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  1. enantiomorph

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    I would absolutely swoon for some comparisons between michael kors and the tikis, especially tiki queen & marae! thoughts, anyone?
  2. enantiomorph

    Gingerbread Poppet

    yes yes yes! YES! so delicious, even that crispy, slightly burnt smell, which I would never expect to ever like.. but somehow it balances the blend, anchors everything straight to the pan. so, so delicious. (2005 poppet!)
  3. enantiomorph

    Pumpkin Queen

    I wanted to love pumpkin queen, I really did, but from the initial blast of butter to the final musty not-quite pumpkin scent that curiously lingered.. it was just not meant to be. maybe my nose isn't sophisticated enough for this regal blend. nutter.
  4. enantiomorph


    now for something completely different! hava my love! I am going crazy deciding which halloween scents to order. when I finally decide & ultimately hold them in my hot little hands, you and I must have a smell-fest. xxoo k-ho also: wisteria. hot.
  5. enantiomorph

    Springtime scents

    one word, five thousand squees. dorian.
  6. enantiomorph


    this is what I wanted morocco to smell like. I can't compare the two because I swapped away my bottle of morocco, but I will say that scherezade comes across less dry and more "second skin". half an hour after I dabbed a bit on my wrist, I couldn't keep my eyes open. no, I wasn't having an allergic reaction ... I just felt like I had been bathing in the sun all day and had to pass out from all the warmth. it's a very warm scent. when I want to take a nap, scherezade lulls me with its smooth warmth. scherezade is sexy because it's assertive, but not too bold. I'm a laid back kind of girl; I wear jeans and a thrift store t-shirt; I have short messy hair and I don't wear earrings or bare a lot of skin. but scherezade makes me feel sophisticated so that I'm comfortable smelling more "adult," without seeming contrived or trying too hard. it's confident and alluring. and spicey and warm and wonderful as all hell. I'm really glad I snagged a bottle instead of an imp, because this baby is going to be in heavy rotation.
  7. enantiomorph

    Sugar Cookie

    I totally dig this. dabbing it on my wrists & curling up for a nap is now one of my favorite activities. the spice factor caught me off guard at first, but now I've gotten used to it. to me, sugar cookie smells just like snickerdoodle cookie dough. it's slightly cloying, uncooked, and divine. too much would make me queasy, but a small amount hits the spot. it's not an everyday scent - it's more of a comfort scent, much like comfort food.
  8. enantiomorph

    Snake Oil

    I ordered a 10ml bottle of snake oil before even trying it. I was absolutely convinced we would fall in love. when I received an imp (a month before arrival of the bottle), I was disappointed. the vanilla and spices were too loud, too bold; they stuck out like a sore thumb. when I gave a friend of mine a hug, he paused, smelling snake oil, and said, candle? - not exactly what I'd hoped to smell like. but all the reviews said to keep trying, so I did. I thought maybe it just needed some aging, or maybe my nose needed to adjust. both those may be true, but having just tried the 10ml bottle, I can safely say that I love snake oil. at least, the bottled version. I received the 10ml bottle, considered selling it, but went ahead and tried it out. somehow the bottled concoction is more discreet, more soft. and that's perfect for me. snake oil reminds me of a coy smirk. it's sweet (but not overly), but smart. I interpret the spices as sharp and intriguing. I was worried about the bottle, but I'm really happy I invested in it. hopefully the imp will mellow out. mmm.
  9. enantiomorph

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I haven't heard anything about my january 7th order... do you think I should email the lab? I just wonder because of the shipped through date and people getting storm moon click n ships. I don't want to bother them, but I don't want to be forgotten! last time I only heard back after emailing, to find my order had been "reshipped." what do you guys think?
  10. enantiomorph

    Black Pearl

    I think my sense of smell has absolutely no imagination whatsoever, because to me, black pearl is a ringer for malibu rum and coconut sunscreen. it gets more interesting (less booze & lotion) when I'm on my period, more soft, warm, and musky. I like black pearl, so I'm going to keep my imp - I just don't see myself going around smelling like malibu rum all the time. no bottle for me. also, this may sound strange, but while on my period, black pearl is like a more daring, sultry version of pele. a more enduring version too.
  11. enantiomorph


    bordello smells just like mentos' cassis flavored candy. which I eat like there's no tomorrow. I was expecting bordello to be dark and sophisticated but was surprised to find it's much more obvious and bright. out of the bottle I get fruit and red wine, a deep, flush, red scent that is loud as hell. it's mouth watering. on my skin, bordello doesn't change at all, save a mild emergence of red wine. I like this scent a lot, but I don't think I would wear it that often. when I'm feeling devious, I like to go for more mysterious scents. off to the swaps, to someone who will appreciate her more.
  12. enantiomorph


    Inspired by and created for my beloved Tedwin: my eternal, beautiful, wicked Dorian Gray. Refined, elegant, and lovely, with a noble bearing and seemingly gentle air. This blend is an artful deception: a sweet gilded blossom lying over a twisted and corrupted core. A Victorian fougere with three pale musks and dark, sugared vanilla tea. I am in lust with this scent. from the bottle, I get a very clean, almost masculine smell - right away I see why this is gender neutral. but once its on my skin, it's sweet tea with a hint of lemon, just like the description. it is absolutely gorgeous. this is one of my favorite bpal scents, for sure. I want to gnaw off my hand. if you aren't partial to sweet scents, you might want to stay away; if you have a serious sweet tooth (like myself), you'll want a vat of this.
  13. enantiomorph


    having grown up in southern california, 20 minutes from a number of beaches, pele reminds me of home. I smell soft, warm, sand (not dry sand, but somehow sweet sand), and tropical suntan lotion. it's a scent that instantly brings a smile to my face. unfortunately, after an hour pele is GONE. not a trace left. I'll probably swap my bottle for something more lasting.
  14. enantiomorph


    on me, morocco is a dry mix of spices. I don't get any sweetness whatsoever, and I'm not so fond of the first few hours. I don't dislike morocco - it's unique, unlike anything I've ever smelled - but I don't smile when I sniff my wrists. that's the key, whether or not it makes me giddy. the sharp spices ease off after a couple hours, but the waiting time isn't worth it. to be honest, morocco is probably too "grown up" for my tastes. I need sweetness, and lots of it! off to the swaps, to a more appreciative home!