. Kijeren

    Chaos Theory

    Two months late is better than never, no? I've never actually tried to review anything before - I'm really bad at distinguishing smells - but here goes: Chaos Theory LXVII In the bottle, it smells dark and rich. It brings memories of hottubbing at night in the rain, with a glass of red wine and a clove cigarette. On me, IT BURNS! OH how it burns!! But it smells so gooooood!!! It loses the some of the rain, and smells more like a wet spring night, maybe jasmine? As it dries, it gets darker and... earthier? like in the woods at night after a rainstorm. LATER: Still it burns, but it just keeps smelling better. It got darker, and maybe a little... resin-ey? It vaguely reminds me of Blood. *SIGH* I really wish I knew how I could wear this without it hurting. Gave the bottle to a friend, on whom it smelled sweet and just a touch floral, like a sunny spring morning.