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    Phantasm Perversion Cheshire Cat Mata Hari Swank Snake oil Forbidden Fruit Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo Blood Kiss Blood Amber Anything with Dragon's Blood, Spice, Vanilla, Lemon or Green Tea.

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    BPAL, obviously<br />World of Warcraft<br />Xbox/Playstation<br />Knitting<br />Cooking/Baking<br />Belly Dancing<br />Gardening - I have a small allotment<br />Aromatherapy<br />Skincare Junkie!<br /><br />Music? well here's what I got when I chose 10 random ipod tracks:<br />Muse<br />Ella Fitzgerald<br />Spunge<br />Iron Maiden<br />Amy Winehouse<br />Might Mighty Bosstones<br />Conflict<br />Feeder<br />Dead Kennedys<br />Deep Purple<br /><br />I could add a lot more, but this is a good cross section.
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    Scorpio. apparently I have almost everything in Libra with only a couple of exceptions....I can't even be a well rounded chart FFS!
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  1. I always think that Snake Charmer smells like a mix of O and Snake Oil. You can't go wrong with Snake Oil anyway...cept those weirdos that don't like it
  2. Nemesister

    Recommend the most herbal scents, please

    Somnus and Oneroi are incredibly herbal. Of course, they are recommended as night time oils. should work as daytime though, if you are sure you'll never need them to help you sleep!
  3. Nemesister


    I'm glad someone finally mentioned this scent. I bought some when it was available for my husband who is a mad Clint Eastwood/spaghetti western film fan. He gave it one sniff and announced it smelled like "new shoes" I swapped it....
  4. and BPAL is the only kind of perfume that i will buy before i try as i know if it doesn't work for me, i can easily swap/ebay it to someone that loves it and i can buy more snake oil! i'm trying to expand my perfume horizons within BPAL, but when half the office refers to me as the one that smells gorgeous and line up to sniff me, it's hard to want to try anything else other than snake oil....and try explaining to them that the smell they are addicted to is called that....could be worse, it could be smut!
  5. Nemesister

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    I would definitely e-mail customer service for that one, TofuWarrior. The folks at the Lab are the only people who could have the definitive answer for that question. good thinking. i might be cheeky and ask for a list of 'safe' scents
  6. one of the receptionists at work commented that she could smell my gorgeous perfume (snake oil) from across the street on a windy day.....it was then i decided i was definitely a slatherer
  7. Nemesister

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    expect a box in a big envelope. box will be about the size of 3 stacked DVDs. i.e. it won't go through your letterbox....i suspect you will get home to find a card....
  8. Nemesister

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    i wanted to buy jester for a friend. she is allergic to coconut. is that going to be a problem? i know it's not listed as an ingredient, but what about carrier oils?
  9. i wear snake oil with the vanilla spice range. it complements it rather than being the same. i bet snake charmer would be more like it though. *wanders off to find last bottle of snake charmer to check*
  10. Nemesister

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    golden priapus is a wonderful scent....once the pine toilet cleaner disappears! i'd recommend that and tombstone.
  11. Nemesister

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    i get that if i apply certain (most) BPALs after a shower. however, phantasm never, ever stings
  12. Nemesister

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    most cinnamon blends will leave red blotches on my sensitive areas. my writs, elbow and neck will usually suffer. inferno was the worst and can never be used! snake oil sometimes burns if i put it on just after a shower. in fact most BPAL blends do. or maybe i just prefer the spicier scents and they will burn. never had a problem with mint though, thankfully!
  13. Nemesister

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    I had the exact opposite experience, and would recommend the exact opposite course of action. ^^; On me, Blood Countess is smoky, deep and dark fruit, hardly any sweetness at all. Bordello is like some sort of artificial candy sweet smell. ooh it's that chemistry thing again.
  14. Nemesister

    BPAL Fruit Blends - the many variations

    try: embalming fluid - lemony but not sweet - more of a lemon tea scent phantasm - jasmine and lemon bordello - red boozy fruitiness, not too sweet for me anyway if i remember rightly eve and eden were soft, creamy fruit scents avoid: lady macbeth - fruit sweets blood countess - as above swank - alcoholic boiled sweets! the hamptons - as above march hare - apricot and clove! tintagel - was fruity but last time i used it it was almost pure cinnamon/clove. maybe my imp has gone off! forbidden fruit - very sweet hollywood babylon - very sweet strawberry champers!
  15. Nemesister

    ta daaaaaaaaa!

    i finished the ribbed scarf!!!!! i actually finished it a couple of weeks ago, but i've been without t'internet. i need to upload a pic to prove it. i have now started on a cotton halterneck top in a gorgeous burgundy/plum colour. i'm speeding up with my knitting and i'm knitting 'tighter'. not sure how to explain. it's not that i was knitting too loose, just that my stitches are now uniform. my knitting now looks like the pics given as demonstrations of new stitch patterns. and this project is cheaper. £5-£7.50 depending on whether i do need to use the 3rd ball of yarn.