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    notes: lavender, jasmine, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, tangerine, rose, almond, ambergris, violet BPAL blends: Belle Epoque, Cathode, Graveyard Dirt, Haunted Palace, Hecate, Nanshe, Pride, Sophia, Three Five and Seven


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  1. It's been more than a decade since I've shopped or swapped BPAL and I'm just overwhelmed by the offerings. I want to treat myself for my birthday but don't know what to splurge on. What's the new, not-to-be-missed or the doesn't-get-nearly-the-attention-it-should scents? I love woods, real florals, aquatics, citrus, incense/smoke, leather. I don't like foodie scents but I do enjoy vanilla and citrus. Peter Quint is my all-time-favorite BPAL if there's a smellalike for it! I plan to peruse the reviews and other recommendation threads, but happy for any kneejerk recs! audra
  2. thesibylqueen

    Peter Quint

    Omgomgomg -- I am In.Love. I want to make out with myself, it smells so good! My scent-oriented co-worker thought there had to be pepper or fig -- there's a kind of oozy sexiness to this that belies the 'simple' four notes. I don't get leather, not really, just a warm, slightly herbacious/outdoors-y ambergris that makes me want to scream. Actually, it makes this lesbian wish there was a guy around so I could slather it on him. Gorgeous.
  3. thesibylqueen

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    XXXVII How to describe? This is going to sound so odd, but it almost smells the way you do after you leave a swimming pool -- vaguely chlorine, but not in an unpleasant way. There must be some kind of floral as well -- a water flower, lotus maybe? There is something very familiar about this scent -- here in Boston, for a week, something flowers, and the city smells just like this. But I don't know what the flower/tree is! I got this as a decant so I would be curious to see what the others who rec'd decants think! XXVIII (28) Like the other reviewers, I smelled something fruity, like a mixed drink. To me, it was all pineapple, though -- pineapples from a can! There is a vaguely soap note to it as well -- really, I'm reminded of being in college, and pregaming with girlfriends -- damp from showers as we all dress up, doing silly shots or fun cocktails before going out. It is a sweet, silly scent. Last reviewed by edenssixthday. XCIV Not even sure where to begin with this one! My initial thoughts were that it was foodie, vaguely citron -- lemon, sugar, sweet...but not cloying. Pulling it out now, I smell a faint floral note -- someone else suggestion sweetpea, which it could be. It is a gentle, soft scent -- soap, for sure. Maybe so violet? Something powdery in it. Very nice, just not me. Last reviewed by supremegoddessofall.
  4. thesibylqueen


    Mmmm, lemon drop candies! It really is a 'cold' citrus smell, just delicious and cooling! Someone compared it to Lush's Avobath and I couldn't agree more -- it is SUCH a marvelous smell! I don't get any jasmine which is too bad, because I love jasmine.
  5. thesibylqueen


    Whoever described this as Sweet Tarts got it exactly right! It does feel glittery, tho -- if a scent really could sparkle. It smells effervescent, like a soda, sweet, almost cloying, but not. Really quite lovely -- I'm reminded a bit of Lush's Back To Breakfast. (There's an almost citrusy note to this!)
  6. thesibylqueen

    Count Dracula

    A less scary scent than I expected! I'm not a huge leather fan but this is just yummy -- warm, spicy, sexy. I'm reminded a bit of Lush's Olive Branch without the citrus. A companion scent. Very sexy for a woman to wear, confident, brazen, bold -- definitely a PM scent.
  7. thesibylqueen

    Purple Phoenix

    Grape soda. Plain and simple. I get a rare whiff of violet, maybe myrrh, but mostly, it is grape soda. This is such a fun, cheerful, *silly* scent, and I love it. Perfect for summer.
  8. thesibylqueen

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    I'm desperate for a BPAL to match Lush's Olive Branch. The thing is, Olive Branch smells like more than just bergamot to me -- there's a delicious spicy thing happening that I'm addicted to! Anyone who is familiar with the scent of Olive Branch who could recommend a BPAL or two that smell similar? I've heard there was a Lush forum perfume made of Olive Branch that I haven't had a chance to smell. Audra
  9. thesibylqueen

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    This review is for XXXVIII (38), a decant I received via Kiena. Wet: floral. Vaguely familiar, powdery -- soft rose? On skin: Still floral, but with an almost spicy or woodsy note? Then it hits me: it smells like the room where your gramma meets your boyfriend! Soft soft feminine with some a little sexier, a little rougher. Instantly, I feel 16! (Which is impressive, that's over a decade ago! ) Sadly, this doesn't last long on me; it fades like a good memory.
  10. thesibylqueen

    Holiday Moon

    Just delicious! I didn't have the scent description at home when I tried it on, so my poor nose had to make some wild guesses. My first thoughts: citrus, green! So clean, and bright -- my gf and I both commented that it was such a spring-y scent! I think now it must have been the oude(?) and tea that gave it such a bright scent. Sadly, this scent fades FAST on me, so a mere hour or two after application, I can barely smell it. Which is tragic, because I just adored the scent!!!
  11. thesibylqueen

    The Sleeper

    Both my gf and I love the in-bottle scent -- light, herbaly, clean smelling. Very wet, too -- smells wet -- not damp or moldy, just wet. Once on me, however, it really blossoms into a big floral scent -- which I love. My gf is less wild about it, however. But I find this a really intriguing floral -- morbid, wet, and dark.
  12. thesibylqueen


    The only Somnium oil I've tried so far. All lemon, all lavender. Both scents I love, and find soothing -- so this is a perfect sleeping scent for me! I've had quite vibrant dreams when wearing it, too!
  13. thesibylqueen

    Queen of Clubs

    Graveyard Dirt, which a hint of spicy floral. Completely addictive: I wear this when I want to feel bold but grounded. Just marvelous! And unlike Hecate, the myrrh doesn't irritate my skin.
  14. thesibylqueen


    Dove soap! I don't get anything tropical at all, just a reassuring floral that reminds me strongly of Dove Soap. My girlfriend loves this scent -- its her go-to comfort scent when she's feeling blue. I'm disappointed I don't get more tropical from it, but I enjoy the soapy scent.
  15. thesibylqueen

    The Haunted Palace

    *The* most delicious scent I've had in a while! I don't get any citrus (too bad!) but this amazing warm vanilla-y amber that is just heady and sexy and comforting and delicioius! There is a faint floral hint that catches my nose occassionally -- this is a very teasing scent! But I love it -- I can't stop sniffing my wrist!