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  1. Japan... you're in my thoughts. :(

  2. Win a free pass to the Wedding Photographers Summit #2011WPS from @thecamerastore RT & Follow to enter. Details at http://bit.ly/gEq6nQ

  3. So Mi-Go is large for a female - 16 lbs, and females usually 10-12 lbs. And she's still growing!!

  4. Just realized that by transferring my domain and hosting, I lost everything I had living on my domain. Oops.

  5. "I love you. Please have sex with another woman."

  6. 161.6 lbs. I'm down 14.4 total so far. Not bad for two weeks of basically sleeping and being in pain! Woo.

  7. "You could call them ironic breasts, I suppose." #ILoveMyEnglishTeacher.

  8. Nice, TeamBuy is giving away an iPad 2 http://lottery.teambuy.ca/r/en/5821 Let's both win one! :D

  9. Okay, enough. Time to finish homework. *sigh*

  10. I keep forgetting about twitter.

  11. I think I'm dying. I'm almost serious, my head hurts that much.

  12. I'm having Muscle Contraction Headaches. Not much to be done, prescription muscle relaxants will hopefully help. :/

  13. I'd forgotten that my beat up macbook pro lappy's CD drive is mashed and doesn't work. Damn. :(

  14. Trepanning or assisted suicide? Vote now! Okay, I'm joking. Mostly. About one of them. These headaches are srsly killing me though. :(

  15. Ordering camera gear! *flail*

  16. Headache. Blargh. Bed still covered in junk. So tired.

  17. Soooo, crying at dinner on date night was not my intention.... Oops.

  18. Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free: http://bit.ly/hrBp2w

  19. Also think my Reactive Metals order has arrived... it's at the post office. Waiting til after 5.. rrrrgh WANT NOW.

  20. Apparently I really needed that nap. 3 hours later...

  21. AAAAAND my crit is pushed back a week. What??? o_o ROFL all that work!!

  22. Had a really traumatic dream. :/

  23. ROFL I think I put 46 instead of 146 for my weigh-in... Oops. @x_weighted

  24. Trying to gear myself up for my treadmill.. but I'm so lazy today. Okay, gotta do it.