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    updated: April 15....
    My wishlist is by no means comprehensive or complete. I am not a fan of foody, floral, or aquatic scents for the most part, nor do I like overly “perfumey” scents. I’m not a fan of dirt, but one of my best friends is, so I’m interested in some.. I adore smoke, incense, blood, dust, wood, amber, apple, tobacco, citrus, blueberry, leather... I am always willing to try new things, so if it’s not on here and you think I’d like it – ASK.
    I’m also really interested in LEs that came out before I found BPAL.. so pre-2008. Even just small amounts would make me happy.
    I would sell my soul for the Blue Phoenix and Orange Phoenix prototypes – if you have them, and want to share the love (just an imp is all I need!), I will bribe you with any BPAL I own, or some kind of pretty jewelry thing (I’m a Jewelry/Metals major at school)… my fat dog? … anything. srsly.
    Blood Kiss
    Chaos Theory V: Dorian
    The Host of the Air
    Blue Phoenix - ANY
    Orange Phoenix - ANY
    Chaos Theory V: Dorian
    Devil’s Night
    Antique Lace
    The Phoenix
    Treat #1
    Ecstasy – Infatuation
    Freakshow (Carnival Noir)
    Fire Eater (Carnival Noir)
    Medicine Show (Carnival Noir)
    The Ghost
    Order of the Dragon:
    - Count Dracula
    - The Carpathian Mountains
    - The Bloody Sword
    - Lucy Westerna
    - Quincy Morris
    - Wilhelmina Murray[/b]
    Shoggoth – imp
    Fruit Moon 2005
    Harvest Moon 2004
    Harvest Moon 2005
    Harvest Moon 2006
    Les Bijoux
    Poisoned Apple
    Coral Snake
    Miskatonic University
    Arkham (discontinued)
    The Apple of Sodom
    Bohun Upas
    The Lotus Tree
    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
    The Zieba Tree
    The Ides of March
    Great Duets:
    - Erik
    - Mr. Edward Hyde
    - Maud Ruthyn
    - Silas Ruthyn
    - Mutant Hot-Rodders from Hell High
    - Spawn of the She-Demon
    - That! The Terror from Over There!
    - Crimson Christmas
    Salon decants:
    - Death of the Gravedigger
    - The Fox-woman Kuzonoha Leaving her Child
    - Lucretia
    - Satan and Sin with Death Intervening
    - Silence
    - The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil
    - The Cup of Death
    - The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun
    - Les Anges Dechus
    - Melancholia
    - Three Gorgons
    - Bat
    - Death and Life Completed
    - Fox Fires on New Year's Eve at the Garment Nettle Tree at Oji
    - Kiyohime Changes from a serpent
    - Love and Pain
    - Schlafende Baigneuse
    - Sunrise with Sea Monsters
    - The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories
    - A Study in Emerald
  2. lacyjae
    So, I've been into this thing for.. well, long enough to amass something like 50 imps with far too many more on the way. It's taking time to get through them all but I love smelling them to pick one to wear, and seeing how they smell.
    In any case, I'm finding that no matter what, my body chemistry changes everything to baby powder, or possibly soap, during "that time of the month." Grrrr. It's tough!
    I haven't tried enough, but so far only Blood Kiss is any good on me at this time of the month.
    The search goes on! I keep noting which ones aren't, at least.
  3. lacyjae
    Two things:
    One: Blood Kiss was just tainted by the Loviatar under it - it does NOT turn to baby powder! YAY! Mmmm.
    Two: Random post told me to put it on my collar bone, and jawline, and now I'm feeling sooooo good.
    and BPAL.
    and this place.
    and everything but the snow outside. grr.