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    casual sniffer
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    Wolf's Heart TAL
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    Sandalwood, ylang ylang, jasmine, frankincense, gardenia, rose, moon flower, sweet pea, lavander, cerdarwood, berry, neroli, blackberry, sage.

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    I find painting and writing poems therapeutic<br />I have two close friends like to call themselves Pixie and Banshee.<br /><br />I love Neil Gaiman and when we discovered that he collaborated with Terry Pratchett to make Good Omens we were all over the moon, especially pixie who loved the bit about whales. I felt like i could relate to Tiffany Aching in ''A Hat full of sky'' and ''Wintersmith''.<br /><br />I love H.P. Lovecraft stories, and ''The Dark Night of the Soul'' written by Saint John of the Cross. I love A.S Byatt and Margaret Atwood... of course Anne Rice. <br /><br />I would love to travel to places mentioned in ''The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail''.
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    My Sun sign is Virgo apparently my moon sign is Capricorn and my Rising sign is Aries... and my chinese astro, makes me a Fire Tiger :D
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  1. Lunasbaby


    OMG i love this !!! Got it as a frimp, so going to get it for next order !!! On me its like vanilla burning. It's like someone made a cigarette out of vanilla almonds and honey mead and butter cream lol. I don't know about the rum... Like something sweet and cheeky, but hyponotic and incredibly decadent crawled out of the flames
  2. Lunasbaby

    Wolf's Heart

    I've had a history of anxiety, specially before bed since I was a child, which led to medication. Placebo or not, this is the true alternative medication for me....seriously. I sleep well at night as the scent wafts from the pulse points of my body destracting my thoughts and in the day it comforts me. The biggest test for this bottle of wolf's heart shall be during study period and exam but as I sit here typing, I'm wearing it hehe and I feel everything's gonna be just fine.
  3. Lunasbaby

    The Dodo

    It arrived as a frimp and thank the lab for it because ive found my first love. Lemon Peel and Sugar Cane....YUM really does smell like the juice, ill buy it over and over again . Doesnt last forever unfortunately....say about an hour or two on my skin, so every smear of the wand is precious.