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  1. I am madly in love with the scent of the daddy-o violet shampoo. Does anyone have any smell a-likes??
  2. FelinePulse

    The Girl

    When I first saw the description for The Girl, I knew I would love her. I had to have her! And I was not disappointed. On me, she is ethereal, pale, haunting... something so perfectly blended that all I can say is it smells amazing. This is exactly what I was searching for in a 'white, pale' scent. No headache inducing, overly sweet florals. Nothing that seems too girly. It's a mysterious, white scent. And on me, The Girl lasts for hours. Perfect.
  3. FelinePulse


    My initial reaction upon opening the imp was 'Bleck'. A very strong, nose wrinkling smell of damp moss and armpit. But I knew there was a chance it would morph, so I applied it anyway. When wet, this stays as the unpleasant moss/armpit smell. But when it dries, ah! when it dries. It becomes something sweetly woody. My memories want to connect the scent to camping as a child, some certain part of being in the forest. It reminds me of something that I can't quite grasp! It's a beautiful scent, but not something I'd want to smell like on an everyday basis. And the wet stage REALLY puts me off. Which is a shame, I was hoping for some lustiness.
  4. FelinePulse


    On me this is a moody floral. In the initial 10 minutes after applying it there is an unsettling scent that really does evoke an image of being in a pit of darkness. It smells like black holes. It's a scent that settles in my solar plexus. But then it just turns floral. It's okay, but much too flowery for my tastes. Not exactly the darkness I was seeking.
  5. FelinePulse

    Dragon's Heart

    This smells exactly like I was hoping it would, exactly what I was searching for. This is my favourite scent at the moment. In the imp, and when initially applied to my skin,it seems as though it could be masculine. But so quickly it transforms into this wonderfully feminine fragrance. I wanted this to smell like the glorious dragon's blood incense that I like to burn. And it does. The scent does like to sit around me, so others can certainly smell it when I'm sitting next to them. It's so delicious! I'll be ordering a bottle when my Imp is gone.
  6. FelinePulse

    Snake Oil

    This smells exactly the same in Imp and on my skin. Medicinal. With a faint Dr. Pepper smell. Not at all what I was expecting, or wanting. I believe I shall age this and come back to it. Hopefully it morphs into something beautiful, I had such high hopes! EDIT:: Evidently all this scent needs is 2 weeks to age. It is now smelling like spicy vanilla goodness. I can tell that as this continues to age, it's going to get even more yummy. I am very pleased it decided to transform this way!
  7. FelinePulse


    In the Imp: mmmmm This smells like berries. On my skin: Berry soap. With an almost headache inducing sweetness. Not at all what I was expecting. My chemisty does not like this one. Drat.
  8. FelinePulse

    The Lion

    This smells like pure ultimate YUM. On my skin it turns into something delicious. Ambery vanilla, like my own skin but amplified and made to be edible. I want to lick my own arm and roll around purring. A languid, lazy scent. This lion is just playing around in the sun with you. As it starts to fade I get more dryness... Time for the lion to go and you are left standing in the middle of the african savannah with his scent still lingering on you. Absolutely beautiful. Oddly when it fades I don't smell in on my skin so much as it wafts around me. Elusive. My cat seems to like this scent too because she's been following me around smelling my arms lol.