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  1. Wren


    In The Imp: I could not pin down a single scent. Wet On Skin: Ylang-ylang, maybe jasmine, something soft and floral and incredibly feminine. Dried: Starts to get a little powder-y smelling, with hints of something green smelling underneath the jasmine/ylang-ylang Overall Opinion: I didn't think I liked it in the imp, but on my skin it was lovely. Soft, delicate, and demure. It makes me sad that it's discontinued. *sniffle*
  2. Wren


    In The Imp: Really enjoy how "wet" it smells. A little musky, a little heady, but still very cool and watery. Wet On Skin: The floral notes come out in my skin. Not a very feminine floral, it's mixed with that same musky wetness, but gender neutral and pleasant. If I take a deep breath of it, I can almost smell a little of the evergreen. I think it really lives up to what it claims, deep green with water undertones. Dried: Once it started drying, it became VERY strong-- reminded me of patchouli and evergreen soap and it did NOT like my body chem. Overall Opinion: I'm a little upset about this. But it's so overwhelmingly...I don't wanna say disinfectant, but that was the first word that popped into my brain. On me, it's a little like something you might use to wash the floors with. Definitely for the swaps.
  3. Wren

    Black Cat

    In The Imp: Very herbaceous. No scent of rose at all. Sorta masculine and lithe. Warm with a hint of cleanness. Wet On Skin: Gets musky once it hits my skin, and becomes even more herby. Very slight rose, which I don't mind, considering that I'm not really a fan of strong rose notes. Dried: Minty, which adds very nicely to the herb and faint rose notes. Overall Opinion: A little dark, but a little playful too. Reminds me of glowing green eyes in the dark. On me, it's a little too masculine, but I think this would be fabulous on a guy. I might just keep it for the metaphysical (and chaotic!) properties, though. ^_~
  4. Wren


    In The Imp: Oh my. Even without having opened it, I can smell it, and it smells DELICIOUS. I can smell the pear immediately, with a soft layer of plumeria (one of my all-time favorite flowers) underneath. It's bubbly and crisp, which I can only attribute to the champagne. I close my eyes and it makes me think of watching the bubbles rise in a glass of champagne. Wet On Skin: Mostly pear, but as I ran downstairs to share with my mom, it started to dry and waft over to me as more plumeria came through. Dried: Mmmm...it's like eating fruit salad on the beach in Hawaii, watching the sunrise. More of the champagne peaks out, and it's an all-around nice balance of fruity, floral, and tang. I want a bigger bottle of this. Overall Opinion: This might've usurped Machu Picchu as my favorite scent so far. I adore this. Cannot get enough of it.
  5. Wren

    Blood Kiss

    BLOOD KISS In The Imp: Wasn't so sure about this one, I worried that it was gonna be like Bloodlust which was a scent that DEFINITELY hated me. Was all dragon's blood and something else that I couldn't identify. Wet On Skin: Still a little unsure, it's a little overwhelmingly musky Dried: Honey. I'm smelling honey and it's dark and sexy. Mmmm...A good scent to review on Valentines day. As it dries down more, it mellows out and gets sweeter. I wanna dress in red velvet and lounge about my gothic mansion. Overall Opinion: I love this. I'm surprised that I love this because of my dislike of Bloodlust, but mmmm...it's sexy and yummy and warm.
  6. Wren


    In The Imp: Soft and simple. Gentle flowers and something lingering underneath. Vaguely fruity. Wet On Skin: Definitely got the lavender/lilac and lime/citrus. As it dries down, the fruit tones down and musk and lavender come through. Every once in a while, I get hints of lilac. Dried: Puts me in mind of good manners, steaming tea in China cups, and white gloves. A very well-behaved, old fashioned soap scent. Clean and genteel. Overall Opinion: I like it. It's good for those occasions when something soft and delicate is called for. It's restrained romance and chaste kisses against a gloved hand. Randomness: Since I don't have a guy in the wings, this is just for lonely ole me *giggle* But I'd love to find some handsome devil and dab a little of this on him...just for a purely scientific analysis of course ^_~
  7. Wren

