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    In the imp, this smells like liquid gum, almost like cough syrup that is bubble gum flavored, sort of synthetic. Initially on skin, quite bubblegummy, which for me is vanilla candyish but definitely the old Bubble Yum bubble gum flavor. It has a brief time as it dries where it morphs and I smelled the "dime store perfume" which I could not pick out individual notes for, and wasn't overpowering, actually kind of nice, I would have liked it to last longer but it was short-lived. If I had to guess notes, I'd say alcoholic musk with orange. Dry phase it does smell like Big Red gum after it has been chewed a bit in a delightful way. Slightly cinnamon and vanilla with a hint of something more grown up underneath, and almost smokey or musty. If I was forced to guess, I'd say musk but not white musk or Egyptian musk, there is no headshop quality or animalistic note. Very apropros to the name. Smells like what I'd expect a minor lady who is getting her mac on to smell like--chewed gum with a musk slightly wafting from a fuzzy pink (angora) sweater. This could have gone all kinds of wrong on me, as cherry can go artificial, too sweet, or overpowering but it was pleasant. I will be keeping all imps, and consider a bottle. Not sure it is really me, but then again there are not too many scents with vanilla and cinnamon I can resist and this one is sweet without being too adolescent. Since I am a woman of a certain age, I tend to avoid the synthetic fruity juice that passes for perfume hawked by most scent retailers currently. I am on the fence. Maybe I will buy a partial bottle from swaps or hoard some imps and make my own partial bottle. I am really curious also how this would smell if I added some alcohol and made a spray out of it?
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    Sage scents - White, Clary, and others

    I love clary sage too! My faves: Apothecary Titus Andronicus Scales of Deprivation Bow and Crown of Conquest Coyote Hunger Moon Pumpkin Patch IV (07) Robin Goodfellow Aeval! if you like JoJoelle perfumes, check out "Dreamcatcher"
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    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Cupid complaining to Venus. Yummy honey. Her Voice--honey and green florals, almost astringent herbals. YUM Athens and Delphi--boozey honey Les Bijoux--HOney Yum Hone Mone--Honeyied fruits and white chocolate O--Sexy honey Sed Non Satiata--Sexier honey Sudha Segara--Gingered honey Harikata--florals and honey Hetairae--Balanced sweet, slightly floral, honey love
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    Longing Preconceptions: I almost did not try this because both cinnamon and rose can be NOTES OF DOOM. The warm amber sounds good on the drydown though. If my skin chemistry amps rose as it is wont to due--FUHGETABOUTIT. In the imp: Spicy floral! Rechecking the notes because this totally reminds me of smelling carnations. I think this is the interplay of the cinnamon and the rose geranium. Hope for this blend lifts. Wet on flesh: warm, spicey floral notes with a hint of astringent herb. (this is pretty faint and for me so well blended that I can't pick out individual notes.) the cinnamon is amping but in a delicious way. I am always afraid cinnamon and rose together will make me smell like a bowl of potpouri, so I am eagerly anticipating the drydown, and anxiously hoping this does not happen. Drydown: I am pleasantly suprised, as I anticipated an old ladyish smell, as Harlot with rose and cinnamon notes was a total disaster on me. I agree with YESBUTNOBUT that this could definitely double as a unisex scent and the cinnamon is much more subdued than expected. The golden musk adds a warm, dry and sweet but slightly musky base along with the golden glow of the amber. My nose is not sophisticated enought to tease out the rosewood (but perhaps my imp is not aged enough) The frankincense adds an incense type of smokiness which develops with the amber. Overall the feel is quite warm, golden and dry. I don't appreciate the bay rum as it seems to blend with the cinnamon. THis is not boozey for me at all, which is a good thing since I wore this to work today and I don't want to smell like a rumhound. The scent develops to become a lovely amber and frankincense with a touch of the rosewood. (guess it took a while to develop for me) The contrasting sweet and spice is sexy and cozy at the same time--like curling under a blanket with a book and a cup of cinnamon spice tea iwith a wood fireplace smouldering in the background. Now imagine the blanket was scented with a hint of rose water and that would complete my little olfactory "scene." Great sillage. Overall Impression: Yes, I may need a bottle, and I think this will be well suited for autumn or early winter. This was a pleasant suprise as I thought the notes of doom would ruin it for me and they behaved. It does evoke a feeling of longing for me, like old love letters scented with rosewater drying in their rosewood box. Okay, I am getting a touch sappy here, so I must close out this review and I wonder if the scent is actually making me wax nostalgia. Even if you don't love rose, this is one to be experienced. You do need to love amber for this to work. The amber reminds me of the warm note in The Lion or Jacob's Ladder. I agree with comparison to Morocco, although the rose and geranium make this more of a floral. But its a floral plus spice that dries down to an incense lover's dream. If you were disappointed by Harlot, give this one a whirl.
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    The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

    Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, The Preconceived notions: (Notes-ambergris, mint, honey, seaweed) I have been on an ambergris kick lately, and since this has honey too, I should love it--but I am wondering how the combination will work. Eyeing the mint and hoping its not the note of doom! On a related topic, I absolutely love the bottle art. Would you think me perverted if I insinuated I was contemplating going down to the Fish Store and buying the largest octopus they have ? In imp: salty water aquatic-love (think Thalassa with a powdery ambergris twist). Wet on flesh: Retains its's saltwater tone with the ambergris supporting and making it seem oddly dry and aquatic at the same time. I would compare the sensation to smelling dried driftwood that smells of the ocean due to prolonged contact. Its really lovely. The mint is present but barely. Drydown: I am agreeing with all the reviews that describe the ambergris dominating. It gives it a musky dry scent that is not too powdery in the least, its undescribably wonderful. The saltiness adds a layer of complexity. I am not sure if this is due to a variation in my imp (therefore, YMMV), but the honey note isn't really noticable for me, unless its presence is what adds a slight (and I do mean slight) sweetness to the blend. This was never sharp or ozoney on me, as it was for some reviewers. The mint really disappears for me in the drydown, which was good for me. Overall Impression: I loved this because it captured the saltiness of the ocean and the ambergris adds a sexuality to the blend that I found amazing. As usual, the imagery of the painting and the impression of the blend are sublimely similar. It’s musky and salty (maybe that's the seaweed) with a hint of mint initially that restrains itself and doesn't amp (thank you note of doom for restraining yourself). The honey doesn’t really develop, so if you are a honey lover like me, you maybe slightly disappointed. To be honest, I wasn't sure how all of the notes would work, but they meld beautifully. I was pleasantly surprised, as I expected a honey blend and this was more aquatic, but salty ocean aquatic. I really liked it. I guess Harikata will have to be my Shunga honey blend. This is for me the perfect aquatic and I will be stalking down a big bottle, maybe more! Afterword: I wasn't really getting as much throw from this as I wanted, so I did what I do when I want the effect of a scent locket but I am too cheap to shell out for an actual scent locket and am too disorganized to wear one--I sprinkled it in my hair. Throw was much better--I get whiffs of it through the day and it smelled more sweet. Plus I know from experience this will increase the wearlength!
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    Embalming Fluid

