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    On me, Hellfire smells powdery and plasticky, with a slight undertone of licorice. Damn my skin! I really wanted to like this one, too. Maybe I'll try it out on the boy.
  2. unfake1


    It smells like a garden full of dark, exotic flowers on a humid summer night. It's quite intoxicating and delicious. I love it!
  3. unfake1

    Hell's Belle

    I was excited to get this imp after reading all the great reviews, so after I ripped open the box and dug out my imps, I put on Hell's Belle right away and... Oh no! I smelled like the inside of a Spencer's Gifts. But after an hour or so, it lost the "tons of incense mixed" smell and became really lovely and warm.
  4. unfake1

    Baba Yaga

    Ooh, an unreleased scent in my very first order of imps! I feel special! On me, Baba Yaga is a very strong citrus, more like the sharp spray from the rind than the sweetness of fruit. I imagine it'd be a great oil to put on first thing in the morning. On the downside, it made me sneeze and gave me a little headache. But I'm new to this, and maybe I just put on too much.
  5. unfake1

    Dragon's Blood

    Dragon's Blood smells on me exactly like church on Easter morning - HYACINTH, and lots of it. It's a beautiful, delicate yet pervasive scent, even though it's not what I expected.