    Black Phoenix

    In The Imp: Mmmm. A musty sweetness that I can't place. Wet On Skin: Still musty, but it sharpens slightly. I can almost smell something green in there, like a hint of forest in the middle of a wisewoman's kitchen. Maybe there's roses in her front yard. Dried: Very herby, and the rose/forest comes out even more. Smells like midafternoon on a sunny day. Overall Opinion: It smelled a little too masculine on me at first, but it's a very nice scent. Once it dried down, it became more rosy and feminine.
  8. Wren


    In The Imp: A musky, almost GREEN scent. There's something cool mixed in with the warmth of patchouli and musk. Wet On Skin: Like incense in the forest on a cold morning...maybe from some ancient Japanese temple. Dried: Very patchouli, but there's that coolness that I can feel in the back of my throat. It's a scent that surrounds you though, whether you like it or not. Very commanding. Overall Opinion: I'm very ambivalent about this scent. I can't decide if I love it or I hate it... Randomness: This stuff sticks around. It's nearly impossible to wash it off, and I tried different kinds of soap PLUS rubbing alcohol. Gave me a headache from all the patchouli.
  9. Wren

    Love Me

    In The Imp: It smelled like pink roses mixed with baby powder. Wet On Skin: There's musk somewhere in the background, warms up the rosy scent and makes it a more mature smell. There's something else in there...almost sweet, but not quite. Dried: The powder is way strong on me. There's still that rose there, and that unidentified faint sweetness, but mostly, all I'm getting is powder. Overall Opinion: It's a niceish scent, but really not something I'd wear. As it dried, it got to be more between little girl/little old woman than raging sex kitten-- changing babies instead of making babies. Definitely something for the swaps. Randomness: It makes me itch >< So there's gotta be something like cinnamon in it. *scratches*
  10. Wren

    Block Buster

    In The Imp: Sandalwood is the first smell I got. And something sweet...possibly cherry? Wet On Skin: No more sandalwood, but definitely more of the sweet smell. There's something powdery in the background. More sniffing finds a nice warm spiciness that's slowly coming out as well. Cinnamon perhaps? Another scent that isn't overly cloying, but nice. For some reason I wanna say there's a touch of anise, but that's probably dead off. As it dries more, the cinnamon is really popping out. Dried: The spiciness tones down and the sweet (vaguely fruity) and powdery notes come out. Niiiiiice. Lingered on my skin for quite a few hours. Overall Opinion: Again, the word that comes to mind is NICE. Not something I'd walk over hot coals to obtain, but a very pleasing scent none-the-less. I would definitely wear it.
  11. Wren

    Machu Picchu

    MACHU PICCHU In The Imp: Smells light and vaguely flowery. A nice overall scent. Wet On Skin: Still light and sort've warm. As it starts to dry down, it gets richer and warmer with hints of citrus. I can imagine that this is what sitting down in a rainforest on some tropical isle with your eyes closed smells like. It seems like the more I go back to sniff it, the more the scent changes, and different notes pop out. Very lazily romantic. Rich, without being overly cloying. Dried: This fades away after a couple of hours, but it's worth it to keep reapplying. Would probably work nicely in a scent locket. Overall Opinion: I'm definitely wanting a bigger bottle of this. It lingers around me without being too heavy, and considering how little I actually put on...it's amazing. Makes me think of summer in Hawaii. Randomness: I ran downstairs to give my mom a taste of this, and she refused to give me back my wrist until I promised to go back upstairs and get the imp so she could wear some. *giggle*
  12. Wren


    I had high hopes for Jack when I opened up my imp, but the first thing that came to mind was stomache-churningly blech. Bravely, I gave it a chance on my skin, and although it has mellowed in the hour+ since I put it on, it's still...vaguely synthetic and not something I want near my nose. Definitely something for the swaps. [edit] I definitely like the scent of Jack now that it's 3+ hours since I put it on. Unfortunately, 3-4 hours is too long to wait out the unpleasant beginnings. It simply doesn't smell good on me, and I ENVY those it does smell good on!! ^^