    Embalming Fluid Preconceptions: I love green tea freshness so I expect to like this, but the aloe is a wild card. To be honest, I am digging the name so I want to love it already. In the imp: Green tea and citrus yummyness. IF I drink it, will I be an embalmed zombie? Sweet and fresh. Wet on flesh: Green tea spiked with citus. Reminds me of my Rainforest Macha tea spiked with lime (although this note is lemon--I really have trouble distinguishing the two. The white musk adds a layer of softness and feminity. I am not sure what single note aloe smells like but that must be what adds a slightly herbal impression to the blend. Dry: The musk predominates but doesn't overpower the tea. The citrus "burns off" after a while but the effect is lovely. Overall Impressions: Unisex, or at least Metrosexual. If you can pull off wearing white musk, and you metrosexuals know who you are--can you wear pink? Seriously, this is fresh, uplifting, and optimistic. I just love this and the name is really cool too. I can't wait for someone to ask me what I am wearing so I can see their reaction. Very unique and will wear very well in hot months. Bigbottleworthy.
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    Preconceptions: Honey and white florals with a ginger kick is what I am anticipating reading the notes. I should love it if I amp the honey and the florals aren't overwhelming. In the imp: Sweet floral with a hint of honey. Aquatic base but no ginger...yet Wet on skin: Muskalicious! The vanilla flower is ultrafeminine and sweet without being foody. Thank you LAB! (I have plenty of foody vanilla already, I love the vanilla flower, its more understated). The osmanthus amps a bit but see drydown below. The ginger is still not apparent for me, unless its adding a subtle warmth to the blend. And holding it all together is honey--I love honey! Maybe I'm related to Pooh? Dry: This is sweet floral that is feminine and light, but has great throw. It has a lovely touch of vanilla, but since its the flower rather than the seedpod, it is subtle and not gormond/foody at all. The ginger adds a warmth and freshness without appreciative spice or dryness (at least for my skin chemistry that is.) I don't know what single note osmanthus is like, but I thought it was honeysuckle at first, it has a white-yellowish floral impression for me. I was afraid it would amp, when I smelled it wet, but it settles down nicely and I think this may be a beautiful balancing act orchestrated by the ginger. There is also a hint of fruit, like apricot or yuzu--I will have to check the notes again to see what it is. Some type of orange or yellow fruit--perhaps its melon or peach. Overall Impression: This is a simply beautiful honey, musk, fruit and (behaved) floral blend with a barely there ginger note adding warmth and balance. If you love O, try this--I agree with the comments that say its a Japanese version of O. This Shunga line has been all Love for me. Harikata is feminine and chic, but not I don't see it working for a man. Well blended and gorgeous--I will be needing multiple bottles. This may be my favorite of the Shunga, but hey, I am a honey girl. I cannot stop huffing my wrists!
  8. I love AOBS myself, and I think Marie is pretty close--It has Rose and Lavender.
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    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I really love the drydown of "The Phoenix," but I am not so crazy about the top notes (Very sharp and ozoney!) And I know my stash will only last so long...Does the drydown phase remind any of you experts of another blend? (I don't care if its a GC or a more available LE) Maybe Layer ANtikythera with Tamora???
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    Dark Delicacies

    Dark Delicacies Preconceptions: Like the bottle art. I have no idea what to expect, judging from the notes a dreamy floral. In the bottle: Strong florals, black orchid predominant, aquatics? Wet on skin: Beautiful black orchids, sweet and smokey florals. The patchouli is there, but behaving nicely without dominating the blend. This phase reminds me of Black Moon as well. Drydown: The coconut sweetens and the black orchid and patchouli add mystery and sensuality. Tonka adds vanillaesque sweetness as well as woodiness that makes a sweet yet earthy base. Think Black Pearl meets Black Moon then add patchouli. The orchid notes are dreamy and mysterious as well as sensual and the dryness of the tonka with the creaminess of the coconut grounds the etheral blooms. The patchouli and other resin notes add to the exotic theme. There is a hint of fruit, maybe fig, that adds depth. There is an aquatic "presence" as well, for want of a better term, like in the lunar blends. Overall impressions: Dark and delicate certainly. The florals are not heady at all and the foody notes are not obtrusive either. The notes are complementary. Combines florals, incense and sweet coconut and fruit. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Its is hard to describe the sensuality of this blend, you just have to experience it first hand. Deliciously erotic.
  11. martiangurll

