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    Chant D'Automne

    My bud Eyeska sprung my birthday gift on me early - today, in my greedy little hands, a bottle of Chant D'Automne. She read after buying of the vetiver, and I'm sure everyone's heard me bemoaning the 'shrimp sauce' scent of evil vetiver, but like Blood Kiss, it's not at all apparent in Chant. I LOVE IT. In the bottle, it's kind of weird, and not all that appealing. On me? Oh, my god. It's a bonfire of dry autumn leaves, smokey and full of the smells of fall. Utterly gorgeous and perfect for autumn, I imagine I'll be wearing it a lot as I walk around playing in leaves and wrapped up in my wool coat and pashmina. It is PERFECT. I adore it. I love smoke scents, so I'm not surprised. I *am* surprised at how different it smells on from in the bottle. I think I get the same quality of vetiver as in Blood Kiss, the slightest tang that is almost more a feeling than a scent, and is very nice. I think the blood musk sexes it up a little for me, but it's mostly a perfect fall bonfire scent. I may need to stalk up for the coming years.
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    I thought I'd reviewed this. I'm also glad I didn't read reviews first, as I get absolutely no vetiver out of this at all, thank the gods. No shrimp sauce. Yay! When I put this on, it stays very close to my skin. I can smell wet ash, smoke, and some lightness from the palm. To me, this isn't an acrid smoke smell, but very nice. To me, it smells like my skin is made of smoke. I really love it.
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    I'm not sure what I was looking for when I picked some Salon decants to try, Orpheus seems kind of random, and I wonder if I didn't throw it in just to have three Salons. Am I ever glad that I listened to whatever told me to pick it, though!! Sweet, so sweet, like nuzzling my face into flower blossoms. A hint of green. Oh, delicious. On my skin, it's all green stems and flowers, an incredibly nice, spring/summer scent of the great bunch of flowers you've just broken from their stems to give to your love. Oh, wonderful. I am definitely in love with this scent, and must get a bottle. I was not expecting that!
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    The Chapel 2008

    I want to admit that my first review of this was on my friends-only livejournal, and I'm a bit embarassed by what I wrote but I figure first impressions are everything, right? Oh gods, how much I wanted this. It's almost sexual how much I get just from reading the notes. And oh, oh, The Chapel gives exactly what I need. It's sharp, bitter, stinging wine, heady incense, and dark, acrid smoke. It's like hell, a sin so sweet... I amp the wine, I think, and it's similar to Blood Kiss, if the kiss was smouldering and on the way to damnation. Thankfully I get no vetiver out of this unlike some others, but it's definitely a strong scent. It is NOT something I can just wear - only nights, and only nights when I want a little sin. But for that, I think, The Chapel is perfect.
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    The Torture Queen

    I was really looking forward tot his one, so curious about the chrome note and how it'd play with the pretty scents. I don't think I'm disappointed. It's a flowery scent with a sharp bite to it. A very 'white' scent, which I suppose doesn't surprise me given the ingredients. But still, I don't often get such a forceful color association with scents. This one is WHITE: a sterile room, white dominatrix gear, and flowers hidden from view but teasing the senses. On, still beautiful. STILL. LOVELY. Yay. Definitely a bottle for me. *swoon*
  6. lacyjae

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    Hmm. Weird for me tends to be less what I think of the smell and more how I react to it. Bad weird? Malediction and anything with a lot of vetiver. It's all pure shrimp sauce. Malediction is evil shrimp sauce... but.. lotsa vetiver = sooo not cool. Blood Kiss is sexy and vampish and perfect for its name. It's bloody bursting cherries and clove and wine and rrrrgh. Al Azif is sexy dangerous Elder God-summoning incense. Most of the Arkham scents are really weird. Night-Gaunt is bright and quirky. Azathoth makes my head feel weird, off, and wrong, the scent is /odd/ and.. weird. R'lyeh, Cthulhu, The Music of Erich Zahn.. they're all off and weird, but not in a bad way. Shub-Niggurath is one of the few foody scents I like, and yes, evil gingerbread. Hellfire is a strange, lovely one. Squirting Cucumber is SO weird to me, because it's exactly the smell of a freshly-bit cucumber. With some greens and herbs. The latter of which I don't usually like, but I adore this. Bloodlust makes me... uh... want to kill people. lol. It really is very bloodlusty. Fantastic. Tenochtitlan makes me feel like I'm running through warm golden sunlit fields of gold.. dandelions, or wheat, or.. anything gold really. It's like I can smell the dust on the flowers and the breeze. Lovely! Very odd. And to me, La Belle Dame Sans Merci makes me look around for bouquets of fresh flowers, constantly. A few LEs that I love, though? Moai. It's like my skin is made of smoke. Wet ash and smoke. SO fantastic. Famine. I wanted to crawl inside the scent and live in it. Felt very animalistic. Rrrrgh. Blue Fire is fruity fruity with an adult pop from the gin. It doesn't smell alcoholic to me, but so freaking amazingly fantastic wonderful OMG it spilled in my bag and I don't even care cos I love it so much. (Must...find...bottle...omg.) Blood Garden, And, if you like FLOWER smell, not floral perfumes but like burying your face in actual real flowers, I highly recommend anything I've tried from Rapaccinni's Garden - I'm not sure how exact they are to representing the flowers they are named after, but they are the most wonderful flower scents I've got my grubby little paws on. I'm not a floral person, at all, and I just ADORE them. *shifty-eyes* Not that I'm wanting to bathe in my BPAL now that I've sniffed a bunch to recommend, or anything, I swear.... o_o
  7. lacyjae

