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    Favorite notes: Pomegranate, fig, ozone, cocoa, most citrus, wine and grape, booze, cherry, cherry blossom, almond, sandalwood, oak. Spice and incense are fine too. Favorite BPAL blends: Intrigue, Neo-Tokyo, Gingerbread Poppet 2010, Velvet, Pomegranate II, Swank, Dorian, Bengal, Tempest, Mad Sweeney


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  1. cloudedillusions

    Chocolate and Cocoa, in every combination possible

    Midnight Kiss has cocoa and red musk.
  2. cloudedillusions


    I meant to post this review before this. I'm too easily distracted. In the imp: Roasted almonds and ripe apples drenched in honey. Very foody to my nose, and almost cloyingly sweet, but I’m intrigued. Wet on skin: Almonds! Nutty, dry almonds, not the sweet cherry-ish almonds I get from Bastet. Initial drydown: Now there are some florals coming out a bit. The almond is still there underneath, though. I like it. Not over powering at all. I was sort of afraid of the rose. Awhile later: Myrrh~ and some rose, but the myrrh is there being awesome and not letting the rose get out of hand. ilu, myrrh. There’s also some apple, but I tend to get that more in the throw than when I sniff my wrist up close. Final thoughts: I think I love this. After an hour or so the notes are so well blended I can’t really pick them out any more. And it’s delicious. :D I need a bottle.
  3. cloudedillusions


    In the imp: Peaches! Sweet, ripe, juicy peaches! Wet on skin: Still peaches, but fainter and less sweet. Initial drydown: The peach is still going strong, but it’s a little more musky now and I think the amber is starting to warm it a bit. The throw, when I get a whiff of it, is almost entirely peach, though. Awhile later: I’m getting more amber now when I sniff my wrist. The peach is still there, adding some fruity sweetness. The throw seems a little stronger, too. I’m getting more whiffs of peach when I move my hands around. Final thoughts: This puts me in mind of eating fresh peaches on a humid evening late in the summer. And while I'm not in love with it (at least not yet), I like it a lot. So I’ll probably keep the imp and decide if I want a bottle once I’ve finished it.
  4. cloudedillusions

    Hollywood Babylon

    Wheee. My first review. In the imp: Sweet, sharp, almost medicinal cherry. Wet on skin: Cherry, but less sharp and medicinal. There’s a hint of floral, too. Heliotrope, I assume. Initial drydown: …Where did it go? No, really. I don’t smell anything, except maybe a faint whiff of floral. About 10 minutes later: Ahh, there’s the red musk with a hint of cherry. Nice. Faint. But nice. About 5 minutes after that: Oh, hey, here comes the vanilla. This is pretty. Red musk, cherries and vanilla. It’s kind of creamy and yummy without being foody. I don't detect any strawberry, but that's okay. And about 30 minutes after THAT: Aaand now it’s gone again. Weird. Normally red musk scents last a good long time on me. Final thoughts: I like this scent. It’s really pretty when it’s there. But it fades so quickly on me. I don’t know if it’s worth getting more. I'll probably give it a few more test runs before deciding whether or not to add it to my bottle list.