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X

    I Married a Vampire from Planet X Preconceptions: How is this going to work with all these notes? How can I not at least give it a try given the ubercool bottle art and name? In the imp: Musky and fruity. Musk melon? Wet on skin: Musk melon alternating with wafts of resin and smoky leather. Drydown: An incredibly erotic blend of sensual resins, musk, and smoky leather. The spices (cinnamon and clove predominantly) ignite the senses and the leather, and the musk inflames the sniffer further. Like the gaze of the vampire, the combination is hypnotic, sensual, and irresistable! The musky layer is otherworldy and adds a dimension not present in other resin blends. The contrast of the sweet grapefruit and melon with the dreamy sage and musk complements the dusky, smoldering resin and leather in a way I would not think possible--somehow this works. Overall impression: How does the Lab nail it like this? The top notes of musky melon and grapefruit are balanced and contrasted by the resinous base that is mysterious, hypnotic and erotic at the same time. Think Bloodkiss or Count Dracula meets 51. This is such a complex and dramatic scent, I am not sure how often I will wear it, but it should definitely be experienced. A masterpiece--worthy of an A+ rating for ingenuity, although I give it a B+ for wearability--unless you are going to that midnight double feature.
  12. martiangurll

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal Preconceptions: Bottle art is really cute, and I love almost any Lab scent with candyesque notes, so this one should be a winner. The clotted cream scares me a little, but I usually like the Lab's cream blends. In the Imp: Deliciously citrus, grapefruit and a touch of cream Wet on skin: Foody, creamy with a blast of grapefruit. Really good, I am salivating... Drydown: The initial (top) notes of the grapefruit and ?pear are balanced by the vanilla and cream. This reminds me of Bigger Critters only with cream and then the lemon floss develops--its drier and sweeter. I think there are light florals rounding things out as well, if I have to guess, maybe lemon blossom or linden blossom--very light and unobtrusive. Overall the dry phase is totally scrumdiddliumpicious. Good throw. The only rub is that it doesn't last long--I must keep slathering. Overall impression: I think this will be insanely popular as its foody and sweet and girly at the same time. The drydown for me is the best part, as the fruitier wet phase is a bit much, but I like both wet and dry phases. The lemon candyfloss is sweet, dry, and candyish--demure and a little unbalanced, not unlike the name of the blend. Cute concept, hilarious artwork, as usual the scent hits the target on the bullseye. Must get a big bottle.
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    Hymn to Proserpine

    Hymn to Proserpine Preconceptions: I like the Proserpine mythos so I was hooked from the name and the lovely poem. I imagined it would smell like pomegranates. In the imp: red, ripe fruits and a hint of florals. Wet on skin: Warm, musky with red fruits. Drydown: Musky with dry, warm amber, and... something sweet, like vanilla but the orchid, not the seedpods. Its rich and warm and just a little sweet, but I can't really identify the notes. The fruit is really in the background, not overpowering at all, and is of the plum or fig variety, maybe cherries, but black cherries. Amber sometimes goes powdery on me, but not this one, it stays warm and sweet and golden, if I can apply a little synesthesia. Purple fruits, rich warm amber, and soft, muted dusky white florals swirling together. Overall impression: This is one of the most lovely Lab blends, and it captures the essence of the poem very well. It is reminescent of both Morocco (as previously mentioned in these reviews) and also Jacob's Ladder or the Lion. Most worthy of purchase as a big bottle and all imps will be hoarded.
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    Juke Joint