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I'm not sure if there's a thread for this or if I just ask here. The new Guppies vs Whippoorwills fan packs.. are they considered an item and included with the international shipping rates on the website ($11 to Canada) or is there some other shipping fee for them, are they considered large orders, etc? I could email the lab but I don't want to bother them if someone here knows.
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    I got a couple mystery imp sets from Salendire, and Nosferatu was one of them. My first sniff impression in the imp: woah, loam and dirt and freshly turned leaves on a grave, and.. mint? I tried a dab on my wrist. All I get is fresh, wet dirt, with maybe some graveside flowers mixed in. It's dark, old dirt, but wet. Just dirt. There's no wine, no herbs, no dusty or dryness or blood or lust or anything. Just deep, wet earth. It's nice, but not something I could wear. I don't think wet earth is really a perfume kinda scent for me. I wish I got the lusty, sexy, wine notes. edit: I took a sniffer to work and had my co-worker smell it. She said she smelled flowers of some sort, and alcohol - like a strong strong drink. She said it smelled nothing like dirt to her.
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    I recently received this, and I was oh-so happy to get it. Collecting all the Arkham scents has been my plan from day one, as the thing that drew me to BPAL in the first place. In the bottle, it was love. It smelled citrus-y and deep and fantastic and gorgeous. My immediate response was to yell at my boyfriend, "If this is what R'lyeh smells like, I WANT TO GO THERE NOW! IA! IA!" So I finally tried it yesterday. Because it was so awesome in the bottle, I didn't do a little easy-to-wash-off wrist test. No, no. I did wrists, neck, clavicle, and hair. Then I got on the bus to go to work. Hmm.. it smells like.. like.. that sweet sweat smell. I wonder who that... wait.. no.. Oh, gods. PLEASE don't tell me I smell like sweet sweat. - Yep, it was me, smelling of sickly sweet sweat. I'm not sure how to describe it, summer sweat? night sweat? Nauseating, either way. Utterly depressing. It remains gorgeous in the bottle, but very obviously does NOT work for me. My heart is broken. Perhaps a solid or locket will work. :/
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    Two things: One: Blood Kiss was just tainted by the Loviatar under it - it does NOT turn to baby powder! YAY! Mmmm. Two: Random post told me to put it on my collar bone, and jawline, and now I'm feeling sooooo good. I LOVE YOU GUYS. and BPAL. and this place. and everything but the snow outside. grr.
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    So, I've been into this thing for.. well, long enough to amass something like 50 imps with far too many more on the way. It's taking time to get through them all but I love smelling them to pick one to wear, and seeing how they smell. In any case, I'm finding that no matter what, my body chemistry changes everything to baby powder, or possibly soap, during "that time of the month." Grrrr. It's tough! I haven't tried enough, but so far only Blood Kiss is any good on me at this time of the month. The search goes on! I keep noting which ones aren't, at least.
  12. lacyjae


    Yay, my first review! Forgive me, I'm not a perfume girl and I'm new to most of these scents... I got this guy from a forumite who I asked to just send me a bunch of random guys. Stoked! First sniff last night: Shrimp sauce. Cocktail sauce? Whatever it is. Badly. I wanted to chuck. STRONG and nasty. Woah. Sniff now: Shrimp sauce with a hint of patchouli? It gives me that weird back-of-the-throat metallic tang that I get when I smell the shrimp sauce. Am I alone in this? I don't want to try it at all, but I've read a lot of folks saying it changes a lot when on, and not to judge it from the bottle, so here goes. *wince* Wet: Waiting for the shrimp sauce to go awaaay... Okay. Simmering down. Thank gods. Patchouli is coming out. Not enough to cover the sauce though. wtf. Euuugh. o_o I don't really get any other scents from this while it's wet. Doesn't seem to be calming down much. That's too bad. Shrimp sauce it is! - with a hint of campfire smoke. Definitely not a scent for me.