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  1. gravity_always_wins

    Give me caramel!

    I'd second Red Lantern from just smelling the bottle, which reminded me of the Pumpkin Patch oils, which must all have a fair amount of caramel in them. ETA: Also, Bliss smelled more of a burnt caramel rather than milk chocolate to my nose.
  2. gravity_always_wins

    Olfactory caffeine: Wake up, Stay Awake with BPAL

    Inferno is like Blockbuster on steroids.
  3. gravity_always_wins

    Scent for Halloween?

    Snake Oil was the perfect complement to my gypsy costume and heavy eye make-up on Saturday night- a dramatic "look at me! smell me!" winning combination
  4. gravity_always_wins

    The Saddest, most Melancholy & Wistful BPALs

    I guess it depends on your own associations with scents. For example, you may have smelled a certain flower at a funeral, or have worn a certain perfume when being dumped by a significant other, or just associate a scent with a certain time in your life. It all depends on what notes spark that nostalgia for you. For me, it's Dublin because it has an uncanny similarity and feel to a bodyspray that my ex-boyfriend wore. Also, anything with a strong peach note (Fae, Tamora, Titania, etc) because it reminds me of the perfumes that I wore my freshman year of college and makes me very wistful. I suppose this isn't very helpful given that fruity notes make many people upbeat, but then again, it's about what feels sad to you.
  5. gravity_always_wins

    Similarities Between BPAL Scents - GC and general discussion

    The wet stage of Maiden is very similar to The Dormouse because it's so strong on the tea
  6. gravity_always_wins

    BPALs like Serge Lutens perfumes

    There's always the option of layering different scents. On me, Fire of Love was a spicy, musky cedar. Clearly cedar.
  7. gravity_always_wins

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Another avid fan of Persephone here. As long as you don't mind a slightly tart/fruity note (which, on me, boost the "freshness" of the rose), then it's just perfect
  8. gravity_always_wins

    Two, Five & Seven

    Definitely smelling the roses but it's difficult for me to identify any of them in particular. Not sure if I'm picking up the green grass, but there's a chemical-like scent which I think may be the same as the alcohol note that some others are noticing.
  9. gravity_always_wins


    The Hummingbird of Love, the Rose Sucker. A potent, benevolent, merciful love blend. I really had high hopes for this one from reading that it smelled mostly of rose and honeysuckle--two scents which usually smell fantastic to my nose by themselves as well as on my skin. Unfortunately, I didn't really get the sweet honeysuckle that I'm used to (all around my neighborhood) nor the rose that I had hoped for...somehow, this smelled very watery and a little murky in a green way..once on my skin, there was a note that reminded me of a bog or marsh... oh well, swaps away
  10. gravity_always_wins

    Fire of Love

    An extra imp in my package, I had no idea what to expect. Wet, Dry, and Drydown all had the same blaring message for me: "Incense, Musk, and Woods-- Oh My!" These general notes often don't play well with my chemistry and are best kept far away tucked in the wee background of a sweet scent instead of being center stage. I'm grateful for the extra, and happy that it helps me narrow down my vast list of oils to sample...swaps away!
  11. gravity_always_wins


    An extra imp in my package, I've tried this throughout the month just to be sure. With most patchouli blends, my chemistry tends to blow it up to the nth degree, completely overshadowing everything else throughout the entire time wearing it. Somehow, this blend is different; in the wet stage, it was exactly as I had feared, yet when drying, the gardenia managed to keep in step, softening the bitter/musty impression that patchouli leaves on me. Unfortunately, the floral did not totally balance it out and Iambe will join her fellow woody-noted friends in my swap pile.
  12. gravity_always_wins


    I can imagine that this smells of fresh tulips and lillies during a sun shower. I must say, my favorite "clean" scent so far. (Now if only I can find a way for it to last over 4 hours..!)
  13. gravity_always_wins


    Not sure what narcissus smells like, I can only assume that that's the note that smells very much like patchouli on me. I can see how many people compare this to Snake Oil...mostly because, although I cannot tolerate most patchouli blends, it actually manages to soften a little bit, making room for the sweetness of the vanilla. Definitely still too heavy/incensy for my tastes at this time of year (not getting any orange creamicle smell), but still very nice. Lasted until I washed it off...at least 12 hours later
  14. gravity_always_wins


    Similar experience to Originalwacky... didn't get any citrus or fruity notes. Very clove-like. For some reason, it reminds me of a Christmas potpourri and would replace said potpourri very nicely, but it's just not for me as a perfume.
  15. gravity_always_wins

    Figs and Fig Scents - alone and in combos

    Funny, I've tried Carnal and The Apothecary, and thought that I picked up a spicy clove-like note that I couldn't imagine at the time was fig. Is mine the only nose confused here? If the note was indeed fig, then in Carnal, it's 100% while still very present in The Apothecary.