    Juke Joint: Preconceptions: (in Homeresque voice) HMMMMM, Mint Juleps...bourbon... In the Imp: Minty and sweet. Boozey. Wet: Not much changes--still minty and refreshing with fizzy booze and sugaryness! I detect a warm sugary note that reminds me of bourbon. Drydown: Stale booze. Goodbye mint. I smell like my shirt after a night at the bar minus the tobacco smoke. Throw fairly strong. I smell like an alcoholic from far away. Fortunately for me, the effect doesn't last too long. Overall impressions: It captures the essence of the Juke Joint to a tee and could work for either gender. As long as you don't mind smelling like a boozehound. Unfortunately, it also makes me want to drink bourbon, and thats rarely good. I will keep the imp for the novelty, but I cannot see wearing this as personal scent or even as room fragrance--unless I want my room to smell like a Juke Joint...
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    Yggdrasil: Preconceptions: I should love this, I dig woody scents. And I am curious to see the Lab's interpretation of the "World Tree." In the impsl: green, fresh cut herbs, forest leaves wet: mossy, with woods, like cedar or sandalwood, and herbal drydown: dusky woods, moss, like the vegetation on a forest floor mixed with fresh cut herbs--there's a hint of dried mint and a note like warm soil in the forest, topsoil but it is dominated by the dry woods and green herbs. Throw is average and wearlength not nearly as long as I'd like--I keep reapplying though because I like the wet and the dry phases. Overall Impressions: I LOVE this scent. Its worth investing in a big bottle for me but that is no suprise, considering I am a sucker for the herbal and woody scents. It hits the mark for capturing the essence of World Tree and the Odin mythos. I have to admit, I fall for the idea of the blend as much as the actual olfactory impression and this hits high marks for its quintessential smell as well as its authenticity in capturing the impression of Yggdrasil. But who knows, maybe the herbs are just having a psychedelic effect on my mind
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    Absinthe: Preconceptions: Yum. I have always wondered what Absinthe smells like... In the imp: Boozey and herbal. Wet on skin: The anise wafts up smelling of black licorice. If this smell were a color, the supporting notes would be bright green koolade. Fizzy koolade with black licorice swirls and booze--who spiked the punch? Drydown: Still fizzy, like green electic, fizzy koolade with a hint of anise and a base of woodiness that must be the wormwood. It smells a little herbal too, in a good way. Yummy. It does tend to fade after awhile. Throw is about average. Overall impressions: Definitely bigbottleworthy. I can only imagine wearing this outside of work, as I don;t want to come off as a booze hound. Must hoard. Mustn't drink...
  17. martiangurll


    Cathode: Preconceptions: I usually like mint, so from the notes, this should be nice and fresh. In the Imp: Strong mint sensation--whoa dude. Wet on skin: I get a bright mint that smells like its electically charged. Cool, it matches the name. I smell citrus too, either lemon or lime. Drydown: Very same clean mint and lime/lemon with an aquatic flavor. It smells like what I would imagine to be electical mint particles floating in lime juice with little sparkles of electricity. Not quite full-on ozone, but electric nevertheless. I don't actually smell the moss but it does ground the scent keeping it from being too effervescent. Very refreshing and invigorating. Throw is average but scent is unfortunately not long-lasting. Added 5/21, Tried another imp of this and I noted on the drydown something very amberish smelling, and sexy. Must be the dried note of the ambergris. This adds an interesting and sublimely sexy layer to the blend I didn;t notice on first trial. Lovely! Overall impressions: A minty citrus aquatic that smells charged. Very different from other blends. I imagine it would be very refreshing for hot summer days and could be unisex. I plan to hoard, and may even be on the lookout for a big bottle.
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    Antique Lace

    Antique Lace: Preconceptions: Sounds old-ladyish from the name, but this seems to be widely regarded as very good on the reviews, so I will probably like it. I am not sure what to expect from the notes. In the Bottle: Sweet, soft, white florals. Wet on Skin: A scent remeniscent of sweetened white florals (like cottonblossoms) warms up and smells dusky at the same time, like old parchment or cloth (or antique lace!). I am thinking there is a light musk in this, like Vanilla musk. Its a little like cotton candy--vanilla that is dry and sweet. I don't know how but I smell a clot- like note that reminds me of linens. Drydown: Sweet, warm and still like cotton candy but more dusky and dry, like napkins with dusted sugar particles. Sillage is pretty weak, it stays close to the skin but lasts a long time. Overall Impressions: This is a soft, sweet lady-like blend. Its softly sweet, but not overpowering or foody, really. Classic and refined but gentle. Maybe a little old fashioned, but not girly or flirty. This would be great for everyday wear. Wish it had more throw. Definitely bigbottleworthy. Love it!
  19. martiangurll


    Preconceptions: I love sandalwood, rose and patchouli, so this should be a slam dunk. In the imp: Lemony. But there's no lemon in this...I wonder if the rose is misbehaving. Wet on skin: Sandalwood overpowered by soapy roses. Drydown: The rose overpowers even the patchouli, which is sometimes a dealbreaker when it smells to "headshoppy". I think the roses smell lemony too, but I sometimes get that with other rose blends. The sandalwood is hardly apparent nor is the patchouli. This may as well be single note rose for me and it just gets soapier. I washed it off! Overall Impressions: The rose ruins Rakshasa for me, which is a shame, because I thought the notes would work. Rose is always hit or miss with me. I guess you just cannot predict how a blend is going to smell from reading the notes, although I do try to imagine it in my head. Luckily, there are imps to try before committing to a big bottle. This will go to my swap pile--not for me or my skin chemistry.
  20. martiangurll

    Beaver Moon 2007

    Beaver Moon 07 Preconceptions: Bought the bottle unsniffed because I figured strawberry cheesecake, what's not to love? Plus, I love the old Beaver Moon enough to marry it. In the bottle: Sweet strawberries, almost syrupy like cough medicine. Wet on skin: Creamy strawberries, just a little sticky. It lacks the cheesecake bite of the old Beaver Moon. Drydown: Unfortunately the strawberry cream phase doesn't last and instead becomes dry smells synthetic to my nose. I never really can discern the cherry. The sugar note gets stronger, drier and more synthetic. I agree it smells like dry strawberry fruit loops and not in a good way . Overall Impression: I so wanted this to be as wonderful as the original Beaver Moon. I thought the strawberry flavor would make it a cross between Bloody Mary and Beaver Moon but instead it just stinks like Strawberry Kwik. It was wonderful for a few seconds wet, but the drydown was just awful for me. Maybe I can try it in a scent locket, but overall I just feel really disappointed. Must be unlucky skin chemistry. Oh well, luckily with BPAL there are many other LE's to love.
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    Preconceived Ideas: I love dogs and wolves, so I have to try this. Juniper is usually a winner for me, not sure about the other notes, but sounds like it will be a resin scent, which I will probably dig. In the Imp: Is that chocolate? I don't see chocolate listed in the notes... Wet on Skin: Juniper note predominates but I get a hint of chocolate, almost a bitter note. Definitely foody and masculine in a way, but that suits me just fine. Drydown: Becomes gorgeous and yummy, the wanting to eat my wrist, or at least lick it repeatedly hits. There are hints of chocolate and rum balanced by the juniper, fig and the walnuts. Of all the foody scents I have had the pleasure to sniff, this is the one I most wanted to eat. The musk is present more as a scent impression, I don't smell it as much as feel the warmth of it blanketing the foody notes. It was really more of a gormand than a bakery scent or chocolate. Extemely well blended. Overall Impressions: I will have to track down a bottle of this like a bloodhound. It is simply the most delicious gormand scent I have experienced and is very wearable. Not to femme at all, could easily be worn by either gender. I don't want to smell like a bakery, but this achieves the yum factor without being too girly or sweet. I am not sure why this works, but it is heavenly. Curious, as Cerberus is supposed to be the watchdog of Hades...
  22. martiangurll


    Preconceived ideas: I love thunderbirds and I generally like clean, fresh and ozoney scents, so I was so happy to get a sniffy of this. In the imp: Glorious! This may be the holy grail of ozone scents I have been waiting for! Almost metallic, like the scent just before lightening strikes! Wet on skin: There really was not enough to test well, but it captures the impression of the air before a thunderstorm. Smells like a "storm" with predominantly ozone and airy notes, which captures the theme beautifully. Dry down: It doesn't change. I am not sure if I would get more morph, if I had more to test, but I can report back if I get some more of this. Its pretty much pure thunderstorm, with lightening and close air, no citrus or aquatic notes like some of the other storm blends. Overall Impression: Captures the essence of the thunderbird. Must get more. If you like this, try Lightening and Storm Moon, although I prefer this to the others. Definitely the holy grail of storm scents. Could there possibly be a resurrection of this one?
  23. martiangurll


    Preconceived ideas: I love bats, so I had to try it! Moonflower is a note I enjoy, but if the other florals or the verbana overpower, it could get really nasty. In the imp/initial sniff: Florals! I can smell the verbana but it doesn't smell like lemon pledge, so this might work after all. Wet on skin: Only a hint of lemon but mainly floral. I can't really discern the moonflower, but overall it smells like lovely night flowers. Dry down: Its a blend of sweet florals supported by the herbal notes, which are green and almost minty. Smells like walking in a garden of flowers blooming and catching wafts of the flowers and the green stems and leaves as well. Almost balmy, definitely a warm blend. Doesn't last as long as I'd like. Throw is pretty weak. Overall impression: An etheral floral which was much lighter than I expected. Bats would definitely dig this. Despite my distrust (which is usually quite deserved) of florals, this works. If only it lasted longer, I'd be forking over large amounts of cash for a bottle of this. I think I'll just hoard my imp. I do wonder if I wear it at night if bats will follow me like the Piped Piper?
  24. martiangurll

    April Fool

    Preconceived Notions: Reading the notes, I think I will love this because of the tangerine and huckleberry, and the bottle art is so lovely. The word rose is the only thing that makes me hesitate, because it can be so hit or miss. In bottle: Lovely bright tangerine with a green, herbal mixer. Wet/on skin: As soon as I put this on, I get more of the green, herbal note ?fool’s parsley? It’s green but not sharp and wonderfully astringent. Also the huckleberry wafts intermixed with the bright citrus of the tangerine. Sniffing tangerine just makes me feel giddy. Drydown: The huckleberry warms up and smells lovely and sweet, rose behaves and adds a floral depth, doesn't go soapy. Fool’s parsley actually mellows out the berry and absorbs its sweetness. The rose is light and stays in the background. The lemon blossom shows its head, and smells sweet and light. I am going to have to add lemon blossom to my list of favorites, I guess, since I am really enjoying this note whenever it appears in a blend. The tangerine lifts the fragrance and lasts well into the drydown, which elates me. Overall Impression: This is a great subdued floral, berry scent with a burst of citrus from the tangerine, all tempered by the astringent green of the fool’s parsley. Exquisitely blended. The rose and lemon blossom appear as florishes but don't overpower and the rose doesn't go powdery or soapy--as I was afraid the April Fool would do. I am so glad I was able to score a big bottle of this, it is so worthy. If you like Jester, you will love this. I think it resembled Bakeneko too, maybe just the tangerine part. A fun, well blended summer scent for April girls more than boys.
  25. martiangurll


    Preconceived Notions: On reading the notes, thought this one would be too fruity for me. (Not that there's anything wrong with that) In the Bottle : Really sweet, like peach flavored candy, and a sweet floral, must be the sweet pea. Wet: Peaches fade and are replaced by pear. Delicious, wet, just ripened, I want to eat my wrists PEARS . Sweet pea rounds out the fruitiness. Drydown: the sweet pea behaves for me, and I enjoyed it as much as I like the sweet pea in Mouse's L&S tale, but fades. Throw is pretty good, if only this one lasted a little longer. General Impression: I thought this would be too fruity and girly but it is a classic floral and fruit, without being too candyish. I really like the pear notes, its like iced fruit garnished with flowers. Very Femme, I cannot see a man wearing this, unless, well, he was a little fruity himself. Another winner from the Illyria collection! Most likely Big Bottle Worthy, but I have other favorites I will be tracking down first. I won't pass up a good deal on it though and will definitely be hoarding any imps that come my way.